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Can Smoking Marijuana Create Skin Problems?

As marijuana is increasingly being legalized for both medical and recreational use, there are many aspects to discover about the plant’s effects on your health. This includes your skin, the body’s largest organ.

There’s some talk online about marijuana aggravating oily skin and causing acne, while others claim that smoking it can benefit your skin.

The bottom line is there isn’t enough scientific evidence available to establish links between smoking marijuana and your skin health. So far, research into any skin benefits of marijuana have looked at topical uses only.

Let’s cover the claims about smoking marijuana and its effects on the skin, both good and bad.

Marijuana contains a variety of naturally occurring compounds that primarily affect your central nervous system (which includes the brain).

The plant itself has increasingly gained a reputation for its cannabidiol (CBD) content, which may affect your brain but doesn’t get you high. Another chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance that does get users high.

All marijuana contains THC, but CBD, as a derivative, doesn’t have THC. However, CBD oil production currently isn’t regulated, so quality and concentration likely varies.

Traditional marijuana has hallucinogenic effects, which are attributed to THC. It can also cause side effects that mostly affect your brain, lungs, and heart. Another side effect is dry mouth.

However, there’s no concrete proof that marijuana can dry out your skin and perhaps lead to acne and other skin care concerns .

It’s well-established that smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes can lead to long-term skin damage.

You may notice that people who smoke tend to have more fine lines and wrinkles compared to those who don’t. This may be due to the effect that tobacco has on collagen content in the skin. Collagen is the natural protein in your skin responsible for elasticity and plumpness.

Still, it’s not clear whether these same effects apply to smoking marijuana. While cannabis itself isn’t considered carcinogenic, the smoke from both tobacco and possibly marijuana contain carcinogens, with tobacco smoke having the most-established negative effects.

On the flip side, the marijuana plant itself has been found to have anti-inflammatory components .

There are conflicting claims on the internet about marijuana and your skin, none of which are based on scientific studies.

Some suggest marijuana can potentially benefit your skin and keep sebum at bay. Sebum is the oil produced from sebaceous glands that can contribute to acne. Others claim that it can make your skin age more rapidly and perhaps worsen inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, and rosacea. A lot of the confusion has to do with the way marijuana is used.

One possible benefit of smoking marijuana is its ability to reduce the risk of certain cancers. This may include skin cancer .

Other preliminary studies show that the anti-inflammatory effects of marijuana could help certain skin diseases , but more clinical trials are needed.

The truth is that researchers now have more opportunities to study the effects of marijuana on skin health, partly thanks to the legalization of the substance in some states.

As more studies are conducted on marijuana, the more concrete clinical evidence we will have on its effects on the skin.

When considering marijuana for skin health, there also seems to be more evidence that topical uses of cannabis, rather than smoking it, may benefit the skin. “Topical” here means applied directly to the skin.

One review suggested that cannabinoids in marijuana, when applied topically, may produce anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effects for eczema.

Another study of topical cannabis found that cannabinoids “show promise” to help treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

While being around others who smoke marijuana may infrequently lead to a “contact high” from THC, there’s no evidence showing that secondhand marijuana smoke can affect the skin.

It isn’t well-known what the side effects of inhaling marijuana smoke are, so it’s unclear what the long-term risks associated with secondhand smoke from marijuana might be.

Very little research has been done to determine whether smoking marijuana can lead to skin problems like acne. Here's what we know so far.

The Gas Mask Bong: Everything You Need To Know

Anyone who’s ever been to a head shop has seen the gas mask bong. And while everyone’s probably seen one of these things before, far fewer people have smoked out of one. So what’s the deal with the gas mask bong? Does anyone even know how to use a them? Are they any good? Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s Up With The Gas Mask Bong?

The concept of a bong gas mask is simple. You basically strap yourself into a gas mask, fill it with weed smoke, and create your own mini hot box.

If you’re interested in buying a gas mask bong, you can usually pick them at any head shop, and, depending on where you live, even a decent number of corner stores. They’ve also become a staple at a variety of street, art, or music festivals, or other similar places where vendors sell random stuff. In general, expect to pay around $40-$75.

The standard design of a gas mask bong is also pretty straightforward. It’s basically a simple gas mask that attaches to the end of a bong. The bong portion is detachable. This allows you to fill and empty the water and makes it easier to clean your bong and pack your bowl.

How to Use a Gas Mask Bong

If you’re wondering how to use a gas mask bong, don’t worry, it’s not too different from hitting a regular bong.

Fill the bong with water and attach it to the gas mask. Now pack the bowl with ground-up bud.

Loosen the straps at the back of the gas mask and slide the entire thing over your head. Position the gas mask over your face with the mouthpiece in place. Now tighten the straps so it’s comfortable and snug.

Next, slide the bowl into the bong, spark up, and clear the chamber. At this point, the gas mask will fill with smoke. If your gas mask is working properly, you should actually be able to exhale freely without pushing air back down the bong.

Inhale until you’ve cleared the bong and enjoy sitting in your own personalized hot box. When you’ve had enough, simply loosen the straps and pull off the mask. Things can get a little clunky sometimes so be sure you don’t bang the bong portion around too much. You may want to disconnect the bong first and then remove the mask.

Blowing Smoke

Well, it depends. Gas mask bongs are more gimmicky than anything else. Despite what it might look like, they’re actually not a very efficient or effective way to get high.

That’s because, for the most part, you’re just forcing your face into a swirling bowl of more or less inert smoke. It’s true that your first inhale of smoke directly out of the bong will be full of THC, but once you exhale back out into the gas mask, there’s no reason to keep breathing it in. Unfortunately, that’s mostly what your bong gas mask will be full of after your first good hit.

This introduces some potential drawbacks. For one, it kind of takes away from the idea that using a gas mask bong will get you super high. It’ll get you as high as any other bong.

But because you’re sitting in a cloud of smoke, your eyes may get irritated or dried out. And chances are it’s not going to be your tastiest weed-smoking experience. All in all, you’ll be sitting in a cloud of the smoke you just exhaled, which is really not all that pleasant or fun.

Is it Worth it?

All things considered, the bong gas mask is good as a fun novelty item and that’s really about it. If you and your friends are into this sort of thing, it can make a fun addition to a party or your next smoke sesh.

But even then, it’s a bit clumsy since you have to unstrap the mask, detach the bong, and then do it all over again every time you pass it to someone else. Outside the context of looking for a novelty or a gimmicky way to smoke weed, the gas mask bong is probably not all that useful.

In fact, there are no significant benefits to using one of these things. They won’t really get you any higher than hitting a regular bong. And they’re a little bit irritating to use.

If you’re really intent on finding ways to get super high, stick with dabs. Concentrates will get you higher in a quicker time than flower, and they accomplish it without sacrificing taste or smell. In fact, dabs tend to taste and smell even better than bud.

At the end of the day, a gas mask bong might make a good addition to your paraphernalia collection—if it fits your personal style. But for a lot of weed smokers, it’s just not the right aesthetic or vibe.

Ultimately, don’t depend on a bong gas mask if you’re hoping for an enjoyable or effective way to get high. If that’s your mission, and you don’t care about the novelty of smoking out of a wacky contraption like a gas mask bong, then you’re better off sticking with the standard repertoire of joints, blunts, spliffs, bongs, a regular bowl, or dabs.

Curious about the gas mask bong? Here's everything you need to know about this device, and most importantly, how to use it.