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Tried to purchase 5 pounds of mint…

Tried to purchase 5 pounds of mint seeds at $575 per pound. Reimer canceled the order without communication, then immediately changed the price per pound of mint to $3000. I have turned them in to the USDA for price gouging. Reimer is already intensely slow to ship items, but you can pay extra to have them ship as a normal company would. As well, their shipping costs are outrageous, charging 3x what shipping providers charge. Reimer also up-charges every way possible in their spammy checkout process. I tolerated them before, but after too many final straws, this company is history to me. I’ll fly or drive to wherever neccessary to avoid purchasing from this shady business. I’ll FIND suppliers, you crooks.

Total scam

Total scam – Reemed by Reimer seeds. took order and my money, 4 weeks later many out or stock and arrived too late for season + no refund

Rude response with email

Send an email today complaining about their unnecessary processes at checkout.

I should receive the response encourage me to order from another place then

DON’T BUY from REIMER Seed Company

Ordered in early April. Seeds came in June, too late for planting and there’s no phone. They don’t respond to emails. A total scam. Only answered through PayPal notice. They say no returns or refunds.

Very shady and unreliable, IMO

Poor poor customer service. Left them a bad review on their site and they only post the good reviews. Took forever to get seeds, had to buy from somewhere else, got the other company’s seeds way before theirs. Bad communication and NO guarantees or refunds. First and last time ordering from these people. No phone number, email communication only they state and no physical address, only PO box. My fault, shouldve been a clue right there.

Terrible customer service and…

Terrible customer service and completely unprofessional. I emailed the company after almost three weeks without email of shipment We paid for expedited shipping. I received a response with an apology, promise to ship the following day, and an offer of refund for expedited shipping. Four days later I received an email stating that now two of our seeds are out of stock and we were refunded $8. No refund for expedited shipping. Of course the seeds were now out of stock since it took three weeks to fill the order!! I emailed inquiring about the shipping refund and this company wanted to argue with me terminology regarding shipping and expedited fees. Sending email after email arguing and finally an email that said “You can’t read English?”. What business manager sends out an email like that. Rather than admit their mistake and attempt to make things right they want to argue and be absolutely unprofessional. I had to email them threatening legal action if they continued to send me emails and they still did. I don’t even want these products now. We will never order from Reimer seeds again. BEWARE!

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One wasn’t what the description said it would be. I grew 3 plants from that pack and all 3 were different from each other. I send them a pic showing one plant with longer peppers growing down and another with the peppers growing upside down. They never responded to that e mail.

3 varieties of red bell peppers didn’t germinate. I tried again using a different potting mix and planted seeds from a packet from Home Depot with them. Every seed from the Home Depot packet germinated, none of the Reimer seeds did anything. I filled out their questionnaire, which asked the same questions my detailed e mail explained, and they said they would see if anyone else had problems with those seeds and give me a refund if the seeds were no good.

I don’t normally join websites to leave nasty reviews after receiving poor quality goods, I just decline to buy again. But after reading some of Reimer’s comments to your customer service inquiries I’m pretty disgusted, so I’ll chime in too: their seeds are terrible.

Hello: From the reviews I’ve read, when I submit the survey you’ll just want to argue with me about how I did things wrong.

So attached is a picture with a 60-cell flat using about 25 different seeds, mostly not Reimer, (about 7 other vendors). I have bought about 100 varieties of seed in the past 6 months and Reimer seeds are the only ones I’ve had a problem with.

This is the 3rd tray I’ve attempted Caraflex & Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli. I have had literally 0% germination of the Caraflex every time (you can see the seeds whole & ungerminated in the plugs). Early purple broccoli has low germination, then only 1 cotyledon unfurls and the other cotyledon is deformed and then it dies from damping off.

In October of 2018 I ordered a very large variety of tomato seeds for the 2019 season. There was one particular variety that prompted this order, as it was difficult to find at that time. Unfortunately I didn’t get a single one of those particular seeds to germinate in 2019, though every other seed variety was near 100%. This year I changed the germination method to the damp paper towel method, and managed to get 1 to germinate. At this point the germination success rate is approximately 5%.

I decided to email the company outlining this. I praised all the other seeds, and made it clear they’d all been excellent, and only this one had been a problem. Since it was my fav, and the whole reason I ordered from them to begin with, I was wanting to get some replacement seeds.

