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5 best Minecraft seeds to build a city

Minecraft is a game that’s more focused on exploration and creative building than anything else. While it can be a great survival experience, it is most popular due to its creative mode, in which you can build just about any structure and unleash your creative genius.

So if you’re the kind of Minecraft player that loves creating dream homes, mansions, and even entire cities over anything else, then these are the seeds that you can use to spawn at the perfect spot for your new builds.

Five best Minecraft seeds to build a city

1) Large Survival Island

We can guess what you’re thinking: why would a survival island be home to your new city? That’s because this particular seed lands you on a massive plains biome that’s also an island.

With so much space, and with the glimmering ocean on all sides, this isle would be the perfect spot for your new oceanic city.

Seed Code: -25550650751725284

2) Lots of Biomes

When creating a new build in Minecraft, it’s good to have several different kinds of biomes that will surround you. This is not only because they give you access to various building materials, but also because they add a bit of aesthetic value to your build’s setting.

This particular seed lands you amid plains that are surrounded by an oak forest as well as an acacia forest, and also desert, plus a great shoreline!

Seed Code: -154516451848514

3) Structures Galore

This seed lands you next to a plains biome, as well as a desert biome, that has a lot of flat space for you to design your new city in. But that’s not all.

Your world is also dotted with several unfinished structures as well as complete villages in the vicinity, so that your new city has some well-established neighbours. Not to mention the aesthetic value that a few ruins and lonely structures can add to your city’s new home.

Seed Code: 3562011352150227537

4) The Mighty Savannahs

To build a big enough city in Minecraft, it is vital to have a lot of flat space available to you to design the build. And a Savannah is the perfect spot to place your new city in.

This seed helps you spawn close to a vast Savannah that is also situated right next to a desert biome, which will provide you with plenty of variation in the environment. Lastly, the seed also has another beautiful village that can be the perfect neighbouring city for your new creation.

Seed Code: -4889139758271612536

5) Icy Dream

Do you want to create the perfect winter wonderland? Then this might be the ideal Minecraft seed for you to work on.

It features a vast snow biome that has icy peaks, adding to the vibe of the entire world. What’s more is that if you move towards the mountains, you will come across a huge cave built like a stunning underground cove, which can be the perfect natural addition to your city!

Minecraft seeds can be used to spawn at the perfect spot to create your new builds on. For those who love to get creative and build whole new cities, we list the perfect seeds.

End City Finder

Last Update: Jul 8, 2020 (MC 1.16)

Drop level.dat anywhere.

How To Use



The locations on Bedrock Edition are not 100% accurate.


For technical reasons, you need to know the seed of your world to use End City Finder, unless, of course, you want to find a seed for a new world. If you’re playing SSP, the app is able to fetch the seed from your savegame. Alternatively, you can use the /seed command ingame. In SMP, you can use the same command if you have sufficient rights. Otherwise, however, you’re dependent on the server owner, who started the world and has access to the savegame and config files.


This app uses some relatively new web technologies. As a result, some features may be disabled for older browsers. I recommend using the latest version of a major browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.


Seed Selection

The first thing you should do is select a seed and version. You can either type it in manually, or you can load it from your savegame. The latter can be done by clicking on “Load from Save. “ and selecting your level.dat, or by drag&dropping the level.dat file into your browser window. Level.dat is a small file located in the folder of every Minecraft savegame. You can find the savegames in the saves folder of your Minecraft installation. On Windows you can use %appdata%\.minecraft\saves to get to that folder.

Levels allow you to store and reuse seeds on this website, without having to load your savegame every time. When loading a seed from a level, the seed will automatically be stored as a level.

You should also know that a seed is always a number (up to around 20 digits). If you type in anything else (like letters), it will be converted to a number. The app does this the same way Minecraft does, so it’s safe to use letters (and other characters) as well.


Once you entered your seed and version you can start using the map. To scroll, use your arrow keys while your mouse cursor points at the map, or move your mouse while holding down the left mouse button. You can use the slider below the map or your mousewheel for zooming. The lower inputs allow you to go to a specific point (e.g., your base) of the map and set a marker there. You can always remove and add the marker by double clicking on the map. The “Save Map” button allows you to save the currently shown map as png image file.


When using a touch-enabled device, an extra option for enabling/disabling touchscreen control will appear below the map. With that option enabled, you can drag the map with your finger to navigate, you can pinch to zoom in and out, and you can tap and hold to set a marker on the map. By double tapping on the map, you can quickly enable/disable the functionality as well.

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