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OG Kush – Everything You Need to Know & More!

OG Kush is perhaps the most famous strain in the entire world. It makes up the backbone of most of the West Coast strains, and it’s known across the world for its Indica-dominant effects. Some phenotypes are stronger on the head, and some are stronger on the body. As such, it’s always hard to say whether it’s Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant until you take the first puff. Either way, you’re in for a tasty, potent treat. OG Kush arrived in Los Angeles via Florida in about 1995. Some claim it’s a cross between a Sativa such as Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush, but it’s very hard to actually know, as the history has been lost.

OG Kush is known by many other names, including OGK, OG Story, Supreme OG, The Kush, Kush OG, Pure OG Kush, and OG Cali Kush.

Rollin’ up that OG Kush, photo: @webmarijuana

Is OG Kush indica or sativa?

As mentioned previously, this question is hard to answer. In Amsterdam coffee shops it’s normally considered to be an Indica-dominant hybrid. However, the phenotypes that are smoked over on the West Coast are more likely to be a Sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s really dependent on the bud you get, and the only way to tell is to fire it up and find out for yourself.

OG strains

OG Kush is the backbone for many dankenstein strains out there. The reason why OG Kush has been used extensively in cannabis genetics breeding is that it has a very high THC percentage. Higher THC contents help people deal with hard-to-reach medical problems, making it a favorite amongst both recreational and medicinal users alike. Furthermore, the Hindu Kush inside the strain (if indeed that is what is inside OG Kush) gives this strain a strong growth, as landrace strains are famous for their ability to grow without being too affected by varying conditions. The Hindu Kush is actually a very good strain to grow for first-time growers. These are some of the main reasons that there are so many different OG strains.

What is OG?

Within the cannabis community are debates as to the meaning of “OG.” Does it stand for “original gangster,” “ocean grown,” or simply “original”? Good luck finding out the truth, as cannabis history is often a vague subject. What is for sure, is that OG Kush is Kush weed, meaning it has some history in the Hindu Kush landrace strain.

Definition of dank

Dank simply refers to a strain being strong or juicy. For example, an original landrace strain would be called bush weed, and would not be considered by most people to be a dank strain. Something like OG Kush, on the other hand, would indeed be considered to be a dank strain, because it’s got some nice buds, which were perfected through the breeding process. Anything covered in a comparable amount of trichomes, with a potent high, would be considered dank by most people.

OG Kush Indica-dominant hybrid

As previously mentioned, it’s hard to say as to whether this strain is Indica or Sativa dominant. What is absolutely certain, however, is that it’s a hybrid strain. With this information in hand, all we can really do is talk about OG Kush’s famous yellow-green, large, dense buds, which definitely look indica in structure.

OG Kush genetics

It’s hard to say exactly, however, most people tend to agree that the bud shape is very similar to that of Hindu Kush. Additionally, OG Kush has very similar flowers to the Hindu Kush. The Sativa-dominant phenotypes are likely crossed with something like Chemdawg or another Sativa strain. This is likely also true of the Indica-dominant phenotypes, but they’re simply different phenotypes. It’s hard to say, but what is known is that it was first brought to LA in 1995 from Florida, by Imperial Genetics.

OG Kush THC percentage

OG Kush is a very potent marijuana strain. The average marijuana plant these days is around 13% THC. This is much higher than it was in the 1960s, but 13% THC is nothing when compared to some strains these days. This includes OG Kush, which can test up to a whopping 27% THC. The average OG Kush phenotype has about 22% THC inside it, which is, by comparison to other strains, a large amount. This is what makes it such a popular strain. The potency is incredibly important to some stoners, and OG Kush was one of the original potent powerhouses. The OG has spawned many other strains and phenotypes, including:

  • Tahoe OG
  • SFV OG
  • Ghost OG
  • Diablo OG
  • Triple OG Kush
  • Kushco
  • True OG

OG Kush price

OG Kush is not a particularly expensive strain: any strain that has been around for as long as OG Kush and is as popular as it is normally reasonably priced. That is because dispensaries in California and coffee shops in Amsterdam know that if they don’t have this strain, their customer-base would not be pleased. As such, the supply is pretty high. It is interesting to note the distinction in Sativa-dominance and indica-dominance between the two weed powerhouses of the world. This is likely because Amsterdam was struggling to get a hold of the actual strain, and therefore created their own style of OG Kush. For a gram of OG Kush at a Dutch coffee shop you’ll pay around $12 a gram. On the West Coast, it’s probably about the same price.

