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Oni Seed Co is a group of artisan cannabis seed breeders and hash makers that believe in quality over quantity when it comes to producing the finest marijuana seeds and strains. Oni Seed Co doesn’t just focus on propagating one so-called ‘good’ line of marijuana genetics, instead they strive to breed multiple strong cannabis strains and then narrow them down until only the strongest is left – ensuring a high terpene and cannabinoid profile. Tropicanna Cookies is the Oni Seed Co’s flagship cannabis seed strain, and they’re also responsible for other award-winning cannabis seed varieties such as HarryPalms and Strawerry Guava.

Whether you’re looking for Autoflowering cannabis seeds, Sativa or Indica cannabis seeds, or any high-yielding, high CBD or high THC weed seed varieties, you’re in the right place! At Seed City you’ll find whatever you’re looking for at extremely low prices, and with discreet delivery, always.

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Strawpicanna is a combination of what we think are two of the best tasting cannabis varieties on earth. The famous Boulder Colorado “14er cut” of Strawnana was.

Tropicanna Punch

Tropicanna Punch is a combination of our flagship strain, Tropicanna Cookies and the elite, Purple Punch. This plant delivers intense aromas and flavors ranging.

Strawberry Diesel Cookies

Strawberry Diesel Cookies Growers can expect medium height plants with way less stretch and better side branching than the Mother cut once in flowering. Strawbe.

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