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How Smoking Weed Helps Me As a Parent, According to 12 Dads

Some turn to smoking weed to escape. Others do it to tune in. Some do it to bond. But, whatever their reasons, all of these dads discussed how smoking weed helps them.


The legalization of marijuana in America has transformed smoking weed from an under-the-bleachers or before-the-concert pastime to something akin to having a beer or scotch at the end of the day. Step into any of the dispensaries in one of the 35 states to have legalized marijuana in some form and you feel like you’re in a Crate & Barrel but for weed. It smells good. There’s a lot of fancy stuff to look at. The workers are happy to help. It’s a strange new world.

Marijuana’s stress-reducing, anxiety-lessening, creativity-boosting benefits have been lauded for years but they’re particularly primed to assist modern moms and dads who are stretched thin. When speaking to parents who smoke weed about the reasons they toke, answers ranged from the expected (“It’s a nice treat at the end of a long day”) to the more nuanced (“It makes playtime better,” “It helps my anxiety so I can be there for my kids”). The truth is that everyone uses it for their own reasons. Some turn to smoking weed to escape. Others do it to tune in. Some do it to bond. But, whatever their reasons, all of these dads discussed why they smoke and how it helps them.

It’s My Private Time

“I smoke after my kids have gone to bed. Those last few hours are so sacred, only because they’re just so different than the rest of my day. I don’t think it’s any different than a hobby, really. It’s a way to relax, unwind, and reset before I have to go do it all again tomorrow. And I don’t always have a chance to do it every day, which makes the time I’m able to enjoy it even more special. It’s a completely different, more refined appreciation I have now, as opposed to smoking when I was in college.” – John, 36, Colorado

It’s My Reward

“Parenting is fucking hard. Some dads have a beer at the end of the day. Some have a burger. Some have a cupcake. I have a bowl. On those really challenging days, I feel like I deserve it. So, it’s half celebration for just surviving, and half pat on the back. My wife goes to the freezer for ice cream, I go to the back of the sock drawer. We’ve earned it.” – Xavier, 32, Michigan

It Keeps Me On Schedule

“I smoke during the day, when my kids are at school. Usually, I’ll take a hit or two about an hour after they’ve left. It’s like my reset button. The mornings are so full of chaos, that it’s hard for me to wrap my brain around what I need to do during the day. Sitting down to smoke is a chance to clear my head, get that second start, and plan my to-do list. It doesn’t make me feel lazy. Quite the opposite, actually. The clarity and peace gets me psyched to enjoy the quiet, and get shit done.” – Peter, 37, Rhode Island

It Makes My In-Laws Tolerable

“Specifically, my mother-in-law. She’s unreal. My father-in-law is a piece of work, too. When they’re over, it’s not uncommon for me to excuse myself to go back to our shed and smoke a quick one. My wife hates it. But only because she can’t get away with it. My mother-in-law barely pays attention to me unless she’s criticising me or giving me backhanded compliments. And my father-in-law hates me. So I can go under the radar pretty easily. But they’re always up in my wife’s face, which means she usually needs a trip to the shed after they leave.” – Brandon, 35, Pennsylvania

It’s Our Special Time Together

“Our kids don’t know we smoke. It’s like having an affair without any infidelity. We keep it secret because our kids aren’t old enough to have a real discussion about it. Once they hit that age, I doubt we’ll flaunt it, but we might not have to be as secretive. But, for now, it actually adds some spice to our marriage. It’s almost like when we were dating, and would sneak off for quickies whenever and wherever we could. Except now, it’s smoking instead of sex. I wouldn’t advise keeping secrets from your spouse, but keeping secrets with your spouse is a lot of fun.” – Jason, 37, Illinois

It’s a Bonding Exercise

“My son is in college, and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve smoked with him before. Look, I had a drink or two with my dad when I was responsible enough to do it. How is this different? My dad and I enjoy beers together now — it’s one of my favorite things to do with him. It’s a way to bond. And I feel the same way about smoking with my son. I don’t shove it in his face, and he doesn’t flaunt the fact that we do it together. But, like me and my dad, I hope it’s something we can keep in common for the rest of my life.” – Jeffrey, 40, Maryland

It Makes Me Patient

“I’m calm. I’m more attentive. I’m less irritable. As far as I’m concerned, marijuana is a parenting miracle. I don’t want to say how old my kids are, but they’re old enough to come home from school with a lot of energy, wanting to play, and yell, and make a mess. When I time it right, I can hit my stride as they’re getting off the bus, and I’m just such a better parent. That’s weird to say, but it’s true. I’m, like, enthralled with them and completely invested in them and their craziness, instead of just being annoyed.” – Will, 36, California

It Helps My Anxiety

“I’ve had generalized anxiety disorder since I was in college. I used to smoke weed then to deal with it, and I still do it now. It works. Anxiety isn’t just being nervous about things. It’s this whole body reaction that, for me, is paralyzing. As a parent, that can’t happen while you’re trying to watch your kids. I’ve taken a ton of prescription anti-anxiety meds to try and help, and nothing works like weed. At the risk of sounding like a paid endorsement, it doesn’t just make me a better parent, it makes me a better husband, friend, son…a better person, really.” – Mike, Oregon, 34

It Encourages Discussion

“My wife and I believe in education. Not formal schooling, necessarily, but the notion that you should have all of the facts before making what you believe to be an educated decision. And we try to impress that philosophy upon our kids by talking openly with them about the fact that we smoke. We don’t celebrate it, but we don’t hide it. We talk about everything from the effects, to the legality, the culture, and the perception. So, when we believe they’re old enough to make their own decisions, we hope they do it from a place of education, rather than pressure.” – Christopher, 39, Florida

