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Method Man and Redman are investing in an app to help people find marijuana

The news comes straight from BlazeNow CEO Jeremy Carr, who intends to launch the app next month.

When fully operational, BlazeNow, as its name suggests, will allow users to discover nearby marijuana dispensaries and delivery services.

So how exactly does the duo of Method Man and Redman fit into the app’s plans to become your go-to source for a legal high?

“[Method Man and Redman] have been aware of the development of BlazeNow for a little while and they love the business plan and like the app and want to be involved,” Carr told HipHopDX.

“So we went with them to the High Times Cannabis Cup where they performed and we brought a bunch of hats and jumped on a jet with them and flew out to Vegas where they were performing the same night with Lil Wayne,” Carr further explained.

“We just got into detail about our business and marketing plans and what we want to do and how they can be involved. Obviously we’re still getting into place to making it official but they already wore our hats and our jackets and told the crowd about us, so it was pretty cool.”

Even without investing financially, simply wearing some merchandise may be enough to qualify the rappers as brand ambassadors for Carr. And the move makes sense for Method Man and Redman, whose love for marijuana has been on the record since the release of their cult classic film How High, and the eponymous track it birthed.

For Carr, the buck doesn’t stop at Method Man and Redman. The BlazeNow CEO is taking his app straight to the upper echelons of the hip-hop industry in search of more backers. “We may also be doing a proposal to [Jay Z’s entertainment agency] Roc Nation. We’re trying to create a community here and show the whole country that every demographic fits.”

Who knows, maybe the app will turn out to be Jay Z’s next major tech venture if he ever does decide to sell his music streaming service, Tidal. BlazeNow will launch for iOS on April 20, with an Android version to follow at a later date.

The app is looking for even more backers in the hip-hop industry.

Redman’s mom finds his 20-year-old bags of weed

“We selling it on eBay,” she said.

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As a rapper and businessman alike, Redman has been no stranger to vocalizing his enthusiasm surrounding marijuana throughout his decades-long career. From starring in films such as the 2001 classic film How High alongside Method Man to rapping about his love for the plant over the years, the rapper has unabashedly embraced his reputation as an advocate for cannabis.

As such, it should come as no surprise that his mother recently unearthed several bags of weed belonging to her son, some of which he claims have to be at least 20 years old.

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Taking to Twitter on Saturday (Jan. 5), the veteran MC shared a video showing off what his mother had discovered in presumably their home or in storage. Naturally, the rapper hilariously narrates the footage capturing their discovery with his mom chiming in with some commentary of her own.

“My mom’s just found this bud,” Redman says, filming several bags of the aged herb on camera. “This bud has to be at least 20 years old.”

His mother interrupts his filming by snapping, “Don’t put my name in it, period.” After her son assures her that her identity is safe from the public, she candidly quips about the discovery and their plans now that it has been unearthed, exclaiming in the background, “We selling it on eBay.”

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“This one right here, you know what that bag is right there,” the rapper can be heard saying in the video clip as he examines the old discovery. “This bag has history. This is Biggie Smalls. This the Lox. This is Cam’ron. This is Lil Cease. This is Noreaga. Official 20 years old and the bud is still in it. And if you don’t know what that bag is, it’s from one of the east coast’s riders of marijuana. Branson, baby. That’s an official Branson bag.”

Check out Redman entertainingly sharing what he and his mother discovered in the clip below.

"We selling it on eBay," she said.