minecraft advanced genetics wiki

Getting Started with Genetics Reborn

This is going to overall be very similar to the original process, but there are a few changes.

NOTE: You will want powergen from other RF generating mods such as Ender IO, Extra Utilities, Extreme Reactors, etc. etc.

The first thing you want to make is a Metal Scraper. This will allow you to scrape mobs and get a chunk of organic matter from them. While you are at it go ahead and make the Glass Syringe, this will allow you to take your own blood to be infused with the genes later.

Next you will want to create these machines to process the organic matter: Cell Analyser, DNA Extractor, DNA Decrypter, and Plasmid Infuser. These in order will turn your organic matter into a finished Plasmid.

Now that you have a finished plasmid, you will want to make two more machines, the Plasmid Injecter and the Blood Purifier. You will take a syringe with blood in it and stick it in the purifier, after that is finished combine it with the finished plasma in the Plasma Injecter. Then after that Purify the blood one more time and it is ready to be put back into your bloodstream.

Right click the syringe and boom, you now have that gene! (Some might take a second or two to come into effect.)

Giving other things genes

Warning, this will use more server/CPU resources when it is enabled in the config. This can’t be helped due to the nature of giving genes to every entity loaded in the world.

To give other things genes is simple, left click with the Metal Syringe to draw an animals blood, inject the finished plasmid into that syringe, and shift left click to put the blood back in that animal.

Machines can input from any side besides the bottom, and only output out of the bottom. Input/Output works with any mods that add item pipes, or you could just use vanilla hoppers.

Removing genes is easy, all you do is get a finished plasmid and combine it with an Anti Plasmid in a crafting grid. Then inject the plasmid into your syringe like you would a normal finished plasmid.

Cloning entities is simple, just scrape an entity with the Advanced Scraper and put that organic matter in the cloning machine. It will turn it back into the more basic organic matter and will spawn the mob above the machine.

A remake of the loved Advanced Genetics mod from 1.7.10 – TheUnderTaker11/GeneticsReborn