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Cannabis Seeds in North Carolina

While the laws on the use and cultivation of marijuana, both for medical and recreations uses, vary depending on the state; those in North Carolina are only likely to be permitted seed bank and to use medicinal cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy.

While research shows us that the plant can be used to help individuals manage and treat many other kinds of conditions, this state has yet to change their laws to allow the use of medical cannabis for additional ailments – but since it may not stay this way for much longer, you might want to consider finding out more about how marijuana could improve your health..

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Why is cannabis used for medical purposes?

While some may see weed as a plant that can come with a number of negative side effects, this doesn’t have to be the case. While many people do use cannabis for recreational ‘highs’, it can also be used as an effective, natural medical alternative to the pharmaceuticals used today.

While THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical compound that creates the psychoactive effects that have given cannabis such a bad reputation, has a few health benefits respectively; the main reason why marijuana is now being used as a medicine is because of CBD (Cannabidiol) – another compound that has a myriad of medical properties.

While THC can help individuals suffering with issues such as anxiety and PTSD in the right amounts, CBD can instead be used to treat a range of conditions; from cancer, to chronic pain.

Additional applications

Even though regular marijuana can be used as a treatment for a number of different ailments, use is illegal for good reason; but medical forms can be far safer to use, with less side-effects than traditional medicines. Medical strains work to reduce THC levels – meaning that those using them won’t have to worry about exposing themselves to the psychoactive effects of strains that are considered to be narcotic.

This means that, while there are health benefits to be enjoyed, those who currently use marijuana to reach a state of relaxation could do so without losing cognitive function.

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Where can you buy high quality marijuana seeds?

If you’re living in North Carolina and are keen to get some cannabis seeds of your own, you’ve come to the right place. With a wide range of different strains to choose from, affordable prices, and more; it’s not hard to see why so many people come to Farmer’s Lab Seeds for their needs.

Plus, since we ship to Durham, Cary, and every other city of this state – you’ll be able to get your seeds sent to your home city without hassle or delay.

Cannabis Seeds in North Carolina

North Carolina is still fighting to legalize marijuana use, but what does that mean for cannabis seeds in the state? Can you legally purchase and possess marijuana seeds in North Carolina ? Is it legal to grow marijuana in the Tar Heel State?

We’ll discuss whether growing weed seeds indoors is better than outdoors, as well as the ideal cannabis strains for the North Carolina climate.

Read on as we uncover the truth about what you can and can’t do in this Southeastern state when it comes to marijuana.

Let’s get into it.

Is it legal to buy and grow cannabis seeds in North Carolina?

Is weed legal in North Carolina? The simple answer is no, and marijuana possession is a felony.

It’s worth noting that, during a brief change of heart in 1977, the state decriminalized possession of amounts under a half-ounce.

While marijuana laws leave no room for growing, possessing, or smoking weed, you can buy marijuana seeds from North Carolina dispensaries . The law classifies them as an adult novelty souvenir, and you can legally own as many as you like.

There’s a catch, though.

Your sativa and indica seeds are only legal as long as they remain dormant. You have as much as you want, and there’s no legal possession limit, but you can’t legally germinate them.

That aspect may change soon as senators push to change North Carolina’s medical marijuana laws. It would be a great stride for smokers with medical conditions. They’re also trying to change recreational marijuana’s legal status.

If you’re hoping to start a collection when the laws change, now’s a good time to buy marijuana seeds online in North Carolina . This legal advantage brings you a step closer to growing a beautiful crop.

Remember, cannabis seeds have an expiry date. If you assail a North Carolina seed bank to stock up, ensure that you have a refrigerator for them. They may remain dormant for up to a decade if refrigerated.

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Should you grow weed indoors or outdoors in North Carolina?

Should you grow cannabis indoors or outdoors? It’s a common debate, and NC State has conditions that allow for either. While you’re stockpiling cannabis seeds in North Carolina , take the time to consider the following information.