It’s a Great Way to Bond With Other Parents

“If you think other parents don’t smoke weed, you’re kidding yourself. There are so many parent couples that we know who all admit to smoking at least semi-regularly. It’s just not taboo anymore. I think our parents’ generation was the one that would’ve whispered behind the backs of other parents who smoked. ‘OMG! Did you hear about so-and-so? I heard they smoke marijuana !’ But now, it’s par for the course, and another bond we have in addition to our kids.” – Matt, 38, California

It Takes Playtime to a New Level

“You can only play kids’ games so many times before you get bored out of your skull, ya know? Playing with my son while I’m high makes everything ten times more fun. It also probably makes me sound completely irresponsible. But, it’s not like I’m tripping balls and the action figures are talking to me. It’s a state of relaxed inhibition that just really makes things more enjoyable. When I’m not high, I play with my kid as a parent. When I am, I play with him as a kid. It’s a good feeling, for sure.” – Gabe, 35, Minnesota

It Gave Me Back My “Normal Time” With My Kids

“I was diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer, and I started chemotherapy almost immediately. I wasn’t prepared for how much it would wreck me. I was tired, nauseated, and just generally in bad shape almost all the time. It broke my heart knowing that my kids saw me like that. A friend of mine suggested weed to help with the nausea. My wife and I looked into it, and I gave it a try. It helped. It helped enough to where I wasn’t in pain or throwing up all the time. And it gave me back some ‘normal’ time to spend with my kids.” – AJ, 46, Florida

When speaking to parents who smoke weed about the reasons they partake, answers ranged from the expected (“It’s a nice treat at the end of a long day”) to the more nuanced (“It makes playtime better”; “It helps my anxiety so I can be there for my kids.”). Here's what a dozen pot smoking dads said.

These Are The 7 Signs Your Parents Are Probably Still Smoking Weed

Considering most of our parents were in their primeВ in the 70’s and 80’s, there’s a good chance they were smoking weed — among many other things.В While they might not act like it now, they know exactly what’s up and can tell when your ass is high, so don’t play dumb with them.

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re such a stoner, just remember loving marijuana isВ hereditary (not really), so you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Chances are, your parents have smoked it, they’re still smoking it, or they just smoked so damn much, they can’t smoke no more.В Why they still haven’t told your ass is completely on you.

If you sparkВ trees every day, your parents probably did too (definitely your dad), but how do you know if they’re still lighting up that magic dragon?

These are the eight telltale signs your parentsВ are lighting up when you’re not around.

You’ve caught them in theВ kitchen at 1 am eating sandwich meat.

If you were ever wondering who was eating all of your cereal and peanut butter out the jar as a child, it wasn’t the boogie man, it was definitelyВ your high-as-sh*tВ parents.

Getting the midnight munchies is natural when you’re stoned, but getting to the kitchen and realizing your mom or dadВ already ate everything is something no child could beВ prepared for.

Clearing out all the sandwich meat for your school lunch the next day isn’t necessarily great parenting, but it will surely teach your ass a lesson you will never forget.

They hadВ a friend who lookedВ like a sketchy poker player.

He definitely wasn’t your uncle, wouldВ only beВ over for literally five minutes at a time and looks like Joe Pesci inВ “Home Alone.”

Your dad would probably tell you he’s one of his golf buddies, but considering your dad doesn’t play golf, something’s not adding up.

Your parents would probablyВ disappear afterwards, or tellВ you to go to bed, which was awkward especially when itВ wasn’t even noon yet.

They were oddlyВ inconsistent with theirВ punishments.

One day, they would ground you for staying out too late. The next night, you’d come home even later and they’d forgotten they even had a son.

If your parents were inconsistent with their punishments, it’s probably because their moods were stabilized with some good old-fashioned THC.

The next time you get into any sort of trouble, try handing your mom and dad a joint before you break the news to them.

They tell you when they’re going to bed (or when you should go to bed).

Most parents are nocturnal smokers and have to wait until night to transform into their true selves.

Often, they will tell you when they’re going to bed, so you don’t try to disturb them. They might even tell you to go to sleep so they can take over the living room.

Their suggested Netflix includes “IronВ Chef,” “Planet Earth” and “How It’s Made.”

When it comes to your parents’ Netflix suggestions, you may see some entertainmentВ that’s best enjoyed when elevated.

Pretty much anything with food, nature and animals or how sh*t is made will tell you these are people who love to have their minds blown. and inspired to go get more munchies.

They do awesome sh*t like skydiving andВ cooking turduckens.

Did you have an awesome childhood? Then chances are, your parents were just high the whole time, trying to do awesome sh*t on their own. You just happened to be present.

If you’ve ever noticed they’re actually cooler than you, there’s a great chance they’re smoking some good too!

When you see your dad pull up with the top down, bumping some Bob Marley and then cooking some beer fried chicken later on, you know exactly what’s up.

Your weed is missing from your room.

Well, Billy, your room is clean; your shirts are folded, and your weed is missing. This could only mean one thing:В Your mother found your stash and is sharing that sh*t with your pops!

It’s kind of an unwritten rule that if parents find their children’sВ weed, it’s automatically theirs. That’s just how it goes, young blood.

Don’t worry, at least you’ll get a bomb dinner out of this.

Considering most of our parents were in their primeВ in the 70’s and 80’s, there’s a good chance they were smoking weed — among many other things.В While they might not act like it now, they know exactly what’s up and can tell when your ass is high,…