OG Kush taste

OG Kush is certainly a dank strain; tokers will love its juicy, bold flavors. It has the following taste profile:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Pine

If you want to truly appreciate the OG Kush taste, you should definitely stick this inside your trusty flower vape . This has a couple of advantages, not least of which is the fact that it’s much healthier than smoking a joint, a blunt, or a bong. You can also re-use the already vaped bud to get high again, which is fantastic. Grind this baby up, stick it in your vape, sit back and enjoy.

Can you get OG Kush oil, wax, shatter, edibles?

OG Kush is one of those strains that is used for absolutely everything. For example, you are far more likely to find an OG Kush chocolate bar than probably any other strain in existence. That is because it’s such a recognizable name, so if you’re an edible company, you’re most likely to use a strain which everyone would recognize. Failing that, you could simply make your own edibles yourself, which is a relatively easy process. Just don’t forget to decarboxylate your weed to get the most potency. Once it’s decarbed, simply mix it with an oil or fat and you’re good to go. Don’t eat too much because OG Kush is highly potent!

OG Kush is also a strain that is favored amongst wax, shatter and oil makers. That is because of its high THC percentage, which makes it a great choice for making oils and other concentrates out of. This process is pretty difficult and can be extremely dangerous, so it’s not really recommended to do this yourself. You’re pretty likely to find OG Kush shatter if you go to the West Coast, so if you want to experience OG Kush in concentrate format, that’s where you’ll want to be

Flowering OG Kush, photo: @ 210sfarms

Care for some OG Kush? Photo: @ lacannabislight

Want to know more about one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world? Read on about OG Kush, a hybrid, west coast dank. Its high potency, averaging out at about 22% THC, will help users relieve depression and pain. It also makes for a great concentrate or edibles source!

OG Kush


OG Kush likes to get around and isn’t afraid to let you know. Leafly calls this marijuana strain the “backbone of the West Coast” and if you’ve had any strain that’s come from there, then you’ve probably already had at least a small taste the OG.

OG Kush has been around for a while, and since it has been experimented around with so much when crossing with other strains, this is one plant that knows how to mow down even the most veteran tokers with her high THC content. Breeders love using OG Kush to cross-pollinate because they know OG Kush will provide a wealth of THC and flavor that provides a fantastic base for a new strain.

Before the euphoria embraces and crushes all your worries, you can expect to taste a triple hitter of flavors. OG’s pine, dank lemon, and woody undertones have put this strain on the map as one of the best marijuana flavors that you can’t help but want to overindulge in.

Our tip for this strain: This is a great strain if you like a sativa high over an indica one, but don’t have the room to handle the height a typical sativa can grow to. And as we are sure you have already guess, this is a great strain for crossing with another and creating a brand new green baby. OG Kush easily has some of the most stable genetics around.

What we love about this strain: A fantastic strain for those that like to use marijuana for both recreational use and medical use. Many medical patients are drawn to this strain for it’s ability to help with ADHD, migraines, and stress-related disorders. While she’s been crossed with and created a lot of amazing strains, there is just nothing like the original.

Quote from a customer: “Fantastic strain. Tastes great with a very active high. High yield at 2.5 – 5oz per plant. This has become a favorite.” Glenn L.

OG Kush Описание OG Kush likes to get around and isn’t afraid to let you know. Leafly calls this marijuana strain the “backbone of the West Coast” and if you’ve had any strain that’s come from