monkey paw marijuana

Monkey paw marijuana

This rare Hybrid strain was a treat. THC level was 15%. I first got the Sativa effects making me happy & uplifted. When alone drifting into deep thoughts. When the Sativa weakened the Indica effects kicked in making me relaxed & even sleepy. Strain gave me two nice separate highs. Skunky, citrus, & pine was the smell & taste i received. The sticky buds were darker green with burnt orange hairs. There is no monkeying around with this strain!!

THIS IS THE BOMB , FOR me. Man I needed something to get me out of the Fucking FUNK my head was in. In other words A dissfunctional ADHD, moderately deppressed, End Stage Liver Disease from Cirrhosis 45 yrs ago, fuck up who thinks he’s a Leonardo da Vinci or somthing. Wow Thank God for Tiger, I’m mean Monkey PAW !

Monkey Paw is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a three-way cross of the cult favorite strains Acapulco Gold X Columbian Gold X Afghani strains. This potent hybrid boasts a moderately high average THC level between 15-17% and a classically appealing aroma and tas…