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Marijuana Seeds Michigan: A Home Growers Guide

The Great Lakes State has a long and storied history. Most people may think of Detroit and the big three car companies that call the city home, but there is so much more than meets the eye in Michigan. The state also has a longtime love affair with cannabis, and it is one of only 15 of the 52 states the herb is fully legal in. With more than eleven thousand lakes in Michigan, there is definitely enough water to grow marijuana without fear of running out of H20. You can Order 710 Seeds Online and get started growing your very own top quality cannabis at home today in Michigan.

It is believed that humans have inhabited the area now known as Michigan for approximately ten thousand years. The Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Ottawa Nations first settled in the Great Lakes area after the glaciers of the ice age receded. French and English settlers began to arrive in the sixteenth century. Michigan joined the United States in 1837 and quickly became a destination point for further European migration, particularly from Scandanavian countries. Sweden, Denmark, and Norway actually lost over one fifth of each of their populations to North American immigration when large groups from these countries settled in Michigan.

Detroit has become the major urban center of the state followed by Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor and Lansing, the state capital. Detroit is a city known by many names and it has given America, and the world many iconic assets. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn and began the manufacturing trend that earned Detroit the name Motor City USA. Motown Records saw its beginnings here and gave us legendary artists such as Arethra Franklin, Stevie Wonder, and Diana Ross, all pioneers of the Motown music scene. In recent years the state has produced superstars like Eminem, The White Stripes, and more mediocre artists like Kid Rock.

Michigan as a whole is an outdoorsman’s paradise. Canoers, kayakers and fisherman would be hard-pressed to run out of open water and rivers to explore. Hikers, bikers and walkers can start out in a downtown center and by the end of the day be deep in the woods without another soul around. More than half of the state’s total landmass is covered by forests and lakes. With those lakes come beaches and Michigan has no shortage of beachfront to explore. In fact, the state has more than 500 miles of public beaches including Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore Park, Grand Haven City Beach, and Mackinaw City Beach.

Sports fans have just about every game available to them to cheer for at a professional level, and the illustrious Detroit Red Wings of the National Hockey League are part of the original six teams the league began with. The NHL team has won 11 Stanley Cup championships since its inception in 1942 and has given credence to the nickname Hockeytown. Detroit is one of only 12 American cities to host a team from all 4 of the big North American sports leagues. This includes the aforementioned Red Wings, The Detroit Lions of the NFL, Major League Baseball’s Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Pistons of the National Basketball League.

Residents and visitors really never run out of ways to pass the time in Michigan. History buffs and car lovers appreciate the Henry Ford Museum, located in Dearborn. It’s a national historic site and features antique cars alongside many objects of cultural significance to the state and country. The museum has 2 very rare artifacts that make it well worth the trip. First, the seat that Abraham Lincoln was sitting in when he was assassinated, and secondly, the bus that Rosa Parks justifiably refused to give up her seat on. The state’s maritime history is on display at The Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum located at Whitefish Point on the shore of Lake Superior. The museum is also home to the oldest operating lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

One thing many people notice about Michigan is the abundance of cherry and apple trees. Cherries are the state’s largest agricultural product and at one time Michigan was the country’s largest producer of the fruit. Although surpassed by Washington State, Michigan cherries are still sold around the world and are renowned for their sweetness. It stands to reason that the rich agricultural history of the state would produce some fantastically talented cannabis cultivators and it certainly has. That fact is proven by having a strain named after the state, Michigan Skunk.

It’s no surprise that Michiganians are applauded for their outgoing and friendly nature. When you live in a place with such natural beauty, historical significance, and modern appeal, it’s hard not to be neighborly when the cherry on top of it all was grown in the state.

Are Marijuana Seeds in Michigan legal?

Marijuana seeds are completely legal in the state of Michigan. As a matter of fact, cannabis seeds are legal across the country as a novelty item. Thankfully, both recreational and medical cannabis are also legal, which allows residents aged 21 and over to legally grow cannabis at home. Anyone can buy Chronic Seeds For Sale and cultivate up to 12 plants in their residence. Compared to other states, this is a very lenient stance and certainly demonstrates Michigan’s love of the marijuana plant while protecting the right to grow it from seeds.

Is it legal to consume pot in Minnesota?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to consume pot in Michigan. Way back in 2008, the state passed the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and recreational cannabis followed suit in 2018. The law doesn’t grant the freedom to smoke weed anywhere you want though, and consumption in public or on public property is strictly forbidden. Driving under the influence of cannabis is also prohibited and can carry some hefty fines or even jail time. It’s simple science really, do not drive stoned. If you are smoking buds with your buds then give the buzz time to wear off before you grab your keys.

What is the law around Recreational Use in MI?

Michigan voters made it clear in November 2018 how they felt about legalized cannabis by voting in favor of Proposal 1, clearing the way for recreational cannabis use by anyone aged 21 and over, however, several cities and counties have yet to legalize retail sales including Detroit. No need to worry about the lack of retail seed sales though, our 420 Seeds Store has you covered from roots to flowers and everything in between.