They replied saying basically that I ordered in 2018 and outlining their return policy.

This was the email exchange that followed:

I see. I guess I thought given the size of the order and that I was only asking for one packet, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

It was a problem when you ordered the seeds two years ago!

What were you thinking?

I would have understood if they had chosen to adhere to their return policy after my questioning of it. I would have thought it was a bit disappointing but I would have dropped the matter and moved on. I will also note that had they chosen to replace the seeds, I had planned to put an order in for more seeds, even though I don’t actually need any this year, as a thank you for good service and standing behind their product.

Instead, I they became rude and and insulting. At this point I feel that Reimer is strictly buy at your own risk.
On August 17th, 2020, EChord added the following:

Update as of 8/17/2020

I found that to further worsen my experience with this company, seed viability drastically decreased this year. It was really rough just getting any germination on some of the tomatoes this year, and to make matters worse, my Black Japanese Trifele is clearly either hybrid seed or a different potato leaf tomato all together. Either way it’s not true to BJT and the flavor of the fruit is bland and production is meh.

I ordered about $35 worth of seeds, and upgraded to priority shipping. Reimer added $50 of insurance because of my upgraded shipping, something they usually charge extra for. I didn’t pay for expedited order processing, because I ordered in the fall, a slow time for seed houses. The seeds arrived 3 business days later (ordered on Friday, received on Wednesday).

I counted seeds from each packet. Packets were advertised an labeled as containing either 20 or 50 seeds, depending on variety. Generally hybrid seeds of tomato and broccoli are in the 20 range, open pollinated in the 50 range. However, all seed packets contained far more seeds than advertised. Tomato/Sanibel, a hybrid, was at the low end of 60% more seeds (32 total). Chinese Cabbage/Michihili was at the high end with over 9 times the advertised amount of 50 seeds. Maybe it’s because this is the end of the season, but all packets are labeled for the 2014 season.

I’ve planted 4 varieties so far, and germination is within acceptable limits. I start seeds in homemade peat-lite (4 parts peat, 3 parts vermiculite, 1 part perlite) with blood meal, bone meal, and greensand added). Seeds start inside under fluorescent lights, with bottom heat when appropriate. I find this controlled environment far superior to planting in ground in nearly all cases. This runs counter to Reimer’s recommendation.

I’ll likely update this review as I complete more research.

For example, viability to me is how many seedlings survive transplant and grow into healthy plants. Anybody can place seeds in a moist paper towel and determine germination rates, but some seeds do not develop healthy cotyledons and never survive more than a week beyond simple germination. So for now, I give Reimer a positive review, based upon service and initial viability testing. On August 6th, 2020, HNemerov changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

We’re a commercial vegetable farm. We grow 12-15 acres of veg and beans a year as our sole source of income. I only say this to point out that we know what we’re doing, and we know when it’s us and when it’s the seeds. Probably $25,000 total in seed costs and I’ve never filed a single complaint with a seed company until these kind folks (and fellow Marylanders too apparently, for shame!)

We normally buy seed from a number of companies that cater to commercial growers, but we decided to try out Reimer because they had some hard-to-find southern pea seeds in bulk at a fair price. We bought enough for a little over an acre across a half-dozen varieties, plus pigeon peas that I wanted to try and bloody butcher corn that everyone else was out of.

After it took 48 days to receive our order, I was a little suspect and decided to do a germination test in our greenhouse (where we germinate literally thousands of flats per year). 4 varieties were really sterling, and 3 were around 50% (unacceptable), and 1 was 0% (truly a first in 10 years farming).

I reached out, they told us we’re doing it wrong (again, half the varieties of almost the exact same crop germinated very well in the same flats as these duds!).

They say they don’t cover seed grown in a greenhouse because it’s inconsistent (what?), and apparently that also includes good-faith indoor germination tests. But of course it’s been too cold to plant seeds outdoors so we’re damned if we do damned if we don’t on $150 worth of crap seed.

They were able to fulfill all of my order, including some of the rare/popular varieties which other websites were out of stock of (this is one of the reasons I ordered with them to begin with because all of my regular go-to seed companies were all out of stock or didn’t carry the variety I was looking for).

A couple of the seed packets had a generous amount of extra seed, which is always appreciated.

