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Fun Marijuana Puzzles You Can Buy Online

By: Annabelle Paulino

Are you bored? Do you want to find an interesting activity where marijuana is involved?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “what games can I play to entertain myself and others?”

If you’re into the cannabis culture and are heavy about adding all things marijuana to your lifestyle, then a marijuana puzzle is a perfect way to relax and use your mind to put these leaf pieces together.

It’s a puzzle, or a buzzle! Here is a list of marijuana puzzles you can order online.

Best marijuana puzzles you can order online

The Ganja Face Puzzle

The face of a ganja man that is so extreme that it will make your head hurt!

This challenging puzzle is a 500 piece puzzle that would frustrate anyone into trying to put the pieces together.

Its labyrinth structure of a bud turned into a face will make you want to figure out what goes where.

It is a colorful light and bright green puzzle that reviewers find fun and nice to look at when it’s finally completed.

Weed Wonderland Puzzle

A colorful wonderland of marijuana leaves that brings a bright light into your cannabis life!

This puzzle is a 1000 pieces of colorful leaf joy and comes in a 10” x 14” x 2” box and is a pretty big puzzle measuring in 19”x 26” length.

Customers rave on the challenge, but having the size of the pieces to be perfect to work with and having tons of fun putting it together.

Abstract white frame Marijuana Puzzle

A mind twist of a puzzle that will bring your group of friends into a marijuana daze!

This puzzle has 1000 pieces and is an abstract one with an empty white frame in leaves of marijuana right in the middle of the puzzle. It looks like a framed painting, but in puzzle form!

It’s a 19”x 27” puzzle that has 1/16 thick pieces making it easy to put together.

A jigsaw puzzle that will bring your brain into an abstract leafy challenge, but will put your friends into a buzzle craze putting the pieces together.

Psychedelic Marijuana Leaf Jigsaw Puzzle

A tie dye psychedelic bass wood puzzle that isn’t your classic paper puzzle. This puzzle features a bright green leaf in the middle being surrounded by colors of blue, purple, yellow, and black.

It’s a 1000 pieces of colorful animated goodness and is an eco-friendly/ non toxic cardboard that can bring your group of friends into a roll up of leafy puzzleness.

With its dimensions being 12”x 8”x 1” inches, this puzzle is fun working together with family or friends and is not only good for exercising “ logicality and sensory coordination”, but helps one feel relaxed and calm while putting together.

A picture perfect bud jigsaw puzzle

A photograph so juicy that your mouth waters over this picture- perfect bud jigsaw puzzle.

This jigsaw puzzle comes in 500, 1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 pieces of a clearly displayed bud blurred by more marijuana goodness.

It comes with special marks on the back of the pieces to make it easy to put together.

It is a basswood material puzzle making it durable and easy to put away or frame in any room.

Since this puzzle might make one feel a little stuck because of the many pieces to put together, it comes with a piece already done to make the challenge easier.

Vintage Marijuana Leaves Puzzle

A vintage leafy puzzle that is fun not only for adults, but kids as well!

This 252 piece puzzle is great for kids four and up where it can help with hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, memory, and boosts cognitive skills.

This recyclable cardboard puzzle is a leafy treat that is easy to put together with its contrasting leafy display where adults and children would highly enjoy playing with.

Heart Shaped Puzzle

This mini heart shaped leaf puzzle comes in different colors and designs. It is a 75 piece puzzle that is easy to assemble and has a sturdy cardboard structure.

It is an awesome gift to give someone and it is kid friendly for any child 3 and up. It is a 7” x 7” puzzle making it a smooth puzzle to put together.

It is an educational puzzle that’s good for fine motor skills, problem solving, and hand coordination, so any child will get great benefits from putting this cute puzzle together.

Falling out of the Prescription bottle weed puzzle

For those puzzle buzzers who enjoy pictures of marijuana and want to put a picturesque puzzle together with buds falling out of a prescription bottle would want to purchase this bud gem!

This puzzle comes in various pieces with an amount of your choice from 300, 500, 1,000, and 1,500 pieces to choose from, so dealers choose whichever size they want.

It’s material is a wood base making it sturdy and durable. The “a,b,c” letters behind this puzzle makes it easy to sort and comes with a glue as well.

If you only want to do this once it can be framed in any room afterwards.

If you’re a cannabis enthusiast and highly enjoy the marijuana culture, buying some puzzles would be highly recommended to either put your mind at ease or challenge your mind with a group of friends.

These puzzles are great for entertaining yourself, your friends, and is educational for your children as well, so enjoy this distinctive list of marijuana puzzles and choose whichever fits your mood.

Annabelle Paulino is a writer who focuses on cannabis culture and lifestyle.

Fun Marijuana Puzzles You Can Buy Online By: Annabelle Paulino Are you bored? Do you want to find an interesting activity where marijuana is involved? You’re probably thinking to yourself,

Marijuana puzzles

These are organic, non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, low cal, zero carbs, non-pesticide, all natural, local, Colorado made weed, wood puzzles!

Each puzzle is made locally in Durango, Colorado and is a great way to take home a piece of Colorado legally. Choose from a beautiful green, floral image, psychedelic Colorado background, classic green, wood engraved curly cues, or Rasta Rocky Mountain High.

Choose Your Strain

Each wooden puzzle comes in the shape of a traditional marijuana leaf with four unique templates to choose from:

Mary Jane: Super sleek,whimsical curly pieces. Somewhat challenging and hypnotizing.

Bud: Individual pieces represent everything weed culture: THC Compound, marijuana leaves, peace signs, coffee cups, French fries, hot dogs, and shakes included.

Rocky Mountain High: This puzzle hints at ‘Rasta’ with the red, yellow and green color scheme. The red and yellow halo slightly resembles the classic, Colorado “C”. Plus, the pieces spell out “420” and include: VW buses, bongs, joints, the Colorado symbol, guitar, dancing bears and more.

Mowie Wowie: Our easiest puzzle template for the truly blazed.

Puzzle on right is Mary Jane template with the Colorado image.

Marijuana wood, weed puzzles. The puzzle pieces are in the shape of everything marijuana: THC Compound, pipes, 420, peace signs, lighters, bongs, grateful dead bears, music and so much more. Choose from awesome puzzle images and from three ganja, wood puzzle templates: mary jane, bud, rocky mountain high.