platinum jack herer

Platinum jack herer

I usually don’t like sativa strains very much but this one is amazing it’s very energetic great for a wake and bake or a daytime toke definitely recommend this even if you usually like indica strains it’s good for ADD or ADHD insomnia relaxation pain relief muscle relaxation muscle spasms Makes you very sociable and chatty it starts with a cerebral high that transcends into a nice body buzz I definitely recommend it give it a try you won’t regret it

I usually don’t like sativa too much but this stuff is great Awesome for a daytime smoke good for ADD and ADHD makes you uplifted and happy social and chatty gives you a nice cerebral high first then leans into a good body buzz I definitely recommend it even if you like indica it’s definitely one of my favorite sativa‘s and I usually don’t like sativa too much I usually smoke mostly indica This is great for a week and bake for a daytime stone get ready for the munchies as well

This is the weed to smoke when you want a lift but no stoniness whatsoever. I’m a writer and this actually makes writing easier. It also makes guitar playing better. It’s not extremely long-lasting, but just a super clean happy high.

Not into sativas, but this is a good one. Try it.

awesome to vape.. has me faded and feeling happy for a good while! get for going out places.

Amazing euphoria!! And gets your house funky as hell just opening the jar for a second ????A1

First attempt at sativa for productivity purposes. I am using the EVOD vape and I am learning how to pack it properly and know how much to use per puff. It’s good if you puff a new load once and then twice. At this point, I am only doing one long puff and the other a short one. The high occurs AFTER 20 to 25 minutes and lasts about 45 minutes if you do the two puff thing. The high wears off quickly BUT. holy shit, do I get a lot of stuff DONE. I don’t know what it is about this shit but I do become focused and I get shit done. The guy at the Vallejo Collective turned me on to this because he didn’t have the Green Crack strain. He said this would work just as well but just be careful how deep you hit it.

Platinum Jack is a sativa dominant hybrid (75% sativa/25% indica) strain that is a phenotype of the infamous Jack Herer. This bud was bred specifically to amplify the high powered effects of its parent strain and to add a crazy high THC level to the experience – typically hitting about 28% on av…