opium marijuana

Opium marijuana

Queen of Plants… We call her Opium. Yes, the Queen of Paradise plants is a bold claim but one we are confident to make. This sativa/indica mix combines a majestic grow with a deliciously regal smoke.

As you would expect with our Queen, we invested much time and energy into her preparation. By the time she stepped into the limelight she had been bred over several generations, using the genetics of original classic lines; and she didn’t disappoint when she arrived. A High Times Cannabis Cup prize winner, Opium was an instant hit with the growing community.

The characteristics we channeled into Opium have created a strain with stand out qualities. The plant grows strong, with a thick stem and bushy side branches. This gives it the tools to produce BIG and heavy buds that are trichome rich.

A pleasure to work with for the indoor gardener (60 days flower time), this sturdy plant is versatile. It can be grown as a multi branch, stand alone, or in a set up that employs a Sea Of Green as it responds very well to training. Particularly impressive results have been achieved by those who use hydroponic systems, and hydro growers are big fans of its easy management too.

Outside, the Opium is a different story. In a warm and sunny climate it will grow more tree than bush, which makes it particularly effective for growers in southern regions of France, Spain and California.

Although this is a sturdy plant, the big buds may not make it so reliable for garden and guerrilla plots in northern areas, particularly if autumn is wet in your region.

Apart from the regal qualities she displays while growing, Opium carries her majesty through to the finished product. The smoke, fuelled by the plant’s sativa heritage, delivers a swift take-off while the indica factor ensures that the intensity of the experience carries right through to landing. The dominant fragrance is fruit, and the taste is creamy. A little like your favorite cocktail, you will be coming back for more.

Majestic to grow, delicious to inhale, this High Times Cannabis cup winner is a prize plant that rewards big and smokes with a full fruit


Opium by Paradise Seeds is capable of giving an entirely sativa effect, giving you heightened senses. It’s perfect if you’re looking for potent effects.

Opium description

Opium Characteristics

Opium by Paradise Seeds is a strain that can be grown in various different ways, as it does well with pruning and has plenty of branches, making it perfect for using a SCRoG system, bending the branches, or even growing in a SoG system.

Opium Cannabis Strain | Potent Mental Effect

Growing Opium Cannabis Seeds Indoors

When planting indoors these plants grow nice and compact at the start, but they have a growth spurt soon after – once they begin flowering they shoot up and you’ll need to use some sort of mesh to train and bend them. You’ll be able to get up to 450g per square meter after just 60 flowering days.

Growing Opium Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

When planted outdoors you can get up to 600g per plant under the right conditions, towards the beginning of October. Its genetic balance gives it characteristics of both sativa and indica. You can expect large yields of resin covered buds from this extremely intense strain.

Opium Cannabis Strain Information

It has a fruity flavor with hints of cream and grape. It has a typically indica bud that’s quite heavy and resinous with an inherently sativa shape. Large, potent, high yielding and fast – Opium has it all.

  • Sativa/Indica: 50/50%
  • Flowering: 60 days indoors, mid-October outdoors.
  • Height: 0.8-1.5m indoors, 1-2.2m outdoors.

Opium by Paradise Seeds is a strain that adapts to any growing method, whether it's indoors or outdoors. It has a great, sweet and intense fruity taste.