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Top 6 Marijuana Product Launches in 2020

With the cannabis industry only continuing to gain momentum and with more states legalizing it for recreational purposes, there has been an influx of cool and unique products to the market, especially this past year. These marijuana products range an.

Top 7 Tasty OG Kush Strains to Get High With

If there’s one cannabis strain that stands out from the rest in reputation, staying power, and potency, it is OG Kush. From the 1990s to the 2020s, the OG weed strain has cemented itself as a staple plant on dispensary menus across the country.

Movement Toward Cannabis Appellations: Why It’s Important

The cannabis industry has been rapidly growing since the first few states legalized recreational marijuana. Now that there are 15 fully legalized states and 35 states with legalized medical marijuana, it’s more important than ever to create systems o.

What’s Next for Arizona’s Adult-Use Cannabis Market?

The 2020 Election proved a huge step forward for America’s stance on marijuana. Arizona was one of the latest additions to the other 11 states where weed is legal for adult-use. Like so many states that legalized weed in the past, the result of the N.

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Been there a few times prices are a bit steep only good shit they got is the pre rolls

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