They were responsive to emails and they were very friendly and apologetic in explaining the delays in fulfilling and shipping my order.

The shipping was fast (thank heavens!). They shipped it out from the East coast on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, and I received it in Utah on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

Now for the Bad:

The website is a bit clunky to navigate through. For example, if you want to see all their tomato varieties you are instead brought to a page with a listing of nearly 80 different categories of tomatoes to look through. And a single tomato variety could appear in multiple categories, so if you’re trying to make sure not to order a duplicate variety you have to be aware of that. Sure, you could go through their alphabetical list, but again this requires navigating back and forth through dozens of pages. Why can’t they just have a single page listing every variety like most other websites do?

They do not clearly list up front that there is a one month long wait for order fulfillment. They don’t have it on the front page. It’s not mentioned in their Covid-19 update banner. You won’t find it in their FAQ. The only place it is mentioned is when you go to check out and then they’ll tell you when they try to get you to pay for expedited services. I suspect if people knew it would take over a month for them to fulfill your order (and who knows if they’ll even be out of stock by then?) then they would go elsewhere for their seeds.

The popups and advertisements pushing for me to pay extra for expedited services was bothersome and should have been my first red flag that something wasn’t right. It actually kinda seemed like it was designed purposely to make them more money at the expense of the customer – “hey look, you can either pay us an extra $20 to get your order fulfilled in a timely manner (what other stores do already at no cost), or you’ll just have to sit and wait up to 14 days (actually much longer!) for us to be bothered to get around to even looking at your order” seems to be the message they’re sending.

Unreasonably and excessively long wait time for order fulfillment (also, poor communication skills)! I placed my order on April 10, 2020 and at that time I believe they said it would take 3-12 business days to fulfill the order. I was fine with that as I wasn’t in too big of a hurry to get my order. Then upon receipt of payment they sent me an email saying it could take 3-14 business days. Fair enough, it was only an extra two days – no biggie. That time came and went without any notification whatever from the company about shipping my items. I patiently waited several more days, but I was starting to get nervous. By May 5th I was really starting to get concerned and so I looked at reviews of Reimer’s Seeds to see if I had been swindled, and that’s when I saw all the horrible reviews here and elsewhere. It seems my experience was not unique. I then placed an order with a different company in case I never got my order. I also sent them an email explaining that I had been waiting nearly a month now for my order and it still hadn’t shown as shipped on their website, so I was wanting a status update. They very promptly (within 30 minutes) sent me a reply apologizing on the delay. The email was friendly enough, but also came across slightly dismissive (half a page of excuses on why they were backlogged and I should be grateful that they were still taking orders because lots of other seed stores had closed up shop due to Covid-19) and even accusatory (you should have paid the extra for expedited services!). They then told me that my order was now scheduled to be fulfilled the following day on May 6th, but to wait until Friday to reach out to them again if I hadn’t gotten notification of shipping by that time. Of course that never happened. The other company, in spite of the Covid-19 problems, was able to not only fulfill my order but shipped it and I had it in hand by that Friday – within a week of placing my order! – even though I still hadn’t heard from Reimer’s. I reached out to them again on Monday the 11th – a full month after I had originally placed the order – for a status update. They again apologized and said it would be filled the next day, but to wait until Wednesday evening to contact them again if it hadn’t shipped by then (-_-). Wednesday came and I checked all throughout the day for any notification. By the end of the day, just as I was about to write them an email I finally got the notification that my order was fulfilled and awaiting shipment. About time! It only took them 23 business days, longer than a month, to do so! I finally got my order from them just today, May 16, 2020. I think the biggest frustration with all of this is that they never once reached out to me to say “hey, we’re sorry, but things are being delayed and it’s taking longer than expected to fulfill your order” or anything. I had to reach out to them every single time to find out what was going on with the order and then even though they tried (pretended?) to be friendly they actually came across somewhat dismissively – spending more time making excuses than taking ownership of the problem and fixing it. Not what I would expect from a professional who cared about their customers.

