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Website: https://www.plant-world-seeds.
E-Mail: Contact them
Phone: +44 (0)1803 872939
Physical address: St Marychurch Rd
Newton Abbot
Devon TQ12 4SE

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Great company! I now buy from them every year. They always have unusual species, and do some breeding as well.
Every order has been filled promptly.
The website has great info.

I can’t say enough good things about Plant World seeds. I have ordered there several times and gotten some great seeds with great germination.

There was one time when I placed an order and wasn’t able to get the seeds going. I emailed Ray, we had a little discussion on how to “properly” start the seeds and he replaced the seeds free of charge.

I have ordered many times from Plant World Seeds and have been very happy with the germination rates. They are always seeds that I have had trouble finding in the U.S., so this is really a good thing. I’m even happy with the shipping time.

I’m very impressed with this company! They have a phenomenal variety of seeds, their delivery was quicker than seeds I’ve ordered here, and I’ve had a great germination rate with their seed. Highly recommended!

I discovered this site when looking for the ever-elusive blue poppy seeds. I was very happy this company delivered to the US (with the caveat that they have no control over shipments getting stuck in customs). That being said, this company has an AMAZING collection of some of the most beautiful and unique flowers I have ever seen. I have ordered the following from them:


The description on their site:

Hidden in a remote part of Tibet in the Himalayas lies the world’s deepest canyon, the uninhabited Tsangpo gorge, twice as deep as the Grand Canyon! And discovered there as recently as 2003 in the barely-explored Namcha Barwa Canyon was an extremely rare beauty, the first ever blue impatiens that also happens to be easy to grow! This fantastic, fast-growing plant has sizeable flowers of the most remarkable sapphire blue with a contrasting white throat, amidst attractive serrated leaves the colour of polished jade. Unlike the traditional flat-disk shape of other bedding impatiens, these constantly produced flowers resemble elegant cranes in flight. This priceless new gem is a perennial species when grown indoors or perhaps in very mild winter areas. (aka Blue Dream)


I sowed some Impatiens seeds indoors for I am sure they will make wonderful houseplants!

The Green Pages: Plant World Seeds (E-Commerce Companies) Plant World Seeds is represented on by @RayBrown Main Details Website: https://www.plant-world-seeds. E-Mail:

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Plant World Seeds

St. Mary Church Rd., Newton Abbott
Devon, TQ12,4SE
(United Kingdom)

Phone: +44 (0)1803 872939
Fax: +44 (0)1803 875018


We sell seeds all over the world as you say – and we can’t have hundreds of exemptions for every country. A few countries have specific lists of prohibited items but not everywhere. Garlic mustard is common in a large part of the world and sold as such by many countries.Surely it is the the responsibility of the gardener in a particular country to check?

Most very rare items with scarce seeds are clearly labelled on the website regarding amount of seeds in each packet. They are not in any way being deceptive. They are specialist growers, not industrialized mass producers.

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