og tip top shop

Og tip top shop

Our webshop with more photos and items

We are doing design bags, backpack, belt, wallets and straps for B&R, Breitling, Chopard, Omega, Panerai, Rolex, IWC, Seiko, Citizen and many others. You can get your money back,if you can find our own D.Cr. leather quality some where else. We have spent money and time to find the high end leather. And finally we find out how we might get it. We have also Horse leather, Lambskin, Lamma, Bufallo Nubuck and bit more. Our leather produced in small old days factory in south Italy ONLY for us. We don´t care how much it costs, we are happy to present a leather with minimum 30 years working life time with warranty.

We have had a pleasure making some straps for Pierrick Boyer. He says our straps are unreal. He has many different straps but our straps are something very different following him.

Following many requests from our customers for credit card payment, we have now

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We do not like to say, we are the best, we also do not believe we are the best known, but we are one of the oldest. We use only the best of the best quality leather silent. There is many different type leathers. Cheapes Leather are from South America, Indian, China etc. BUT after many years research we find out the best cowhide comes from South French, and North America. To get the best leather out of the hide we find also an old days manul working small leather tanning company in Italy. They do not use chemical stuffs and all materails used are environmentally friendly . For us making a master piece is not only about making money, for us is about making high quality leather goods. To give the best possible item to customer , getting them happy is our motevation and passion. We have also 4 colors in true horse leather as seen above.

Here is some of our straps review , please copy the link, if you can´t clik on it.

We are only using mostly 100% wool or the best polyester thread (with beeswax). Thread is also like all other material. You can get what you pay for it. We choose the best quality thread with naturally beeswax.

The size is fully customized, and we can make any size for you. Or if you do not have idea on this just tell us your wrist size, the watch that you want us to make straps for, and we will give the most suitable size for you. There is tolerance for length +/-5mm, and for width its a bit difficult to get exact (tolerance exact 0.00 mm), but we will manage to be as precise as possible. Thickness also might alter a bit than stated, some leather might be thicker and some might be thinner, but thickness is customizable anyway, as per your request.

Please have a look to our Collection. We have made many different personal straps. Here you can find only few sample photos. We make straps, and helping you for which watch you like make straps for, asking your job, dress style etc to find out the best model. Please look and find a model & Color , then send us an e-mail. There is many things we may find out together. Stitches / sewing model & Straps design, color, Thread, edges and size. We do not like webshop, and we prefer talk to you. We will together find out what you want. We can make the straps you dream about it. The most of our straps are 4-4½ mm thick. 140mm long side, and 90 mm buckle side. Please contact our Master Craftsman for more info. We inform you about the exact dimension. We provide you a photo before shipping. Price does not incl. shipping fee. We ship world wide via Fedex, DHL, Post Denmark etc.

NOTE: Unfortunately 95% of makers, punch big holes for sewing faster and for NOT using beeswax thread. And many other makers sew in machine. For them first looks and qty is more important. For us quality and right craftsman . We look and check your strap next day or 48 hours after we have made it, to check stitches, after leather gets back to normal condition after sewing. To make straps is not just a piece of leather and some thread. There is about 30 steps to give straps life. We can only make 3-4 straps pr day.

Leather for us is like wine. We cut some different size straps, and using them first after 1-2 years to make the real vintage. Making vintage straps is not about sandpaper the leather and getting ready after 30 min.

Different stitches technique, from left 1.standard, 2. Full & Knot, 3. 74 model, 4. Knot, 5. Classic and 6. top&Down stitch


Our story

Our main company was established in 1954. We have now decided to let you all get the possibility to buy a master piece strap or other leather goods. Our Master Craftsman does not make our products with help of modern machinery.

How we do

Leather is a durable and flexible material created by the tanning of animal rawhide and skin, often cattle hide. It can be produced through manufacturing processes ranging from cottage industry to heavy industry.

We are using only the best leather we find around the world. Our dob.Croupon leather in light & dark brown,Natur, and black- they are ONLY made for us. We pay your money back, if you acn find the same quality anywhere.

Creativity coupled with tremendous quality, and the most contemporary styling, makes us very proud of our products. Our priority is to offer you superior craftsmanship coupled with superior quality of materials.

We could have made a website where you could buy things directly, but we would like to talk with you about your wishes for the product you want to buy.

All our products are fully handmade, hand finished . It is all made by hand with help of small manual tools, so you might find some minor imperfection in it which is unavoidable for handmade products. Again, human is different from machine, so every strap/product is unique and have their own character, especially for manually distressed/vintage model straps.

If you expect a very precision, perfectly aligned machine-made strap, and perfectly color pattern similarity then you’re in the wrong place, but if you’re looking for an art strap, with individually numbered, with each its own unique character, then you’re in the right place. Any other model also available as per request, not limited to one watch brand only.

