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The Rarest Weed Strains on Earth Now 2017

Angola Roja disappeared around the time Portuguese left Angola

These Rare Weed Strains Are a Treasure If You Find One

Weed Strains: Where has all the good weed gone? This is a question often asked by frequent users who have built up a resistance to the more readily available strains.

The highs aren’t quite the same, and even a weed tolerance break isn’t doing the trick. Something else is needed, with more potency or longer highs. But how do you come across the most sacred and scarce weed strains in the world?

Luck. That’s what it takes. Some things, no matter how far and wide you search, you may never come across. Often the only way you stumble upon them is by luck.

For those who have been in the business a long time, you are probably aware that some weed strains are so rare they have fallen into the category of myth and folklore. While some are believed to have been smoked out of existence, others are available, but you have to know people that know people.

If you do find those people, this is what you should ask them for:

  • Lamb’s Breath

For our first Rockstar, we must travel to the home of all things weed: Jamaica! Don’t let the name fool you, Lamb’s Breath is said to have been the weed of choice of legendary artist Bob Marley and for a good reason.

As you would expect, all the attention nearly got it obliterated. This Jamaican classic with its citrus-like aroma, produces an impressive amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), with some coming in at 22%. But before you get on a flight to Jamaica, check out the competition.

  • Hindu Kush

It is said, that the Hindu Kush is the preferred cannabis of choice for the world’s leading monks. It is believed to deliver genuine outer-body experiences.

Old wives’ tales aside, this 100% Indica may not pack the punch of modern hybrid’s, but it sure can send you off to dreamland in a jiff.

  • Malawi Gold

Wakey wakey! You’re in Africa now after your long nap, and you’re in for a treat. This pure Sativa is in high demand because of its large, dense buds, but peak and you’ll miss it.

It only grows in one place on earth, so when you get a bagful of this, be sure to maximize your weed tolerance break, so you never get too used to this.

  • Roadkill Skunk

For a full-body high, try this bad boy. You don’t want to mess with this until after your day job. This medical favorite has been known to help patients with multiple sclerosis and PTSD.

The flowers are brightly colored, and the buds have a strong earthy aroma, with a little spice.

  • Molokai Frost

This here, is another strong Sativa, with a THC count of between 20%-22%. Don’t waste your weed tolerance break on this one, because the high is so quick and strong; it would be hard to build resistance any time soon.

Dubbed a one hit wonder, it is perfect for sharing. Just one puff and you’ll be as a kite.

  • Idukki Gold

This type of rare weed strains that is aggressively being wiped off the face of the earth, so if you find it, don’t let go! Farmed in Kerala, the government has been cracking down on illegal growers. But this is a strain that really likes its native habitat.

Perfect for hash, this 80% landrace should be prized and kept safely, before it gets turned into another hybrid.

  • Puna Budder

Somebody had the crazy idea of blending two distinct groups to make one killer-bud. Probably displeased that the weed tolerance breaks were of no effect, they went to work on this beautiful wonder.

The offspring of the Afghani and Hawaiian strains gets you a strong high that lasts for its money’s worth. It has a sweet taste, with brown sugar and nut thrown in there. With THC’s of 20%, no wonder it was a hit.

Unfortunately, no one seems to know where it disappeared to. Rumors spread of it lurking around California, but that may be a dead end.

Get Ready to Scour the Earth

From government crackdowns to overcrowding and excessive patronage, many beloved strains have virtually disappeared. These are only a few of the rarest strains on earth, with a potential dozen or so others.

We have done our part; now it’s your turn. Do let us know if you find any of these rare weed strains, and leave a comment if you know of any rare strains we’ve missed and you can find.

If you've been around enough, you are probably aware that some weed strains are so rare they have fallen into the category of myth and folklore. ]]>