Stingy on the seeds. I mentioned in the positive section that there were a couple packets which included more seed than they had listed on the packet. However, this was not the norm and I suspect it may have been because some of the seed in those packets were clearly not viable or highly suspect (showed signs of damage) and so they threw in a few extra just to be sure. Most ever single packet had exactly 20 seeds – the amount they listed – or maybe one or two extra. Most every other company that I have ordered from usually include several additional seed than what is listed, whether to be nice or to account for poor germination rate. Not Reimer’s. Come on, seeds are cheap and your strict adherence to seed count comes across as stingy and not favorable to the customer.

I can’t check viability. A lot of people on here and elsewhere have complained about very poor germination rates and also mislabeled seed. Unfortunately, because they took so long to fulfill my order and ship it to me, I had to go ahead and plant other things to ensure I had a harvest this year. This means I really don’t have the space and/or time anymore to plant any of the Reimer seeds I got out this year to ensure a harvest. This also means I’ll likely have to wait until next year to find out if they’re actually viable or even the right plants. If they’re not any good then I’m out $50 because it’ll be way past the time available to file a complaint or rectify the situation.

Look, if you can’t keep up with demand and it takes you over a month to fulfill your orders then you need to take a cue from other companies and either start restricting the number of orders you accept, hire on additional help, or shut down completely until you can get caught up. Promising to have orders fulfilled within a certain timeframe, and then breaking those promises time and again shows a lack of integrity. It’s poor business practice (especially in a market that is so time sensitive for the customers) to not fulfill orders in a timely manner or communicate openly and honestly about additional delays.

I emailed the company and provided all of the pertinent details and received a survey back asking many questions that had been answered in my email to customer service. When I replied with the information again I was told that in the time I took to write the email and answer the question I could have filled out their survey! We are talking about $5 worth of seeds here!

I wish I had read the reviews before I ordered. It was my first time ordering seeds online. In addition the one seed that I did get to sprout I germinated on a paper towel and it was the only 1 of 5 that would germinate that way. It wouldn’t even sprout in the AeroGarden! Everything I’ve ever tried to sprout in an AeroGarden germinates

Anyway the problem really isn’t with the seeds it was in the way my complaint was handled and after reading all of the reviews I told them to keep their $5 and I would just write a bad review.

I am attaching the majority of the exchange below.

I purchased a few packets of seeds from you in mid April. I have tried germinating several seeds of the Red Robin tomatoes and followed your instructions precisely. Only one has broken the mix in the seed started tray and just barely.

I haven’t had any trouble with the lettuce or cucumbers. Those are the only seeds I have tried aside from the tomatoes.

Please advise and thank you!

Please answer all of the 10 questions below. It should only take a minute or two to answer the questions.

What is the Order Number?

Which item(s) are you having germination problems? (list them all)

What date were the seeds planted?

Please explain how you planted the seeds and depth you planted the seeds. (plastic containers, outside in the ground, in hydroponic systems, etc)

What were the constant day time and night time temperatures inside the house or greenhouse, or outside if you planted directly in the ground?

How often did you water the seeds? (Did you water daily, every other day, did you keep the soil moist all the time, or did you water when the soil seemed dry?)

Were the seeds planted in products like Jiffy pellets or plug trays)?

Did you use plastic covers or lids, and what type of ventilation did you use, if any?

What brand of seed starting mix or potting soil did you use (be specific)?

Were the seeds started in a greenhouse?

Once we receive the survey, we will provide feedback to you on why you may have experienced the problem.

If we find that any other customer had a similar problem, we will test the seeds.

If we find a problem with the lot after testing the seeds, we will refund you for the purchase of the seeds.

We strive to provide quality seeds to our customers and want to assure you that we will take immediate attention to your complaint.

We buy the seeds from reliable seed suppliers and seed growers, and if there is a problem with the lot, we will report the germination problem to them.

My order number is in the subject of the email. As stated I followed the instructions on your website to the letter.
I think I answered all of these questions in my email. The Red Robin Seeds didn’t germinate. They were planted 4/25 at 1/4-1/2 inch depth in plastic seed starter trays in miracle grow seeding mix. They were kept at 82 degrees and moist at all times and uncovered. I did not cover the seeds or use any jiffy pots or trays.