Distressed leather is very hard job. It takes about 1-2 weeks doing it. Many people maybe can do it with sandpaper or what you name it. We are doing it gently and without ever wetting or heating the leather to preserve its durability and integrity. Here is Small, Medium and XL distressed straps.

Contact us

You can read more about our straps from Pierrick Boyer and on other Instagram watch pages.

The best way to order is to e-mail our Master Craftsman with your needs, color of leather, thickness, thread color, buckle type or what you find important for you.

Our Master Craftasman can be contacted directly via [email protected]

Delivery time is currently 2-4 weeks. Price does not include shipping.

For more information check out mrtiptopleather on instagram

Og tip top shop Our webshop with more photos and items We are doing design bags, backpack, belt, wallets and straps for B&R, Breitling, Chopard, Omega, Panerai, Rolex, IWC, Seiko, Citizen and

og tip top shop

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Repair in record time – Every unplanned failure of the conveyor belt system is wasting money. With the 2-component-polyurethane paste REMAREP ULTRA 10 downtimes can be reduced to a minimum.


Our REMA PERFORMANCEline 35/CN offers excellent protection against wet abrasion and caking.

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Over 90 years the REMA TIP TOP heart beats for maintenance of bicycles. Do you still remember the small green repair kit?

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REMA TIP TOP is a globally operating system provider of services and products in the field of conveying and treatment technology as well as tyre repair. REMA TIP TOP provides a global service network and offers a broad range of polymer based products, linings and coatings for the industrial as well as for the automotive sector.

The company employs more than 8,049 people and has more than 190 subsidiaries and participations worldwide. In fiscal year 2019, REMA TIP TOP registered sales of more than 1,067 billion euros.

REMA TIP TOP stands for quality, service and innovative solutions in all its business divisions: ONE BRAND – ONE SOURCE – ONE SYSTEM.


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REMAREP ULTRA 10: The Industry’s Fastest Belt Repair

Repair in record time: With the new 2-component repair compound REMAREP ULTRA 10, the repair time for minor damage to conveyor belts or elastomer components is considerably reduced. This new product innovation repairs every conveyor belt in a quality comparable to the original material.

REMA PERFORMANCEline 35/CN: First-Class Abrasion Values of Less than 100 mm³

REMA TIP TOP presents a revised version of the REMA PERFORMANCEline 35/CN: The high-quality wear protection product for wet processing and conveying of sludges now achieves a first-class abrasion of only 80 mm³ according to DIN ISO 4649 for soft rubber linings and wet abrasion for the first time. In combination with the integrated caking protection and the proven CN bonding layer, the revised wear protection offers an additionally improved service life, lower maintenance costs and optimized plant performance.

VISION ZERO: Healthy Working at REMA TIP TOP

“VISION ZERO. Zero accidents – healthy working!” | Goal: Working environment without accidents | Cooperation with the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Raw Materials and Chemical Industry

Essen / Poing near Munich, February 10, 2020 – REMA TIP TOP West GmbH and the German Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Raw Materials and the Chemical Industry (BG RCI) have launched a joint initiative for more work safety. The cooperation agreement is part of the prevention strategy “VISION ZERO. Zero accidents – healthy working” of BG RCI. The aim of VISION ZERO is to create a working world without causing harm. A corresponding cooperation agreement was signed in Essen on 28 January 2020.

Your partner for quality: REMA TIP TOP constantly improves its product range for you, with modern solutions for the automobile sector, the specialized trade and industrial plants.

Og tip top shop

Tip Top has updated its brand, including unveiling two new renovated concept stores this spring.

The suit is having a moment. While the dress code for certain industries or events like weddings and graduations ensured it never disappeared, the suit has been overshadowed by casual sportswear for the past decade, especially among younger guys.

But while athleisure is still going strong, more guys are recognizing that nothing beats a suit for looking polished and confident. (The market research firm Euromonitor International reported that the Canadian menswear market saw robust growth in 2018, citing that younger and urban men are showing more interest in their physical appearance and fashion.) And today’s suit offerings and range of accessories give guys more options to look their best. Added to that, advances in fabric technology have upped the comfort factor so that men feel great, too.

While Tip Top, a Canadian brand that has been selling suits and related accessories for more than 100 years, is well poised for this new menswear era, the team behind it recognizes the challenges of attracting the next generation of customers, who may view it as their father’s store.

“We were a little out of step with where the world had gone,” says Lance Itkoff, President and CEO of Grafton Apparel Ltd., which owns Tip Top. He says the stores were starting to look a little too traditional and cluttered with merchandise, while other men’s retailers were embracing a lighter look and new technologies.

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Curated displays of merchandise will help customers create coordinated head-to-toe looks.