Growing Outdoors in Michigan from Seed

There is no way around the fact that the outdoor cannabis growing season is limited in Michigan. From mid-May to early October the temperatures across the state range from 70 to 90 degrees and have just the right amount of sunshine for cannabis to thrive if grown on a patio or deck. A small greenhouse is an excellent way to keep temperatures stable and protect your plants from sudden weather changes. Cannabis likes to put down roots, and the container you use to grow your weed in will directly affect those roots. Ten-gallon fabric growing containers are ideal, as they allow roots to air prune which prevents balling, and the better the roots the better the harvest. This style of growing pot is readily available at gardening centers. When you are shopping for pots make sure to pick up PH balanced soil and organic fertilizer for your plants to give them everything they need to thrive outdoors. You can save yourself some time and Buy Wholesale Seeds Online for your crop and by the time you have everything set up, the seeds will be at your door and you will be ready to grow.

Indoor Growing: Top Cannabis Strains for 2021

Growing cannabis indoors offers cultivators ultimate control over their plants’ destiny. Environmental conditions can be kept stable and the exposure to pests or disease is drastically reduced. If you are growing inside a sealed tent, then you will find the Purple Gelato For Sale ideal. If you are using a closet or larger room, Blue Dreams For Sale Online can fill that space with big, beautiful plants that are a treat for the eyes. Buy Original Kush and experience one of the top indica strains of all time according to High Times magazine and millions of cannabis enthusiasts. You will never have a problem finding Sour Purple Punch Near Me with The strain’s unmistakable scent of grapes when growing is highly enticing, and deep shades of purple during the flowering stage grabs your attention and practically screams look at me.

What Are Feminized Seeds?

Knowing the difference between male and female cannabis plants is critical to your success when space is restricted. Male plants, if left unchecked, can pollinate the female plants and ruin the quality of the buds, not to mention making it seedy and taking up space from a more desired female plant. You can Buy Feminized Seeds For Sale at to prevent this from happening. These seeds are created by stressing a flowering female plant with altered environmental conditions. By doing this, growers can force the female into producing her own pollen which is quickly collected and applied to another flowering female plant of the same strain. The pollination only involves female chromosomes so the resulting seeds will only grow into female plants and hence, the term feminized seeds. Coming back around to limited space, using feminized seeds will guarantee that every inch of growing space is put to good use because every plant is producing top-quality buds.

Buying Natural Seeds Online: What is the Benefit?

It is always good to know where your cannabis is coming from and home cultivators understand that better than anyone. A certain sense of pride develops with every harvest when you grow your own marijuana from natural seed and where those seeds come from matters. At we source all of our seeds from a very select pool of talented cannabis cultivators who dedicate themselves to preserving every original strain characteristic and the genetics they result from. You won’t find synthetic or GMO seeds here, every seed comes exactly as mother nature intended it. Whatever strains you choose to grow, you can rest assured that when you Buy Ganja Seeds USA for growing, you will be getting the purest natural weed possible, produced by cannabis cultivators who share the same love of the leaf as you.

Buy Autoflowering Seeds: A How To Guide

It’s really quite simple to have your Autoflower Seeds Delivered right to your door with Simply click the link and you are off to the races. Not certain what autoflower seeds are? The answer lies with cannabis ruderalis, a rare non-photoperiod dependent variety of cannabis. Non-photoperiod means that the plants do not need a seasonal shift in lighting conditions to begin the flowering cycle. They do it all on their own as they mature. Regular cannabis needs a fifty/fifty split between day and night to do their job. Not only does this eliminate the need for complex and costly lighting systems, but it also makes them incredibly easy to grow. All you need to do is plant your seeds, water, feed, and trim when needed. As an added bonus, autoflower strains grow faster and are usually ready for harvest weeks ahead of regular strains. This does come with a slight cost in the form of a smaller yield size, however, growing just a few more plants easily compensates for that. Autoflower strains are ideal for novice growers to hone their skills, and for experts to produce fast, reliable crops with minimal effort.

Buying CBD Seeds Online: What are the benefits?

CBD has garnered a lot of attention these days and the reasons why are numerous. The compound is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not produce the high associated with marijuana and is suitable for use at any time of the day. This trait also makes CBD safe for use with kids and that is where it really gained its notoriety. The compounds found in CBD have miraculous abilities to reduce the severity and even prevent epileptic seizures in children. For adults, CBD has become a reliable complementary treatment for anxiety, depression, mood disorders, pain, and inflammation. Studies on its effectiveness in treating tumors have shown great promise and it has been clinically proven to shrink the size of tumors when applied topically and directly. It is important to mention that with the sudden but well-deserved increase in the popularity of CBD, medicinal marijuana patients should be aware of snake oil salesmen. Tinctures, rubs and balms are everywhere these days and they are not created equal. If you want the real deal, nothing can ever replace growing your own high CBD strains of cannabis. You can find those high CBD Seeds Cheap right here with

Why Buy American Cannabis Seeds From Us?

