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Pest Control

Insecticides, fungicides and insect repellents for plants and gardens. Natural and chemical repellents for getting rid of the most aggressive pests. In this section you can find a wide range of pesticides, fungicides and insect repellents by all brands.

We stock natural repellents such as Neem Oil which makes insects move to other plants instead of yours. Propolix is used to keep your plant protected from fungi such as oidium, largely found on cannabis plants. It is not a pesticide but it can also help keep insects away from your plants.

You can also protect your plants from caterpillars by using Bacillus Thurigiensis; if let run loose, caterpillars can cause your plants to rot entirely.

If your plants are already infected, there are outdoor insecticides such as pyrethrins, which contain Expelex, which can work well when treating pests like white flies. If you cannot stop the pests with these products, you’d better use a chemical one. Organic pesticides usually work very well outdoors because bugs have other plants to move to, but they are rarely so effective indoors.

Fungi infestations are difficult to get rid of once they are present, but there are several fungicides you can use to help stop the symptoms. The best you can do is protect your plants with organic fungicides such as Propolix which prevents fungi from appearing. If it’s too late for that, depending on whether your plants are young or adults, you can use chemicals or be restricted to the sole use of organic elements. Mildew is one of the most commonly found fungi on cannabis plants.

If you want to naturally get rid of pest infestations indoors or inside a greenhouse, you can also resort to Biocontrol. Biological Control consists of using insects that feed on other insects. All you have to do is release the predators in your growing space and wait for them to finish their job. Fight the most voracious pests such as red spider mites, whiteflies or thrips in the most effective way while avoiding the use of pesticides.

Chemical insecticides and pesticides are more effective to treat pests but they are also more aggressive with your plants. Besides, they can leave taste traces if you use them at the end of the growing cycle. However, sometimes it is the only way of getting rid of red spiders or thrips in indoor gardens. There are three different types of chemical pesticides: shock-effect, contact and systemic. Shock-effect and contact products are intended for immediate effect, whereas systemic ones penetrate the plant, and their effect lasts for a certain amount of time.

Plant louse are pests that usually affect cannabis plants when growing outdoors, since they are present in numerous species such as rose bushes. Like mites, they have to be killed with specific insecticides. Everytime you use insecticides, repellents or pesticides, you can easily boost their effect by increasing leaf adherence. Potassium Soap can help products to stick to the leaves when fumigating your plants, leading to much better absorption.

Find the best insecticides by brands such as Bayer, Flower, Probelte, Trabe and Greendel with all detailed characteristics, components, dosage and mode of use in their descriptions.

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Pesticides, fungicides and insect repellents for cannabis plants. Natural and chemical repellents to treat the most aggressive pests and insects. ]]>