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Building a Grow Room in an Outdoor Shed

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Thanks for the tips, sorry for the tardy response, I am out of town.

I think I’m more concerned with dissipating the heat from inside. Most of the time, it will be operating in low 70s or less temps. I can throw up a pop-up shelter to block the sun for the months where the sun is on it.

Maybe insulate the roof but not the walls?

Thanks for the tip on the flat white paint.

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100% insulate. There are many options worth looking at to fit your shed style. It is the only way to take control of your environment. You will need AC and dehu to get it exactly where you want it, otherwise you may as well just stick with outdoors.

Roof insulation is more important than the walls and it is worth insulating better/thicker here, although all sides will need insulation if you’re going to do any at all to stop your interior atmos trying to find equilibrium with the exterior.

As said above you can insulate with high reflective surface material and that irradiates light back to your plants, but I know I and many others prefer flat white paint (never gloss).

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1. I would insulate. It keeps the heat out in hot weather too. An uninsulated shed can become intolerable in the sun.

2. With 800w of Cree CXB3950s you’re not running a massive heat load. Similar load to a 600w HPS. Good ventilation will keep your temps in check. If you run your lights on from 9pm to 9am you should have no heat issues.

3. I would use the dimming function of Meanwell HLG drivers. That way if it gets really hot and you’re worried you can turn down 50-60% of your lighting power and your heat load dramatically drops. The beauty of CXBs is they are more efficient at lower wattages so dimming them cuts heat while increasing efficiency so although light output falls, it doesn’t fall as much as the heat.

4. Pretty much universally hot countries paint their houses white to keep cooler inside. I would do the same

5. Flat white paint has been shown to be the most reflective. The only reason we have shiny silver tents is there was an incident a few years back with white plastic tents gassing off toxic fumes which killed the plants. Everyone flocked away from white tents and it’s sort of stuck even though white would be better.

6. Good luck. Post some updates even if it’s interior shots only. Everyone loves to see a good build out

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Y’all convinced me. Insulate the whole thing. Should I paint the insulation flat white if it has a reflective backing? And I’m also going to throw an 8×8 pop up over it for hot days.

@ruwtz you mention A/C and dehumidifier. I think the dehumidifier is an excellent idea and we have a lot of damp overnights in the winter-spring. Less convinced about the A/C, but it’s probably best to have around in emergencies. Can you recommend brands/models on both the dehumidifier and A/C?

@loftygoals all excellent suggestions. Do you think the 16 COBs are enough for a 5×5 canopy?

This is my first indoor grow. I've decided to put it into a 7'x7' shed in my yard. 4×4 Flood Tray with 5 plants in 5 gal pots with expectations of a 5×5…