robs rare and giant seeds

Anyone have experience with this vendor?

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habjolokia z 6b/7

I doubt any have had any experience with this vendor as it’s domain was registered 6/20/11 there are many well established pepper seed vendors that have been mentioned on this forum. If you don’t want to risk and be one of the first to find out if they are reputable or not then I advise you to wait until reviews are posted.

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Try hippyseedcompany or if you are looking for good superhots!

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There selling a bunch of dead seeds!

I bought GIANT ATLANTIC PUMPKIN Seeds from them on Ebay but they were not GIANT ATLANTIC PUMPKIN Seeds. Any one who has grown them know what they look like very large thick seeds. This guy even has a picture on the ebay listing showing a good picture of the seeds. The ones he sent me look like the pumpkin seeds you buy to eat no what he showed on his listing. Small and normal small in size. I saved my seeds from last years plants, but they did not germinate so I bought some from these guys on ebay. Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds say if your not satisfied let them know with in 7 days. I let them know I was not happy and asked if he wanted me to return the seeds. No reply from them. I went to Ebay and launched a complaint. Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds did not respond to me or ebay so they gave me a refund. As the other person stated “most of the other feedback I have seen is neutral to negative except on ebay which most ebayers leave immediate feedback and not feedback after growing.” Lots of people complaining of no germination of the seeds! SO buyer beware..I was only out $3 but I did not get my Giant Pumpkins in the ground this year and it really makes me mad to see some one taking advantage of good people by selling pipe dreams not good seeds! From what I have seen of other reviews the seeds do not sprout! Do your self a faver and look at other reviews!

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Lack of post-grow feedback is because eBay allows feedback only within the first 60 days after the transaction. I think it should be longer – especially in some categories.

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I bought seeds online from Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds on July 22, 2015, and the seeds were never delivered. They processed my credit card payment, but didn’t confirm the order by email or communicate with me. As they don’t provide any contact details on their website, I can’t even contact them (figures!) Thanks. Tropicalfeak ]]>