mk ultra strain review

MK Ultra Marijuana Strain [2020 Full Review]

MK Ultra is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant strain that is famous for its strong hypnotic effects. It is named after the after the notorious Project MK Ultra “mind-control” program conducted by the CIA between 1950-73.

As part of “Project MK Ultra,” the CIA conducted a series of experiments at a number of different institutions, where psychedelic drugs were administered to participants without their consent or knowledge. So the fact that this strain is named after this program should give you an idea of just how potent this particular strain is.

What Is MK Ultra Strain?

MK Ultra is an award-winning hybrid strain bred by T.H. Seeds. It is of little surprise that MK Ultra is so highly regarded when it is the offspring of two outstanding strains, namely OG Kush and the indica G-13 . MK Ultra is a firm favorite among cannabis smokers and its quality has seen it pick up some notable awards in the past. This strain won Best Indica in the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup and it came in second in the same category the following year.

MK Ultra is one of the most powerful indica strains out there, renowned for its strong cerebral high and hypnotic effects. This is definitely not a strain for a novice cannabis smoker to try out – this one is for the seasoned recreational or medicinal cannabis smoker to enjoy responsibly. MK Ultra weed packs a punch with an average THC level of approximately 18% but has been recorded as high as 22.8%. MK Ultra’s high THC content is offset by a more modest CBD level of between 0.10-0.20%.

If you are planning on trying out MK Ultra then it is probably best to do so at a time when you have no other plans. This strain is a notorious couch-locker which will leave you so relaxed that you won’t want (or be able to) do anything else but chill out and enjoy its uplifting effects. You can expect MK Ultra’s effects to come on fast, with those cerebral and hypnotics effects kicking in quickly. A deep feeling of relaxation will be followed by a feeling of euphoria which will taper off nicely to leave you uplifted and happy.

You may even get the munchies from smoking this strain so it is probably best to have some treats nearby as the trip to the fridge or food press may seem like an epic journey away in your couch-locked state. Before long your eyelids will start to become heavy and you will feel sleepy and ready for a restful night’s sleep.

MK Ultra Flavor, Aroma and Appearance

Appearance-wise an MK Ultra plant is quite short, usually growing to a height of between 100-120cm. Its dense flowers and tight buds are coated with resin which is sticky to the touch. An MK Ultra plant has a distinctive aroma which has been described as an unusual mixture of burnt plastic, lemon, and diesel. MK Ultra’s pungent combination of earthy, sweet and chemically aromas tend to linger so it is a good idea to ensure adequate ventilation when growing or even smoking indoors.

MK Ultra is quite a treat for the taste buds when smoked. You will experience its earthy and more pungent flavors on the inhale, and its woody, piney flavors on the exhale.

MK Ultra Strain Grow Info

An MK Ultra plant is generally considered to be an easy one to grow . This plant grows well in soil or hydroponically so you can’t go wrong using either method. It is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and thrives in a warm Mediterranean climate. This plant flowers between 8-9 weeks and the ideal time for outdoor harvesting is late September or early October.

An Mk Ultra plant grown indoors will produce an average yield of around 12 ounces per square meter, while those growing this plant outdoors can expect a yield of approximately 6 ounces per plant.

Medical Benefits of MK Ultra Strain

As you might expect from a potent strain like MK Ultra, its effects offer many benefits to the medicinal cannabis smoker. Arguably the main medicinal benefit of MK Ultra is its effectiveness at alleviating painful conditions, such as arthritis, muscular pain and lower back pain. Its indica genetics relax the body so much that those nagging pains just fade away into the background.

MK Ultra’s deeply relaxing body-melt effect coupled with its uplifting effect on mood makes this strain a fantastic choice for people suffering from mood disorders such as depression. MK Ultra is also very beneficial for people looking to de-stress, relax and unwind. The deep sense of relaxation and the sleep-inducing effects make this strain a possible solution for people suffering from insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of MK Ultra Strain

The main side effect of MK Ultra is its powerful couch-lock effect , which will make even basic functioning quite challenging. Also, this strain’s strong cerebral and hypnotic effects can be quite disconcerting for smokers unaccustomed to more potent strains of cannabis. As already mentioned, this is not a strain for a novice smoker. A more experienced smoker who uses MK Ultra responsibly should only experience this strain’s milder side effects, such as dry mouth and dry eyes. Overindulgence of this strain, however, may result in dizziness, paranoia, and increased anxiety.

Final Thoughts on MK Ultra Strain

MK Ultra’s potency and strong cerebral and hypnotic effects mean that this strain is not for everyone. If you are a novice then you would be wise to pass on this one and look for milder strains to enjoy. For experienced medicinal cannabis smokers looking for pain relief or to de-stress, then this strain is a great choice. If you are looking to grow your own MK Ultra weed then you should find this strain fairly low maintenance and easy to grow at home.

All you need to know about MK Ultra cannabis strain including its effects, medicinal benefits, how to grow, and more.