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Good people, products & service

This is my second time with Neptune. First order produced excellent results. I noticed that their packaging has improved. Consignment was speedily dispatched, however, it was delayed approximately 5 weeks due to Covid 19. Can’t wait to get my next project underway.

I’m a very happy customer!

Don’t send cash unless you want to be…

Don’t send cash unless you want to be completely ripped off! Played games for 2 weeks telling me mail was behind then just stopped replying! Do not send these scammers cash. This website is a joke!

Its been 2 weeks now

Its been 2 weeks since i first planted the 4 seeds. 1 was a dud. and it was the free gift. 2 have barely grown. and 1 is looking beautiful. i give 4 stars right now because im a newbie and i am using a closet to grow in and i have bad air intake and exhaust. i will be buying a tent and ventilation soon. so im going to review every month or so

#1 in customer service .

I have been ordering from Neptune for years and they have never disappointed. Always fast and excellent customer service. These guys just recently went above and beyond to meet my inquiries to the tune of giving out of there own vault to accommodate my order. I’m sold that this is the best bank for your exotic bird seed needs! Keep up the great work, you have a customer for life.

how do I begin LOL this is the number…

how do I begin LOL this is the number one seed bank in America bar none. Excellent selection great prices an unbeatable customer service! A+

Great customer service

Great customer service. The genetics preservation pack arrived safely in Canada. I have ordered several times from them and only had one issue but they were very courteous and prompt with a solution.

Great customer service quick shipping…

Great customer service quick shipping overall it was a really good business transaction. Highly recommended will be a return customer as long as your in business.

Put in 2 orders with NSB (copped some…

Put in 2 orders with NSB (copped some packs from umami seed co and hermetics genetics). First time sending cash in an envelope, so was hesitant at first but I have had nothing but great experiences with NSB.

All emails were responded to within a day, the order was sent out the day payment touched down.

communications are transparent and honest.

also! got freebies too! paid for 1 pack and was expecting 1 pack but got 2 of the pack that I ordered + a pack of dungeon vault genetics too ! so the value of what I received was like 2.5x what I actually paid for

will be gettin my seeds only from NSB from now on!

maybe it’s just my intuition but i wouldnt doubt that the bad reviews are from competitors who are haters

I have always trusted Neptune for…

I have always trusted Neptune for excellent service and selection. Shipments are fast and products always exceed my expectations.
Neptune is awesome – I will order from you guys again and again.


Neptune is the best seed bank around! Had problems with payment and they still look out for me great place has my business forever!

NEPTUNE HAS always been good when it…

NEPTUNE HAS always been good when it came to responding to emails or picking up phone calls. They’ve also been very great with correcting my mistake when i made a purchase but put the wrong delivery address. Of course they can’t make everyone happy because some people will just be petty and pick at every little thing including prices which have been competitive as any seed bank in the country. I have ordered from them NUMEROUS times and they’ve yet let me down, anyone reading this should consider Neptune as a reliable source and not put too much stock into what these other petty and negative customer that can’t get what they want.

Product hasn’t shipped.

Purchased thousands of dollars worth of gear already in 2020 with NSB.
Multiple times after paying for guaranteed shipping (24-48 hours you will receive tracking data) – yesterday when my seeds finally shipped 1. It was 14 days after I had submitted payment (so NSB is selling product they don’t even physically have) and 2. It’s shipped to the wrong address (after I had been in contact with them to have that updated).

Not the level of CS I expect from an 🇺🇸 company, especially with the price tag most of these products entail.

missing $400 worth of gear and they…

missing $400 worth of gear and they wont respond to emails.