Climate conditions for outdoor growers

North Carolina has a humid, subtropical climate, for the most part, making it an ideal place to grow weed outdoors. With medium-high temperatures, you can readily germinate your marijuana seeds in North Carolina .

One thing to bear in mind is the average humidity of 70%. Humid climates are a breeding ground for molds and fungi, and spores travel freely. If you want to grow weed outdoors in NC, consider buying mold-resistant varieties.

Insects are also more prevalent in warm, muggy conditions, so you might need to take precautions to protect your crops. If you’re an organic or veganic grower, diatomaceous earth and mesh cages are your best friend.

On the bright side, this state has an average annual rainfall of 45”, so growing weed plants outdoors means they’ll get plenty of moisture. The average temperatures of 70-90°F are also ideal for keeping your grow in peak shape.

Winters can get cool, so you may want to move your plants indoors during the winter months (December to February). You could grow comfortably during the other nine months, but Spring and Summer are your most productive seasons.

Advantages of growing indoors

Considering the hot, humid summers and cool winters, growing indoors is optimal. While this state isn’t the worst place for outdoor cannabis grow, you have complete control over the environment when growing indoors.

When growing marijuana seeds in North Carolina, having moderate rainfall can be beneficial. It also causes overcast days and less light exposure, leading to delayed or reduced harvests.

Indoors you can set your grow lights to provide the best possible lighting cycle. This advantage increases yields and shortens flowering time.

Another positive aspect of growing indoors is weather control. With your perfect control over the room’s climate, your weed plants have optimal conditions. Molds and fungi are also less prominent in a chamber with controlled humidity.

The most significant factor when growing cannabis indoors is that you can cultivate plants year-round. With appropriate temperature management, you’ll notice little difference between seasons.

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We suggest an indoor setup when growing weed seeds in North Carolina.

Best strains to grow in North Carolina

Before you buy weed seeds in North Carolina , consider your requirements.

If you intend to grow your cannabis plants outdoors, consider mold-resistant varieties. The following strains are worth considering:

    seeds are an excellent option. This strain grows to around seven feet and has a spicy, earthy aroma.
  • The feminized Auto AK47 is another fantastic choice and ideal for the discreet grower. This short variety grows about 2.5 feet tall but still produces excellent yields.

Other outdoor varieties of note that aren’t quite as mold-resistant include:

  • Regular Agent Orange – This tall strain does particularly well in unconfined spaces since it’s a veritable monster. Under ideal conditions, these cannabis plants reach nearly ten feet in height. Buds have a rich, citrusy aroma, so this isn’t an excellent choice for those with nosey neighbors.
  • Feminized Afghan – Unlike Agent Orange, this strain is ideal for growing away from prying eyes. Plants grow to a little under two feet, and unpicked buds have a subtle earthy scent.

If you decide that you prefer an indoor setup for growing weed seeds in North Carolina , consider these two options:

  • Feminized Critical Bilbo is a tall variety that reaches nearly ten feet in height. If you plan on growing these, consider a screen of green (ScrOG) or low-stress training method. These plants offer intense yields and are ideal for hardcore indoor grow setups.
  • Feminized Blueberry X OG Kush hails from two favorites in the weed-growing community. Despite this plant’s short stature, it produces up to 25 ounces in an eight-week flowering time.

Where to buy marijuana seeds in North Carolina

When you decide to start collecting seeds, you can’t just run to the North Carolina cannabis store . Your best option is to buy online.

At i49, you can find a variety of different cannabis seeds for every purpose. From feminized seeds to regular and autoflower types, the deals are extraordinary.

Consider options like feminized Blueberry x OG Kush 4 seeds or Regular Agent Orange 4 seeds , and pinch yourself. i49 offers the best genetics and only orders from the most trusted seed banks.

For discreet shipping, excellent service, and infinite variety; order online from i49.

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