We all know how important it has become to shop local or buy American made products and the sentiment also applies to marijuana seeds. When you Order American Seeds you are doing exactly that, supporting American cannabis cultivators. There is no need to source seeds from offshore seed banks and run the risk of federal import restrictions or worse. Keep it local by ordering premium American seeds with the purest genetics and most reliable growing traits from, your home grown American online cannabis seed bank.

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online in Michigan?

With Michigan’s ban on retail cannabis sales, finding top-shelf cannabis seeds may be a challenge on the best of days. The good news is you do not need to even leave your home to buy pot seeds. The internet’s most extensive selection of marijuana strains are found at The selection available comes in autoflower, feminized or regular varieties. Order online easily with just a few clicks or Contact Us by phone to talk to our friendly customer care team. Once you have placed your order, we will lovingly package up your seeds in a secure, private envelope that is designed to protect their viability during shipment. In just a few days they will arrive safe, sound, and ready to grow.

Cannabis Culture in Great Lakes State

Undoubtedly the cannabis culture runs deep in Michigan. Being inside of the first 10 states to legalize recreational cannabis proves it. Although retail sales of bud are presently limited, several businesses have begun to open up shops based around making edibles, tinctures, and other related cannabis products. With the recent moves towards legalization, a whole new crowd has discovered the benefits of cannabis and the culture is seeing a renaissance of sorts. This is of course largely in part due to the efforts of legendary Michigan cannabis activists like John Sinclair, jailed for 3 years beginning in 1969 for possession of just 2 joints. Karma lived up to its reputation though and in 2019, Sinclair became the first person to legally purchase recreational cannabis in the state. The arrest of Sinclair was the inspiration of what has become a uniquely Michigan experience, Hash Bash, has been held on the first Saturday of every April since 1972 in Ann Arbor on the grounds of the University of Michigan. Last year’s event witnessed a record of 20,000 participants!

Spring is the best season for outdoor marijuana farming in Michigan. Our Michigan cannabis seeds will thrive outdoors in the Michigan spring weather. In addition, we provide quality marijuana seeds in Michigan that can guarantee a high yield. We also coach you on the best outdoor environment to keep your cannabis farm thriving.

Our top selection of Michigan marijuana seeds include:

  • The Hammer
  • White Widow
  • Studio 54
  • Northern Lights
  • Trench Buddy
  • OG Kush
  • Gorilla Glue

The Hammer

As the name suggests, the ‘Hammer’ is a highly potent weed strain. We recommend this strain for weed growers looking for a medium-sized high-yield cannabis plant. This strain is resistant to mold, mildew, and insects.

White Widow

The White Widow is an award-winning cannabis strain. Many of our Michigan-based weed farmers prefer this strain because it is ideal for indoor and outdoor farms. This strain can deliver between 500 to 600 grams of pure cannabis per plant.

Studio 54

This is a cross between The Tardis and Cuvee strains. We recommend this strain if you are growing marijuana in Michigan for producing weed oil. This strain produces stout and highly potent plants and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor weed farms. Studio 54 buds have a citrusy and cherry flavor that is present in the oil as well.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of our most recognizable cannabis seeds in Michigan. Customers love our Northern Lights strain because of its potent THC content. In addition, this strain is sweet, relaxing, and has a balanced high. You can have your first harvest in 8 weeks if grown in favorable outdoor conditions.

Trench Buddy

Our Trench Buddy cannabis seeds produce colorful plants. We recommend these Michigan marijuana seeds to anyone desiring an aesthetic weed garden. With a THC content of 28 percent, Trench Buddy cannabis seeds are not only colorful but also very potent. When grown outdoors, our Trench Buddy seeds can produce a yield of 5 pounds per plant.

OG Kush

We recommend OG Kush marijuana seeds for both commercial and recreational weed farming. It is a natural Indica strain that guarantees authentic flavor. Growing our OG seeds will result in a fragrant and sweet yield that delivers a mild high.

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is an upcoming weed strain in our inventory. It is a balanced hybrid that thrives in the Michigan climate. With a THC content of 26 percent, Gorilla Glue cannabis buds can deliver an intense high. This strain is easy to maintain even for a first-time cannabis farmer. Gorilla Glue cannabis strain will grow up to 1.3 meters high with a yield of 550 grams per plant in favorable Michigan weather.

Weed Seeds USA supplies some of the best marijuana seeds in Michigan. You can find additional information about the strains in our weed inventory on our website. Alternatively, you may come to our dispensary or call one of our representatives to answer your questions and process your order.

We will deliver the marijuana seeds with utmost care to your doorstep. Contact Weed Seeds USA to buy your seeds or purchase online: 1-844-807-1234

At Weed Seeds USA, we know how difficult it is to get hold of marijuana seeds in Michigan, and when you can find them, they may not be up to your standards of quality. We provide USA residents easy-access to a wide selection of quality cannabis seeds that ship from our seed bank directly to your door.

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