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Medical marijuana shops can now sell recreational product in Jackson

Recreational marijuana is ready to be sold. J. Scott Park |

JACKSON, MI – Medical marijuana shops in Jackson are now able to sell recreational marijuana, too.

The amendment to the city’s marijuana ordinance was passed 5-1 by the City Council at its virtual meeting, Tuesday, May 12. Councilman Freddie Dancy, Ward 2, voted against the amendment.

Shops already selling medical marijuana can now apply and more easily transition to sell recreational — also called adult use — marijuana, in the same building, Mayor Derek Dobies said. The shops must follow state laws in dividing medical and recreational business.

“We were one of the first cities to opt into adult-use marijuana back when it first passed the state,” Dobies said. “We had, at that time, been working on our medical use regulations, licensing policies, ordinances. With the passage of adult use, and with us wanting to now set some very high standards — both with building design standards and community benefit standards for medical — we want to also basically have the same regulations in place for adult use.”

Previous applicants for a Phase One Conditional License can resubmit unapproved establishment plans by June 12, according to the amendment.

The council also set the definition of cyber school and virtual course, where instruction mostly takes place online and students are not typically in the physical location. That means the distance between marijuana shops and cyber schools can be shorter than physical schools, 4th Ward Councilwoman Laura Dwyer Schlecte said.

There has to be 1,000 feet between marijuana shops and physical schools, per the ordinance. But cyber schools do not need that same distance.

The clarification of the distance follows the initial approval of marijuana shop at 1512 N. West Ave., that is within 1,000 feet of South Central Michigan Virtual in Jackson Crossing.

Medical marijuana shops can now sell recreational product in Jackson Recreational marijuana is ready to be sold. J. Scott Park | JACKSON, MI – Medical marijuana shops in Jackson are