purple white widow

purple white widow

Its soothing physical buzz, on the other hand, relieves aches beginning from the temples. It relaxes the muscles to prevent it from contracting and sending pain signals to the brain. At the same time, it delivers a gentle rush of energy throughout the body that reinvigorates one from the side effects of fatigue or exhaustion.

After about an hour or two, a wave of tranquility takes over. It starts as a mild buzz in between the temples, below the forehead, before making its way down the toes. It soothes each muscle it passes through, ensuring that each is freed of tension and removed of tightness. Like a well oiled machine, users feel much more limber compared to before.
Harvest comes around late September to the middle of October. It produces at least 400 grams of buds per plant once fully mature.

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Purple Widow is a sweet strain that does not overwhelm the nasal senses with its saccharine overtones. However, its aroma does intensify once the buds are crushed or combusted. It releases a fruity undertone reminiscent of blended berries and citrus. Its smoke, upon inhale, has a floral hint to it. Complementing it are potent notes of wet soil and wood that wash over the mouth on the exhale.
Dryness in the eyes and the mouth are two unavoidable reactions to smoking Purple Widow or any other strain for that matter. It is barely noticeable and most seasoned users often ignore it but, for beginners, relief is in hydrating with a few glasses of water throughout the day. At times, it may be accompanied by dizziness and anxiety either as a result of low tolerance to THC or overconsumption. Pacing and moderation remain a key component to ensuring the high remains pleasant at all times.
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With its psychoactive compounds, it delivers a stream of euphoria that clears the mind. Replacing the chaos is a sense of tranquility that brings back cheerful thoughts at the forefront. Similarly, it also quiets down the overwhelming dread and anxiety that stressors trigger. Because of this, it not only works as an anti-depressant that can manage symptoms of depression but as a stress reliever as well.

As alluded to earlier, Purple Widow performs best when it is grown in either a garden or farm. The fresh air, along with the vast amount of sunlight, give it enough energy to maintain its health and increase bud production. Rarely does it ever fall victim to growing factors like strong winds, cold weather, or high levels of humidity. Although tall, its frame is not at all lanky. It has thick, sturdy stalks and branches that can carry the weight of its buds. Still, having a temporary enclosing will keep it safe during the early winter.

Purple Widow Strain caters both beginners and seasoned users. Its THC levels go from 13% to 20% which one can adjust through pacing and moderation for an optimal experience. Read our full strain review for all info.

Its soothing physical buzz, on the other hand, relieves aches beginning from the temples. It relaxes the muscles to prevent it from contracting and