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Has anyone else had problems with Paradise seeds?


Ok, here’s the deal. A good friend bought some seeds from Attitude Seed bank online. He got the seeds within a week, and also got lots of free bee’s for their monthy special. Anyway, he is no good at germination of seeds. Thats where I come in. I very rarely have any problems. And normally i have at least a 9/10 germ rate. I also was given some beans to do a test grow for Connoisseur Seeds of their CHEM WRECK KUSH Strain.

I Germinate by soaking the seeds in RO water over night. Seeds are then put into wet Paper Towels, then placed into a plastic bag, and set on my computer base station to let germinate. Everything is done in a clean enviroment, with rubber gloves on. The Computer base station gives off just enough heat to keep them warm. Been using this method for the last 10 years or so, and haven’t run into a problem like this.

Case to point: I put 5 Chem Wreck Kush Seeds along with
5 Sensi Star seeds from Paradise.

With in 24 Hours the CHEM WRECK KUSH beans all 5 Popped, and within 24 hours 4/5 have Sprouted their heads up out of the soil, and are growing fast under Florescents.

With the Paradise Seeds SENSI STAR beans, only 3/5 popped, then they basicly stopped. I left them in the Paper towels for 8 days, and they still look the same. So, I placed the beans into a plastic cup, in my Seedling start soil, hopeing they will still sprout. But, with how they Germinated, its not looking too good.

Both sets of Seeds were Germinated in the Same Piece of Paper Towel in the same bag. Ok, anyone else Ever have a Problem like this??

Hello All, Ok, here's the deal. A good friend bought some seeds from Attitude Seed bank online. He got the seeds within a week, and also got lots…

Grow Reports

Grow Report El Dorado OG

El Dorado OG was released in the spring of 2020. Key features of this indica dominant strain include its intense bouquet and extreme resin production which quickly earned this plant the nickname of ‘The Trichome Bomb.’ The genetics are a blend of classic Kush and Thin Mint GSC.

Grow Report Sunset Paradise

Sunset Paradise is Paradise Seeds’s version of the super popular Gelato. The result is a luxury scoop of Gelato with Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet in the genetic mix. It’s a refined blend of terpenes and meditative flow that will hit a note with medical users and those indica fans.

Grow Report Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road is a sativa dominant hybrid from Paradise Seeds that announces itself with a sweet and fruity nature (a combination of classic Hindu Kush and Strawberry Sativa) and claims of being one of the biggest yielding sativas Paradise have produced in their 26 year history.

Grow Report Auto Wappa

Paradise breeder Luc’s recent release of new strains, amongst others, included Auto Acid, Auto Whiteberry, Auto Jack and Auto Wappa – Auto versions of some of his best indoor strains, in accordance with the current seed market trend.

Grow Report Pandora

One of the latest autoflowering releases from Paradise Seeds is called Pandora, with reference to the respective famous Greek saga. Luc, the owner and breeder of Paradise Seeds, chose this name for a good reason

Grow Report Wappa

The indica strain Wappa entered the seed market in 2006, when Paradise Seeds came up with a “six pack” of six new feminised strains. Paradise Seeds has an excellent reputation in terms of feminised seeds, so the grower was curious whether it would be confirmed by Wappa, too.

Grow Report Sensi Star

Introduced to the market in 1995, Sensi Star has become a modern classic, a timeless evergreen that still belongs to the most popular cannabis strains worldwide after all those years. Reason enough for Mr. Power Planter to take it to the test and find out whether this mostly indica strain has remained as vital and potent as ever.

Grow Report Nebula

Apart from Sensi Star and Belladonna, Nebula (also called Starcloud, due to its stellar qualities, as Luke from Paradise Seeds explains) is one of Paradise Seeds’ most popular strains, having scored a lot of prizes at various weed festivals and cannabis contests.

Grow Report Jacky White

Jacky White was part of the second batch of new feminised strains released to the market by Paradise Seeds in 2006, after the company had entered the feminised seed business in 2005 with feminised versions of classic Paradise strains such as Sensi Star, Dutch Dragon, Nebula or Sheherazade.

Grow Report Automaria II

Almost every seed bank nowadays carries one or more autoflowering strains in its range of strains. Autoflowering plants are a big hype at the moment, due to the fact they require little care, automatically flowering after a few weeks in the vegetative stage, regardless of the light period, while cannabis indica and cannabis sativa are dependent on changes in the day/night light cycle to start flowering.

Exclusive grow reports reporting valuable information about Paradise Seeds varieties, including growing process, yield, taste and maximising seed potential.