Itkoff joined Grafton in 2016 and, ever since, has been working to reinvigorate the brand, along with other Grafton-owned stores. “Tip Top has a wonderful history and a very strong foundation of business, but it just needed a lot of work,” Itkoff says.

Now, customers are starting to respond to the results of significant behind-the-scenes efforts. This spring, the company will unveil the first two renovated Tip Top stores at the Bramalea City Centre in Brampton, Ont., and the Southcentre Mall in Calgary, with more to follow throughout the year. The company has also revamped its merchandising and product selection at all 90 stores across the country.

At the newly designed concept stores, shoppers will see a cleaner and brighter look, with light wood accents and an overall airier feel. “We’re getting away from the dark and dingy,” says Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of Shikatani La-croix Design of Toronto, which designed the new stores, as well as Tip Top’s in-store digital strategy.

The concept stores, which will serve as prototypes for any new stores or renovations across the chain, will also feature two digital walls running content — showcasing lifestyle stories relevant to real guys, such as commuting to work or attending a social function. The traditional bulky sales counter has been replaced with a coordinating table with a point-of-sale system discreetly built in. “It’s all about elevating the service and creating a better experience for customers,” Lacroix says.

The concept stores will serve as prototypes for any new locations or renovations across the chain.

To that end, the new Tip Top stores will more prominently feature the in-house tailor. “They’ve always had an on-site tailor, but that wasn’t being leveraged. The tailor was always hidden in the backroom,” Lacroix says. The new design features larger change rooms that open onto the tailor’s work space, so men can be fitted and watch alterations in progress.

The new stores offer a significantly improved and uncluttered experience, with merchandise that is better curated and displayed. This streamlined, solutions-based approach helps customers not just pick out new pieces, but put them together so that they can create coordinated head-to-toe looks.

“The idea of buying a suit can be intimidating, walking in and wading through hundreds of suits in a random mix of colours, patterns, fits and prices,” says Tiffany Braund, Vice President of Merchandising for Tip Top. “We have made it easier.” The new approach at Tip Top organizes merchandise by brand and lifestyle, and offers a head-to-toe assortment of wardrobe solutions so a guy can put a look together quickly and with fewer decisions.

Finding the perfect fit is easier than ever for a simple reason: the company has focused on offering suits as separates. “A traditional nested suit — or a pant and jacket sold together — requires a lot of tailoring,” explains Braund. “Now you can shop for them separately, so you can buy your ideal size for your shoulder and waist, and even wear it to a wedding or other special event that same day. This allows him to best customize the fit to suit his body, style and comfort.”

Change rooms now open onto the in-house tailor’s work space, so customers can be fitted and watch alterations in progress.

Tip Top has focused considerably on evolving the quality of its merchandise, with technology-driven performance fabrics that are breathable and can repel stains, as well as providing a consistent fit. “There’s an older perception that a suit is stiff, however, with the influence of activewear and sportswear, all the technology and investment in comfort and stretch is now available in suits,” says Braund. Today’s suit is defined by a tailored sensibility that offers flexibility to move and more choices in fit, making it a cinch to find the ideal match for your body, budget and style.

“You could have a beautiful and expensive fabric for a suit, but if it’s not comfortable to wear, it won’t look good because it doesn’t feel good,” says Braund. New fabric blends inspired by the wearability of athleisure rival the look of traditional wools, but with better value. Braund advises reaching for this all-season fabric that can take you from a winter work party to a summer wedding.

Shoppers will also find international brands like Michael Kors, DKNY and Daniel Hechter Paris. For those also looking for casual options to complement their core suit lineups, Tip Top has introduced new sportswear product lines that incorporate more colour and pattern in its merchandise.

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These sweeping changes are being driven by a new philosophy: Tip Top is keenly focused on the idea that every man deserves to look and feel great, no matter his body, budget or lifestyle. “We did a lot of focus-group work, trying to understand what the pain points are for a guy when he buys a suit,” Itkoff says. “The new store experience and merchandising enhancements are designed to address that.”

That new mindset also inspired the company to evolve its marketing approach. In an effort to create relatable and emotional connections with real guys, Tip Top now captures ‘real’ moments of ‘real’ men in their clothes — showcasing the confidence men have when they look and feel great. The imagery is showcased in all in-store and digital marketing, including social media, as well as on its online store,

Itkoff says that every decision made at Tip Top is held up to the company’s core belief, that every man deserves to look great. “What better way than to show real people who look and feel great. We want every guy to be the best possible version of himself, not some aspirational version of someone else.”

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The suit is having a moment. (Sponsor Content)

REMAREP ULTRA 10 Repair in record time – Every unplanned failure of the conveyor belt system is wasting money. With the 2-component-polyurethane paste