We can’t help you unless you answer the questions in the questionnaire.
It will only take you a couple of minutes to answer the questions.
The time it took for you to reply below, you could have answered all of the questions.
Again, unless we have the information, we can not determine what may have caused the poor germination you experienced.
Quality Control Dept

While I understand Covid-19 is increasing orders and slowing things down, I don’t appreciate being billed the day after placing my order and dragging out shipping beyond policy time as well as when was promised. I ordered seeds from 3 other places at the same time as Reimer who delivered far sooner and didn’t require contacting. I see they just updated the shipping time under FAQ to “3-21 business days’, and if you look under Terms and Conditions it adds, “but it can be a week longer because of the high number of orders this season”. If you decide to order from them I recommend ONLY if you cannot find what you want or a substitute anywhere else and you’re fine with not getting your seeds for 4-6 weeks.

Terms and Conditions also includes, “We only sell only to those who speak and understand the English language!” Ouch! I presume they had communication errors due to language barriers but is this the way to handle it?

The good news is I’ve had 90% germination rate with the 5 strains I ordered. It will be some time until I can conclude the varieties are as promised but so far so good. Thankfully I didn’t experience the rudeness some experienced either. The shipping delay is a toss-up, not their fault but they weren’t getting my order out as they claimed after I reached out. Charging my credit card the day after I ordered but over 3 weeks before they shipped is NOT cool. The only reason I didn’t call my credit card company to cancel was the risk of the new order(s) taking just as long.

Paid and not shipped. Yes at time of my order they quoted 3-10 business days, then a week later changed to 3-14 business days, now they are saying 3-18 business days. Consistently setting low Expectations and consistently fail to meet them as far as my order is concerned.

Now it has been three months since I ordered and I have not received my seeds. I sent them an email to make a claim for a lost order since I DID buy the insurance protection. Their first response was to suggest I buy the insurance protection. When I pointed out I had bought the insurance protection they NOW say I had only 60 days to make a claim. This was not mentioned when I bought insurance. I still demanded to make a claim. Their latest response is, “You can demand all you want. You should have read the Terms and Conditions of Sale before you placed the order. Have a great day!” I find this to be quite insulting. They might as well have just said, “Gotcha! You were a dummy to buy from us.”

After placing the order, i forgot to come here and poke around and was a bit worried about the seed quality at that point upon reading the reviews. The seeds arrived in short order and I planted them immediately in a standard seed mix, under lights, on heating mats, etc.

I have almost 100% germination of several tomato, bell pepper, cayenne pepper, and kale varieties.

I am happy with the order.

It’s only seven business days!

Every other seed company is dealing with the same high volume sales as many people are growing gardens in their backyards in case of a food shortage.

Many seed companies have shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic.

We give customers the option to add Expedited Service to the order if they need the seeds shipped out quickly, which you didn’t do.

You were made aware of the 3 to 10 business days when you placed the order, so don’t complain.

With your tone of voice and response, you are probably one of those pot-smoking liberal democrats from Oregon who complains about everything and blames everyone for their wrongdoings!

Sweet peppers did reasonably well if they were common varieties. Specialty Mexican peppers did really bad, with most varieties not sprouting a single plant.

Note that seeds from other vendors like Baker or our local vendors Farm Direct or High Desert did fine.

Would not recommend using Reimer for any peppers, but especially for the Mexican specialty varieties.

Is Reimer Seeds a sham?

They do not sprout, Sam-I-am.

They do not sprout at 85.
They do not seem to be alive.
They don’t sprout in a Jiffy pot.
They don’t sprout, no matter what.
Reimer Seeds may be a sham.
You cannot sprout them, Sam-I-am.

Can you sprout them in a box?
Will they sprout in dirt and rocks?

Not in a box.
Not dirt and rocks.
Not a greenhouse.
Not in your blouse.

They do not sprout here or there.
They do not sprout anywhere.
Reimer Seeds may be a sham.
You cannot sprout them, Sam-I-am.

Will they sprout in filter bags?
Will they sprout when soaked with rags?

You can’t sprout them.
You will see.
Not in one month.
Not in three.

You cannot grow them like a tree.
Not after months! You let me be.
They won’t sprout inside a box.
They won’t sprout in dirt and rocks.
They fail in a Jiffy pot.
They won’t sprout no matter what.
These seeds won’t sprout here or there.
These seeds won’t sprout anywhere.
Reimer Seeds may be a sham.
You cannot sprout them, Sam-I-am.

