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Re: is Vietnam a tolerant country about marijuana smokers.

Marijuana is an illegal drug in Vietnam. As a tourist, the last thing I’d want to do is be arrested for possession.

Hi guys
I am currently in Phnom Pen and next week I am travelling to Vietnam along with a friend who likes too much smoking marijuana who has bought at a cheap price in Cambodia. I dont smoke at all and I am a bit afraid about joining him to this trip since I know that in many places corrupted policemen use scams to get money and I wonder what is Vietnam attitude like toward marijuana smokers.
Thanks a lot

trying to bring it in to vietnam is a stupid idea, in any amount whatsoever . a way to miss your plane home, as well as anyone with the person who has it .

in vietnam it is pure shit, you’d get higher of the local tobacco sold in loose form but it is not as bad as thailand where sellers turn you into the police . and there are places in PNL where people do smoke openly , trying to get high .

Oh, my god! Smoke all your marijuana in Cambodia!
Just don’t bring it into Vietnam!
Marijuana is illegal here and if border guards catch you, you’ll serve years in Vietnam prison! They may think that you’re a dealer and you’re trying to sell it to Vietnamese people!

I guess your friend hasn’t seen what Vietnamese prisons are like. yet.

I think the OP should know that the Vietnamese powers that be are very tolerant of such people and will happily give provide them with a free room and food for a few years.

If you have enough you might eve be given some free lead as well.

why dont you smoke your marijuana at home ?

Hey, quiet down guys, I love this song.

Its not about smoking pot in general.

its just incredibly dumb to take illegal drugs from one country to another.

and btw i dont understand why ppl go half way around the world just to get drunk/high. can do that at home much better

and i would prefer se asia without running into drunk/high idiots . they probably wont fulfill my wish though hehe =)

OP asked a question, and you guys have some pretty nasty answers to say the least

FYI, smoking pot is a lot better than drinking all that beer and hard liquor you probably do drink

no one ever comes home and beats up the wife and kids after smoking pot, which cannot be said about booze . nor do they drive and kill so many people in so many nasty road accidents

if everyone in the world smokes a joint at the same time, there would be a lot less hassles / problems .

smoking pot at the full moon party is very small in comparison to the hard drugs like ecxtasy and such

same thing in vv tubing, it’s not the pot that makes turn them kids into idiots, it’s the free whiskey , well maybe the combination of the 2 .

Marijuana is an illegal drug in Vietnam. As a tourist, the last thing I'd want to do is be arrested for possession.