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Monica Lewinsky gets her own strain of weed

Merry Christmas Lil’ Mon.

Monica Lewinsky is thrilled to announce, via Twitter, that she now has a strain of weed named after her. At the end of a year that only half makes sense, this seems fine.

The strain comes from Washington’s Sugarleaf Farm, and retails for $104 per 14g. As Jezebel reports, the distributor came up with the name based on the strain’s origins.

Since Lewinsky officially approves, you have every right to learn more about her namesake here.

Sugarleaf Farm names a strain after the high profile figure.

You can now get high with Monica Lewinsky

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Monica Lewinsky may now be known for something else.

Late Thursday, Lewinsky tweeted a screenshot of a marijuana product named after her.

“guys!” the 44-year-old wrote, along with wide-eyed emojis, of a jar of “Monica Lewinsky” weed strain.

The tweet she came across was posted by a photographer, but the strain was created by Sugarleaf Farms in Seattle, Washington.

According to, this particular weed sells for $104 per 14g. Sugarleaf retail partners are all located in Washington.

The product apparently has been around since 2016, according to a Facebook post from Sugarleaf, that the anti-bullying activist may not find as amusing as the tweet.

“Monica Lewinsky looking sexy as all getup. Look out Bill!!”

However, Sugarleaf’s CEO told us he’d welcome a visit from her.

“We’d be honored if Monica Lewinsky herself would like to stop by for a tour so we can show her all the hard work that goes into producing world class cannabis and how far the industry has come,” Cody Anderlini told Page Six. “I think that she has done an amazing job at utilizing her platform to help make a positive change in the world.”

Requests for comment from her rep were not returned.

Maybe now she'll be known for something else.