The thing is in the last year I have grown immensely as a gardener. The incredibly low seed germination rates I had last year I chalked up to my own incompetence. But this year, there are no excuses left. Seeds from Reimer’s competitors are giving me nearly 100% success rates. Yet, I have so many packets from Reimer that haven’t popped even one seed still (peppercorn, phlox, lupine, catgrass!, lollo rosa lettuce, paw paw tree (after proper strat), corn salad). Then others, like pink banana squash, only had two from the whole packet germinate. This clearly isn’t on me anymore, if it ever was.

Add to that the highest shipping cost of all the other seed companies I use (mostly small heirloom seed suppliers) and packaging with no instructions and I just had to stop using Reimer.

(Yeah, I really want my phone out to double-check instructions when I’m outside in the water and dirt)

If their quality, shipping, and packaging were better they would no doubt be my number 1 supplier, no questions asked. Their selection is really diverse and interesting, almost worth the shipping. But not if nothing will grow. On June 25th, 2018, Basil989 added the following:

Editing to add: Through a total random accident (posted a picture of my plant to Reddit) I learned today that Reimer sold me a dangerously mislabeled seed.

A kind stranger on Reddit pointed out to me that my plant isn’t actually huckleberry, but “garden huckleberry” (a.k.a wonderberry), a member of the nightshade family whose berries when green are poisonous. On Reimer Seeds it is just called “Huckleberry”.

Our animals have been around these berries unsupervised. This could have had a much worse outcome. Though the correct Latin name was listed, I would argue that the average customer, like my husband who picked these seeds out, is going to take at face value that a seed is what it says it is via its common name. Most people do not know the Latin names for plants. In comparison I found these seeds for sale on a competitor’s website and it had the correct name and warnings.

This first review is regarding shipping.


I placed my order on December 30th, I placed all my seed orders on or after that date from several companies and Reimer Seeds is the only one yet to ship as of January 13th. Most of the seed orders from other companies have even arrived at this point. It would be slow but reasonable if there was communication from the company explaining delays. This is sad because they have a great selection of seeds but slow shipping makes it prohibitive if you are ordering and hoping to start your seeds within a few weeks such as in my case. On January 13th, 2018, gregislost added the following:

Also, I forgot to mention. Customer service is HORRIBLE. I sent 2 messages and have not received any replies even after weeks of waiting. On January 17th, 2018, gregislost changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

Seeds have been shipped, customer service is now responsive, they apologize for being behind on shipments.

Package should arrive soon. On January 22nd, 2018, gregislost changed the rating from neutral to positive and added the following:

All seed packs arrived a couple of days ago. All were newly packages. I also received an email from them apologizing orders being processed slow. Actually Reimer was not the slowest, Burpee was the slowest this year out of 8 seed companies I ordered from!

I will be grading the germination next, to be fair I went out of my way to strictly follow their instructions. I will update this in a couple of weeks. On January 29th, 2018, gregislost changed the rating from positive to negative and added the following:

Back to negative.

Several varieties did not germinate, poor germination on a couple of others. I very strictly followed their planting instructions.

I am awaiting a reply to my email, if they rectify the situation I will change this review again. On January 29th, 2018, gregislost changed the rating from negative to positive and added the following:

Please direct this email to whom it concerns.

I believe you overcharged me for shipping on my order and I would appreciate
a credit/partial refund. I was charged $13.25 shipping on my order when in
fact, according to the USPS, actual (retail) shipping charges should be no
more than $3.78, see attachment. Reimer Seeds overcharged me $9.47.

You are charging 3 1/2 times as necessary for shipping.

This doesn’t feel right or honest to me and discourages ordering again in
the future.

I can understand profiting from selling seeds, but not from the postage to
send them. Packaging envelope and “handling” costs should be built into the
price of your products and doesn’t justify charging an additional $9.47.

“First of all you placed the order on January 9, 2017 and today is January
19, 2017, ten days after you placed the order.

Sorry that is the shipping fees, if you thought the shipping fees were too
high you shouldn’t have completed the order. If you read the Terms &
Conditions of Sale, which you read and agreed to, it says the shipping fees
just don’t include postage. (see below)

No refund is forthcoming.

Customer Service”

According to their website and shipping label, Reimer Seeds is based out of Saint Leonard, MD

On July 3rd, 2017, just_a_guy added the following:

Reimer Seeds has 163 reviews (111 negative, 35 positive and 17 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.