I’ve been ordering seeds from various…

I’ve been ordering seeds from various places (mostly overseas) for years. I was a little skeptical at first after some of the reviews but a good friend of mine told me he had a great experience with them. after doing research I found out they were local to me. had my seeds in two days. timely emails. whole pack of freebies. no problem whatsoever. I understand that unfortunately everyone didn’t have the same experience. but I’ve been ripped off before. waited months. too. I guess it kinda goes with the industry. you gotta remember this is a kinda grey market. time will tell if the seeds are legit. I will do a follow up review

have dealt with this bank for the last…20+

have dealt with this bank for the last 5yrs with many orders sent to Australia in a quick time using a very good stealth method of parcel, orders arrive with a usually very nice freebie selection as well. possibly the best US bank out there!

(Edit) they’ve responded to my emails and other forms of communication that I tried. my issue was resolved and handled in a timely fashion. I will be doing business with Neptune seedbank again 🙏🏽

Buyer beware Neptune is a ripsoff

Contacted Neptune about their batch of failed Autoflower seeds but all I got was a B.S. story. They also lie and say they’re local to Michigan. This is a scam company try Mafisto genetic those are real seeds.

I purchased seed from Neptune on July…

I purchased seed from Neptune on July 10 2020 using Mesh as that was the only way. When I called a week and a half later to ask when shipping they said they haven’t received them from the breeder. 2 weeks later I see they are in stock and still no seeds. Called them several times but all you get is voicemail. I left multiple VM messages and emails. Crickets. If I could give less than one star I would. F- Also, cause for concern, they have taken their phone number off their site. Sounds like a sinking ship.

Neptune seedbanks attitude and customer…

Neptune seedbanks attitude and customer service sucks!

After contacting them 3x I finally got a response today. At issue was the fact that I paid $150 for some Humboldt Seed Co.gear and, two weeks later, they drop the price for the same strain to $100.

Also, that $150 order came with one (1) free reg seed Bred by 42? 42 who?? A single free seed. Please.

Anyway, here’s the back and forth email with crappy Neptune seedbank:

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
On Thursday, May 14, 2020 11:16 AM wrote:

Hey man,
You’re listing Bling for $100 now, when you Jacked me for $150?

On Thursday, May 14, 2020, 6:52:02 PM UTC, NeptuneSeedBank wrote:

We price things how we want and how the breeder wants. don’t ever presume to have any control over what we buy and what we price things at.

As you can see, their attitude, customer service and prices SUCK!!

There are much better, quality seedbanks to spend your money people. Shop wisely.


Ok. So I heard about this seedbank from a friend and thought I would check it out. An American based seedbank. Hell yea. Once I did I felt obligated to speak up and I feel slightly bad about putting this company on blast. But come on. There pricing is outrageous. And if you take the time to cross reference some of the pricing, you are talking a 200% mark with less seeds. You oughta be ashamed of yourselves. Anyone can get these domestic products from over seas, pay to have them shipped back to the US at fraction of the cost Neptuneseedbank is charging. Then turn around and sell them at twice the resale value and make a profit. Sad. Sucks cause some of the lesser known breeders have some great looking products on there that I would have loved to try at a reasonable cost. And I’m all about a US company that needs to charge a little more to get their feet on the ground and compete with the big companies. But damn. They need to work on pricing to meet the value of the product. If the UK can give it to me at half the price than I guess I’ll have to buy from there.
God bless America. Even the shameful website Neptuneseedbank.

Your completely incorrect that it was shameful to right a review when I didn’t make a purchase. However a huge amount of people are new to collecting souvenirs seeds. People waste their money not knowing any better. It is up to the community to keep people informed. Fortunately for me I am informed enough to know that your prices are way overpriced. So why would I make a purchase? That was in fact the purpose of my review. I have researched a multitude of seed banks. Your prices are in line with the high end companies that actually have a reputation. There are a handful of seed banks that have products similar to yours for a fraction of the price point. Your more than welcome to list of any of those seed banks you were referring to that are also overcharging their customers.
I think it would be shameful for me to list your competitors that are reasonably pricing their products and have an exemplary reputation to go with it. I’d be happy to if you feel the need to do some research before you make anymore false claims.

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