pass me the green i need some weed

Dayton Family

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Dayton Family

Man. *coughing* Damn this the far that motha’ fucken tree i be smokin’ that
shit fucken my mind up but i dont care man i gots to get high so high sometimes
i wake up in the mornin’ and i smoke to my mutha’ fucken self guess what i seen
last night? STARS!! i seen stars man im starten to smell like residue my mutha’
fucken self i guess i really am a mutha’ fucken weed fiend!
All early in the mornin’ and i wanna smoke a sack all ready to pinch my
burga’ but he never called me back im fiening for some green i just smoked up
all my tails im ridin’ wit’ the pistol i aint’ never had no else a silly mutha’
fucka’and the was who get high every time you pass me bye you see a cloud in
the sky i scooped up some boobies in my days for some smoke then i dropped
thier ass off after i smoked up all their dope my name is the screenge i aint
never smoked the seeds i did when i was young but now im old nutin but weed
some green or some head or some bouton bundie troup and you can call it
dilliback cause you goun want some mo’ i walk up in your house and im smellin’
just like pine the bitch lookin’ at me like she wanna smoke my dime but she
cant smoke with me bitch not foe free dont pull up on my blut bitch that aint
my cup-a-tea i was raised by my homies so im smokin by my ownie so you aint
smokin shit so you can quit actin fonie my habit is to big for a mutha fucken
check i’d ratha smoke a blunt we smoke weed all day, weed all day
Weed all day *smoke it* weed till you turn grey *smoke it* weed up in the
mornin *we smoke* weed up in you yournin’ *smoke weed* (x2)
Thats fucked up i cant smoke weed no mo’ parolle officer said my piss but i
got a remedy to that a 3 day high COCAINE!!
I’m a pistol shootin’ gang tootin’ blood or catch a train bitches blood on my
nose and always know’s who’s goin’ through a thang’ i be keepin tru’ and i
still can’t sleep my nostrols smellin’ “O” and i don’t know why my mouth’s so
dry i need a stick of gum sniffling,sneezing,coughing,acheing,stuffy,head,fever
hit yo’ self some blow and smoke some dro’ and you’ll be a beliva’ rollin’ in
my truck my eye’s dont know what but im skatin’ through yo’ town got my nigga
with me holdin’ a scizzy breakin that shit down its the hardest high that you
can try but it keeps you up for days and if you do smoke grass and do that hash
you’ll fill up yo’ ash tray and i smoke so much i’m hotta because i love
cocains aroma and im always trippin sippin’ syrup with blackend dance’s soma so
pass the plate and i’ll be strait untill we meet again for those who hate what
i create just scale up what they sayin’ or ricky rippa hoes a trip all stuck in
scandelus ways we could cup up all the money and mant a toep for strays or make
a song about they soulja’s blowin in a maze schoolin nigga’s under me cause
that how i was raised my heaven is so scandelus don’t fuck with lines in daize
i used to fuck with quarter bags but know i blow all day!
Do it. Cain all day *do it* cain we love our maid *do it* cain up in the
mornin *do it* cain on what is yournin’
We take Cain all day *do it* cain we love our maid *do it* cain up in the
mornin *do it* cain on what is yournin’

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