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Cannabis or medical marijuana has quickly grown to become one of the most important herbal medicines in recent times. As this important plant has become accepted in many states as a medicinal herb, a growing number of patients are seeking more information and more understanding with regard to medical marijuana certification in Tucson. An increasing number of states across the country have legalized this important herbal medicine as more states are quickly following suit.

We Specialize in Cannabis Education and Cannabis information on

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We also help with terminology associtated with the counter culture of cannabis and understanding the words used around the communtiy (like some of the words mentioned in the above text)

Natural Healing Care Center LLC

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Specializing in Arizona Medical Marijuana Certifications in Tucson, ADHS Medical Marijuana Card application processing, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Kinesio Tape and more!


* As of January 2017, all patients *MUST* include a unique email address on their application form. NHCC will deal with all corrections and email pertaining to your application, AZDHS still requires every patient include an email address or the application will be denied.

* NHCC is not the party issuing the patient a Medical Marijuana Card. The responsible party is the Arizona Department of Health Services. AZDHS will review, process and approve each patient application submitted by NHCC.

* Due to patient confidentiality requirements, AZDHS requires contact with the patient to retrieve any information pertaining to the patient’s application. NHCC cannot call AZDHS on behalf of the patient and receive information; this is the patient’s responsibility.

* In the event of a name or address change, lost or stolen card, or change to caregiver information the patient must contact AZDHS by phone or email, or fill out a Card Change Application through NHCC can aid the patient in filling out this application.

* If you are receiving Food Stamp Benefits (SNAP) proper eligibility paperwork from DES (including active dates of benefits, patient name, and date of birth) must be provided to receive the discounted state fee. An EBT card will also suffice if the patient’s name is embossed on the front of the card. NO OTHER forms of verification are accepted by AZDHS.

* If you are designating a caregiver NHCC will submit your fingerprints by certified mail to AZDHS. After fingerprints have been mailed, AZDHS is responsible for the approval of the application.

* Our physicians are NOT DIAGNOSING the patient; they are providing a recommendation for the Medical Marijuana Program based on previously diagnosed qualifying conditions.

* NHCC can and will do anything in our capacity to help the patient, this disclaimer is intended to inform our patients of the obstacles of working with AZDHS.

(520) 323-0069. How to get a medical marijuana card in Tucson. Our doctor’s are Medical Marijuana specialists. We specialize in Cannabis education, information and alternative PAIN RELIEF.

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How do I get ahold of you guys so I kan get some flower donations from who ever runs the shop

Good rep. Pretty much my neighbor dispensary sometimes there a wait but like I said super convenient can literally walk to it so the wait doesn’t bother me, bud are usually pretty decent I’m always broke so I house strains satisfied for the most sometimes they have some really good ones

Very disappointed! Online says in large letters no card needed, called to place a delivery order and was told that they require the card and do not accept the paper card. False advertising

They care so much to get you the product best to help your physical needs. Super staff, super friendly, the best atmosphere.

I don’t go anywhere but there never had a bad exsperiance . Everyone there is awesome

The Staff is awesome and very great to get advice from

love the people they give great service and know what they are talking about

I feel this dispensarie is the best one the clerks are helpful and courteous they take the time to know your name your not a customer you are a patient

I really enjoyed this place they had a lot of info and were very curtious

The atmosphere they put out is very welcoming. I’ll be coming back for sure

Quit putting the red line across page makes it impossible to look up

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