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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easy Bake – Pot Brownies in the Microwave

I’ve always been a little dubious about the power of eating pot. In most cases, I have failed to do a controlled experiment because I always end up smoking at the same time as I’m eating. Now, this weekend, I had a sore throat and felt like I shouldn’t be smoking, so I had the perfect opportunity to give this a whirl.

Usually when I’m baking brownies, it would be a social affair, so I’d make a big pan. But this weekend, it was just me. That’s a lot of pot to reach the right level of potency in one or two brownies. And let’s be honest, if there’s a whole pan – when the munchies kick in, I’ll end up eating the whole thing anyway.

So along comes ‘Warm Delights’ the portion control dessert product pitched for single professional ladies. This is a really exciting breakthrough in pot browies for the same two reasons this appeals to the single gals: 1) it’s wicked easy and very quick 2) portion control means you’re economizing on the pot.

Here’s how you can bake the perfect pot brownies for one or two people:

1) Crumble or chop the weed into a saucepan and cook with about a tablespoon of butter or veg. oil (butter is better). You want to sautee it on very low heat until it releases that distinctive odor and turns light brown and is crispy to the touch (watch your fingers!). Keep stirring the pot pot – DO NOT BURN IT!

2) Empty the mix into the plastic bowl they include. Pour the hot butter over the mountain of chocolate powder and start to mix it in with a spoon. It will be very thick. You will need to add a little water at a time until it mixes into a smooth batter (like the traditional brownie mix you know and love).

3) Microwave for just 45 seconds. Ah sweet sweet technology. No pre-heating. No waiting. And voila!

4) Then you can fancy it up by squeezing on the chocolate frosting.

6) Wait 20-30 minutes and SURPRISE you’re easy baked!

I just stumbled on this post several years after forgetting about the blog entirely. I am happy it is still up on the web. But I’m shocked to realize this particular post has over 30,000 views – not to mention a whole lot of really helpful comments. If even a small percentage of you people who have viewed this page get yourselves Easy Baked as a result, I’m so happy to have helped.

A few of my own opinions in response to the comments:

For me, the dosage in a brownie is about the same as I would smoke to get the result I want. If the weed is really potent, I use less, like a bowl. You can see the size nodule I used in the top picture. That’s about a gram of potent weed, and the brownie was a very strong high.

If I’m using outdoor weed of the sort I’d probably smoke most of a joint over an evening – I use that much. I don’t want to eat more than one brownie in an evening. I might start with half and eat the other half later.

Baking is like science, you can keep track of how much you use and how long things take in your microwave. Next time, vary your inputs. From my experience, my digestive fullness has a big influence on how quickly I metabolize the weed. If I eat a brownie on a relatively empty stomach, it kicks in much faster and has a bigger impact. So even though you might be tempted to save the brownie for dessert. you’d be better off starting with it.

I recommend cooking your weed a bit in butter or oil. Don’t skip that step. That’s the slow controlled heating when you’re going to activate the psychoactive junk. The quick heating in the microwave acts primarily on the water molecules. Steam bubbles in the batter and cooks the cake. The quick microwave blast doesn’t cover you for activating the cannabis.

Eating is preferable to smoking in a lot of situations:

  • For people with breathing problems
  • On airplanes (finish before security)
  • If you’re a teenager living in a city
  • Family dinners
  • Dormitories
  • Movies (so you’re not most high during the previews)

Stoner’s Manual A survey of the finer points in life by – and for – the thinking man who enjoys a recreational smoke. Sunday, March 23, 2008 Easy Bake – Pot Brownies in the Microwave