original white widow

Original White Widow (IBL)

Original White Widow (IBL) is a classic old school strain that based on the genetics from Brazil and India. This well-balanced variety contains 50% indica and 50% sativa. The plant produces big yields and hits hard. This is a very commercial variety.

The plant develops a bushy structure and produces heavy resinous buds coated with fat layer of shiny crystals. It ideally suits for SOG, SCROG, LST and other training methods. A lot of trichomes cover whole plant and produce an amazing flowery smell.

The flowering period takes only 8-9 weeks. The plant is easy to grow for beginners and masters and suitable both for indoors and outdoors. It grows up tall and can reach up to 2m in height outdoors in a sunny area. The harvest comes in early October and brings 500 gr of powerful flowers.

The smoke provides a flowery, piny taste and a potent effect that captures the mind and the body. It will surprise even the most experienced smoker.

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Original white widow

Original Classic… Original White Widow (IBL) is pure old school all the way. An explosive combination of sativa and hybrid genetics from Brazil and India that yields big and hits hard.

This is classic bud, 50/50 sativa/indica, with a popularity that has endured over the years. As the story goes, this plant harnessed the power of a super sativa Brazilian land race together with a resinous indica from the mountainsides of Kerala in southern India.

We were given a female clone way back in 1996 and have been breeding it with a carefully selected White Widow male plant since then. A consistent component in some of our crossbreed plants, bringing quality enhancement, in 2012 we decided it was time to share the original strain in its purest form.

Our In Bred Line is strong, a lineage that comes all the way from the original champion strain, developed by our old friend Ingemar, known by many as ’The Father of the White Widow’. This powerful plant takes its name from the Black Widow spider, dangerously potent, in combination with the thick coating of white crystals that cover its resinous buds.

Expect the characteristics that have earned this plant such a solid reputation for its commercial capabilities. A sturdy plant, growth patterns are uniform, becoming bushy early on before stretching when in flower. This variety is a great fit for SOG, SCROG, LST and other forms of plant training, making it ideal for cultivators working with limited space. The many side branches produce fat tops, exploding with trichomes, which emanate its floral odour.

A gift to indoor growers thanks to a consistency that gives ease of control in a grow room and a harvest that will fill your basket after 8 – 9 weeks flowering. Easy to grow, this strain is the choice of beginners and experienced pros. Outdoors it will reach for the sun (2m and more) and yield accordingly, which makes it a great choice in the southern regions of the world. However, as a true champion, this plant will also perform very well in more moderate climates of northern Europe and Canada.

Not for the faint hearted, Original White Widow (IBL) will deliver a dose of potency that can catch even the most experienced smoker by surprise. While this bud is half sativa it’s the pure power of the indica bite that takes hold of mind and body.

An old school breed, preserved and regenerated through an IBL process to retain the resin coated goodness of the original with enhanced