marijuana muscle relaxer

Is Marijuana A Good Muscle Relaxer?

I use pot everyday in California there is no difference w medical or recreational pot it is all the same I’ve been smoking for years i it does help ???

Weed is an excellent muscle relaxant I have used it for over 20+ yrs. It also helps with chronic pain. I use medical weed.

It helps me with pain and muscle Spasms and it does help me sleep a little better try it what are you got to lose

Caroline, yes it is., if you have the right kinds, cause you dont have to smoke it if you can find a place to buy trimmings, make commestibles. Muffins , brownies, etc. candies etc , if you check weedmaps, or any other company here in montreal you can get , othetwise from BC is best bet

You missed out on the Indica/Sativa division of THC. I use Indica for pain. No interest in the bouncing around that Sativa causes. I do not get stoned. I prefer a 70/30 ratio and 20% THC for my needs.
To say you get stoned on THC and leave it that way is not right at all.
Tinctures are not a good way to treat yourself, who knows what is in it? What percentage Sativa/Indica? What percentage THC? They can not answer any of these questions. It is the end of the day clean up at the growers.
Strain specific tinctures or shatters would be good.

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