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Oxygen Pot, 6 Bucket XL Ebb and Flow System Review

Oxygen Pot Systems with 6 XL Buckets is an Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System from the popular brand which specializes in indoor gardening products.

A hydroponic system is a water-based method for growing plants where nutrients are provided through solutions and no soil is involved. Such systems are becoming increasingly popular as they allow plants to grow at a much faster rate than they would in the soil.

The root system is supported by an inert medium such as rockwood, granite, clay pellets, or perlite.

Oxygen Pot Ebb and Flow Hydroponic System is the best hydroponic system for such plants on account of its portability and generous volumes.

Overview of the Oxygen Pot Hydroponic Systems

The 6 Bucket XL Ebb & Flow System from Oxygen Pot Systems has a 55-gallon covert tank reservoir with a powder-coated ring. Then you have 6 buckets that can hold 5 gallons of water.

Let’s talk about the covert tank first as it is essentially the most important part of this system. This covert tank is made from food-grade plastic and is designed to be compact so to take minimal space. It is collapsible, lightweight, and subsequently portable enough to be carried and set up rather easily.

There are 6 Super Flow fabric pots included as well that help provides even more oxygen to your growing plants. I, for one, think it is a great addition as it is also very beneficial when draining the plants.

The highlight of the product is its Super-Flow controller module that times the water flow and fills the pumps.

This is a complete system that comes with everything including a hose cutter, two 300 GPH High flow Hydronic Pumps, Kink Resistant Tube, and 12 T-Fittings and Grommets. This makes setting it up a breeze as you just have to follow the guidelines and fix all the parts together.

The 6 Buckets have ample volume for the roots to grow faster and obviously absorb more nutrients. Like I said before, you cannot compromise on the nutrients because that is the whole point of having such a system for the plants.

Here are the key features:

  • 55 Gallon collapsible, compact, and lightweight Covert Tank
  • 6 Extra Large Buckets (5 Gallons)
  • 6 Super Flow Aerated Fabric Pots
  • Food grade plastic construction
  • Complete system with all parts included
  • Controlled nutrient supply with a timer

Pros & Cons of the Oxygen Pot Systems 6 Bucket XL

  • Pros

As a gardening enthusiast myself, I know how awesome a hydroponic system can be for plants. And Oxygen Pot Systems 6 Bucket Ebb & Flow system seems to meet all the requirements that make the best hydroponic growing kit.

First of all, the volume in the covert tank, as well as the buckets, is quite enough to store ample water and for the roots to grow faster and absorb more nutrients.

I personally think it qualifies as the best hydroponic system on account of its efficiency and ease of use. You can set it up on your own as all the parts are there in the system.

And if you ever need to move the system somewhere else, it can easily be moved because it is lightweight and the covert tank is collapsible.

The only shortcoming of this product is what is generally found to be a problem with the ebb and flow hydroponic systems. It may not be ideal for plants that need a constant supply of nutrients.

Oxygen Pot Layout Options – Super Flow!

Criteria for an Efficient Hydroponic System

There are several kinds of hydroponic systems that have certain distinguishing features but at the end of the day the criteria for the best hydroponic system come down to a few things in particular.

It should be able to provide the control of nutrients in your hand so you can closely monitor the amount of nutrients your plants receive. It should essentially consume less water as compared with soil-based systems because it is an enclosed system.

I believe any hydroponic system that effectively shows a faster growth rate is worth the money as this is what you are trying to achieve. Other than that, the system should be easy to use because usually, such systems can take a lot of your time when setting up.

Overall Thoughts about the Oxygen Pot System

This product from Oxygen Pot Systems is definitely a must-have if you are an avid hydroponic systems user. I would recommend it to any home gardener who is looking for a simple but efficient system to grow plants.

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