Night Nurse Marijuana Seeds

Night Nurse. A potent Indica dominant strain from Reeferman Genetics. It combines the genetics from BC Hash Plant, Harmony, and Fire OG. Price comparison and review of Night Nurse weed seeds for sale in the market. Marijuana strain genetics, effects, taste along with a how to grow guide. Combining a gentle euphoria with deep physical relaxation, Night Nurse marijuana is the medical strain you need to help you drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed.

Night Nurse Seeds

A potent Indica dominant strain from Reeferman Genetics. It combines the genetics from BC Hash Plant, Harmony, and Fire OG. Commonly used to fight anxiety, insomnia, stress and chronic pain due to it’s CBD/THC content and relaxing effects. If you are having trouble sleeping, this powerful Indica strain provides relaxing cerebral and body effects, making it the perfect nighttime sleeping aid. This strain is great for outdoor growing and can also be grown indoors. The buds are long hard nuggets and loaded with trichromes. Night Nurse is a high dose of CBD and a lot of THC. Ideal for medical marijuana users and pain sufferers.

Night Nurse Seeds

It is one of those cannabis strains grown outdoors exclusively for the medical marijuana community. Though the Night Nurse plant appears like Sativa-heavy strains, she carries Indica genetics. The strain’s commendable THC concentration is powerful enough to leave you with an intense stoned sensation, keeping you nonplussed and stumped for several minutes. Its aroma resembles strong coffee, mixed with smells of fruity pine and sandalwood. Night Nurse is renowned as a medical cannabis strain helping patients

Taste & Aroma: (Taste: Sage, coffee, herbal, spices, sweet) (Aroma: Coffee, floral, earthy, spicy, sweet)

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More about Night Nurse Seeds

cope with symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, depression, nausea, and insomnia, and several other ailments.

More about Night Nurse Seeds

How to grow Night Nurse seeds pot plants?

The strain can be cultivated successfully outdoors as well, preferably in a temperate clime. The plant attains a height of 3-4 feet and up to 8 feet when grown indoors and outdoors respectively. The buds tend to be thick and dense replete with trichomes.

Indoor vs. outdoor growing

The strain can be somewhat difficult to grow for novices but experienced cultivators will be able to develop it effectively. Nevertheless, first-time growers too can make it flourish, provided they follow the breeder’s instructions in letter and spirit. The plant develops very fast indoors as well as outdoors within 7-8 weeks of seeding. Yield per meter square is 450 to 500g and 500g per plant indoors and outdoors respectively.


Using organic nutrients and fertilizers will let you obtain a richer yield from every square meter of grow space or from every plant.

Grow techniques

Night Nurse is supremely ideal for farming indoors, thriving in a SOG as well as SCROG hydroponic setup. Regardless of whether you’re farming using hydroponic technique or using the soil medium, see to it that you maintain adequate space between any two saplings. Trimming periodically is also necessary for promoting photosynthesis.

Recreational use

The indica effects of Night Nurse start creeping in soon after you’ve inhaled the vapors. The haziness may not let you focus but the effects can be highly uplifting, especially for those who are sick and depressed.

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Side effects

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • Hungry
  • Happy
  • Sleepy
  • Relaxed

Medicinal use


  • Headaches
  • Muscle spasms
  • Chronic pain
  • Nausea
  • Arthritis
  • PMS


  • Depression
  • Sleeplessness
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder

Taste & aroma

The flavors and smells are a fine combination of pinewood, earthy, coffee, floral, and herbal spices.

Night Nurse Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Combining a gentle euphoria with deep physical relaxation, Night Nurse marijuana is the medical strain you need to help you drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed.


A trifecta of perfection, Night Nurse marijuana is an indica dominant strain developed with one purpose in mind – to soothe those in need of relief.

Stress, depression, chronic pain – these are just a few symptoms that can keep patients from receiving the rest they need to heal their mind and body. Night Nurse marijuana exists to deliver a gently brighter mood that may border on euphoric (courtesy of its 20% and over THC content) and soothing physical stone that intensifies as your outlook lifts. With such deep relaxation, it won’t be long before you find yourself asleep, only to awake feeling rested and refreshed the next day.

The aroma of Night Nurse marijuana is unique and outdoors-y, with obvious notes of flora and coffee. Sweet and spicy, with a touch of sage on the tongue, it has a wonderful bedside manner that has become popular among both recreational and medicinal consumers. Night Nurse marijuana seeds are slightly more complicated to cultivate, requiring a practiced hand to help ensure the strain thrives. Provided with the right space and climate, particularly outdoors, Night Nurse marijuana truly shines. This strain will spend 7-9 weeks flowering before its elongated buds are ready to give up a harvest of between 14 ounces (indoors) and 28 ounces (outdoors) of delicious weed.

Additional information

Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Pain

Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

5 reviews for Night Nurse Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Winifred Pitts (verified owner) – September 7, 2021

A weed for those who love weed. Night nurse is mellow, and it’s on point. Helps me drift off into a nice sleep when I am tired, and it eases my aching muscles every time. The shipping was delayed but Pacific helped me with the order and their customer service comped me a pack of seeds for the wait. Great buy every time, never let me down.

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Graham Travers (verified owner) – December 14, 2021

The night nurse is what I been smoking after work to heal my emotional wounds from dealing in customer service all day LOL. Love buying marijuana online, it’s by and large the easiest way to grow your own pot whether you’re in the USA or Canada. Indoor growing is best in my opinion. I can usually score nearly 600 grams of pot from my 3 seeds.

Falak Colon (verified owner) – February 7, 2022

Mmm even in the moments of my darkest despair, I turn to the night nurse for some much needed relief and comfort. This strain is pure indica, which means it tends to keep you feeling a little sleepy and hungry. Hasn’t been too hard to grow, and the results have been downright amazing.

Siana Laing (verified owner) – April 2, 2022

I was diagnoased with a serious illness a few years back and have been in recovery ever since. Growing and smoking marijuana has been integral to managing my pain symptoms and inflammation. It’s a VERY nice strain to grow, very lush and pretty, makes any summer day much more exciting!

Bridget Sheppard (verified owner) – May 31, 2022

Having a rough day? The night nurse is here to comfort you and heal your wounds. This indica-leaning hybrid is perfect for relieving stress as well as minor aches and pains. An excellent grow, usually lands on or near 600 G across 3 plants. I am not a pro, just an enthusiast. Pacific is great for us hobbyists just looking to have some fun in the garden.

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