marijuana stunt growth

Does smoking weed stunt your growth

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Does Mastrubation and Ejaculation effect the growth and development of height of my body. Mastrubation can cause stunted growth

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I want to know about how to quot weed and how to handle withdrawl symptoms of smoking weed? Hope u could suggest something which helps?

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Does smoking stunt height i have been smoking for 4 months aand im 16 does this means i stunned my height ? how to recover if so

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Sir I am smoking weed for 3 years now I have flatulence and belching problem and now I smoke weed I feel unconscious and feel my blood move to fast in my abdominal region can u explain does it sign of colon cancer or something else

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Can i smoke weed once a week if i have alcoholic fatty liver and mild fatty pancreas and sore throat?

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I smoke 1 weed joint every day and eats food and drinks water a lot.So how will smoking affect my healt.

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Since last 3 years my height is stunted at 5″2′ and now I am 18, my parent’s height average is 4″9′. What to do? How much growth is possible?

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I am a 15 year old and have been advised to not do pushups as they stunt height growth. Is this true or is it just a myth?

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I had massive panic attack tomorrow after smoking weed,my heart was paining and bp was high, not able to breath, vomited and was feeling complete dizzy, it was for 3-4 hrs but now also I having some of it, though intensity is cardiac markers are normal , ecg is normal , but should I do know, once I smoked earlier also same thing happened

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I am currently 15 years old and 5″8 in height. I have just started doing 7.5 kg dumbells. Will it stunt my growth or it is just a myth? Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

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Hello doctor tomorrow at night I smoked weed , after that I started having severe chest pain fainting and vomiting and difficulty in breathing plus squeezing feeling at left chest.i tried to sleep but it got worse, I went to hospital emergency bp was 150/80 plus pulse was 138 , they gave fluids and paracetamol injection but I was feeling same, my c

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I am 16 and I was extremely overweight and have dieted for an extremely long time with a 500 to 1000 calorie deficit now I am 19% body fat 82kgs and I intend to calorie diet further to 14% however I have realised that the growth of my penis might be affected through this and was wondering if this could potentially be true. I am satisfied with the l

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I am Amit(40 yrs, asthmatic) , I was addict to alcohol for 15 yrs, In 2016 i left alcohol completely but I started smoking weed. Its been 2 years now and what i observed and felt is that i didn’t take my inhaler(Foracart) from 6 months, I think weed somehow helped me in my asthma. But the problem now is that i also want to quit smoking weed. So, I

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I had shaved my head and after shaving i used to wear cap i think thats why my hair growth is became slow . Give some suggestion plzz..

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I have not been able to grow taller in the last 3-4 years. I am worried with my height. I would like a professional opinion whether further height growth is a possible at my age

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I want to know that can I smoke weed few times as I am suffering with latent tb. Its been a month that I left smoking.

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I belong to a tall family still my height is short, also my limbs are shorter in proportion to my height. May be due to some unusual reasons didn’t grow. I wanted to know what I can do to achieve full growth. I want to give a last trail. Even few inches will be helpful.

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I noticed rapid growth in me only I was 15-16 and ever then, I’ve not noticed any sort of height increase. I’m currently 20yrs and it seems my growth plates are blocked. Will I ever grow again?

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I’m 20 year old male and since I was 17 I haven’t grown in height. I’m 5 feet 4 inches in height and have never done any addiction to cease the tiny growth. I am below average at athletics and both my parents are below my height. What kind of stretch or workout regime should I follow

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I am 19 now and my over all Growth is stunted and i think this is not some think related to genetics beacuse my parents are tall enough and is there any chance to increase in height after 19 . I did’nt have enough facial hair

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My friend just got vaccinated with MMR and meningococcal and she wanted to know if she could smoke weed the next day. If not, then after how many days should she smoke weed? She is also going to get vaccinated for varicella, tdap and hepatitis B. Should she be extra careful for smoking weed after any of these vaccinations?

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I’ve smoked weed from being a teenager until I gave up all smoking when it was picked up that I had a heart murmur and had to have a mechanical mitral valve replacement surgery a year ago.I stopped the previous year.I really miss smoking and want to start again,however I can’t find any professional advice on the risks.I did not have anything wrong

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Hello Doc, Got introduced to marijuana by a friend when i was 16. I smoked, chewed and drank it with tea. About a week later i got so high that it took me days to come back to myself. Couple of days later went high again without smoking. I’ve read online that weed gets out of your system after a couple of weeks but i developed BP problems and have

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I smoked weed not feeling sleepy .kind of drowsy .consulted a doctor he gave me sleeping pills.After trying sleep pills also not feeling good

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After I smoked weed ,I experienced a lot of depression and side effects.and I am not feeling sleepy since 2 days.when I am trying to sleep small pain is going on inside my head.

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I underwent major cardiac arrest on Nov 16 and stunt placed. Issue some times I feel slight pain in heart I could not quit smoking take 3 sticks a day Age 37 Please advise

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Can smoking weed/marijuhuana twice a week cause excessive hairfall. PS-not an addict.

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What happens if one takes weed for smoking and eat sweets at that time? What is long term effect of weed ,if someone took it only once?

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Hanging testicle smoke weed for 1 year . now i have left smoking for last one and half year but still they are hanging low ..plz suggest me smthng

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I smoke one joint every night, and I smoke a lot of weed in my free time, to check if m addicted I took a break & went to hometown for a week but didnt feel desire, I go to work on time, complete my targets before deadline, but as soon as I come back to my room I have desire of smoking weed, does it lead to cancer?

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