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Offering feminized Industrial hemp seed cultivars and seedlings with an outstanding production potential of CBD rich plants.

The best hydroponic tomato varieties available, beefsteak cherry, cocktail, TOV, heirloom and specialty types.

All of our varieties have been developed for hydroponic production. High quality standard and specialty varieties.

Bred for greenhouse production. Cucumber types including Long English, Mini/Persian, Slicer and baby cucumber.

We have available the most popular Papaya varieties – pick the best variety for your location based on size shape and color.

A wide selection of hybrid pepper varieties for the commercial grower for fresh market.

From commercial grower to home garden, we can supply herbs and microgreens to suit your needs.

Buy the varieties used by the professional growers in smaller, convenient packages.

About Us
A premier supplier of high quality seeds

Paramount Seeds is a premier supplier of high quality seeds including conventional, greenhouse, hydroponic, organic and pelleted seeds. You will find a wide variety of seeds available including tomato seeds, pepper seeds, lettuce seeds, cucumber seeds, papaya seeds, herbs and microgreens as well as seeds for the tropics.

Paramount Seeds can supply you with smaller seed samples for trial and evaluation purposes, please call 772-221-0653 or Contact Us using our online form and we will be happy to help.


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Paramount Seeds. Buy Hydroponic, Greenhouse, Home Garden. Organic, Tomato, Cucumber, Lettuce, Microgreen Seeds. We sell wholesale to Commercial Growers.