marijuana induced seizure

Marihuana: Effects on Neuronal Excitability and Seizure Threshold

  • Elisabeth Gordon
  • Orrin Devinsky


In the late 19th century, British neurologists found that cannabis had a limited role in epilepsy therapy. Cannabinoid receptors are found in the brainstem, limbic and neocortical areas that modulate seizure activity. The recent studies of the effects of THC, CBD, and related cannabinoids in animal models of epilepsy reveal that (1) the effects vary significantly in different models, in different species, and for the different derivatives; (2) the mechanisms by which the cannabinoids exert their anti-or proconvulsant effects is not well-defined; and (3) the effects of acute administration (e.g., increasing seizure threshold) may be followed, in certain models, by a rebound effect (e.g., decreasing seizure threshold).

No well-controlled studies have evaluated cannabinoids in the treatment of epilepsy patients. However, clinical anecdotes and single case reports suggest that marijuana may reduce seizure frequency or, conversely may provoke seizure activity in select cases, while in most instances it has no significant effect on seizure activity. Several clinical studies have examined the efficacy of CBD on seizure frequency. These studies found either some reduction in seizure frequency or no statistically significant reduction compared to placebo. The few epidemiological studies that have been conducted suggest that marijuana use may protect against seizures induced by illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The limited evidence therefore suggest that marijuana and the cannabinoids may have antiepileptic effects in man, but these effects may be specific to partial or tonic-clonic seizures.



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In the late 19th century, British neurologists found that cannabis had a limited role in epilepsy therapy. Cannabinoid receptors are found in the brainstem, limbic and neocortical areas that modulate…

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Marijuana-Induced Seizure


Re: Marijuana-Induced Seizure

well, hello I’m gabi. I smoke pot and it doesnt make me have grandmal seizures. but i dont know aboutthe peitimal at all. i know whne i smoke about an eighth amd im done. i start to feel my body get the twiches, and start to feel ‘out of it’. friends can tell sometimes with my additude, when i stand im shaky. i mean, it can be a comnplex partial or a absence seizures im having when im just hcillin. anyhow, i know that it can have different effects on everyone, some people it can help the sz and some it can have a neg effect. you just have to be VERY careful, i would talk about it with your neuro. where do you live, bc if you really want to try to out and what not, maybe you can get it medicaly precrided oor soemthing. well, have an questions, or whatnot, email me.
[email protected]

I have never had a problem

I have never had a problem smoking it, but i have never had seizures until one night i ate cupcakes with my friends, they were all fine, but i had 3 small seizures, was so out of it i felt like i had done other drugs but nobody else felt that way. And it was a trusted source. I never ate marijuana again and i have never had a seizure again. So im pretty sure i just had a real bad allergic reaction. Which is actually common, but everyone experiences different side effects of an allergic reaction.

Have you figured out what

Have you figured out what caused this? I’ve had similar things happen to me

Not sure if anyone will ever

Not sure if anyone will ever read this but this happened to me twice before a diagnosis. I had been smoking weed heavily for almost a year and then one night when my friends were over I started to feel so so tired and I didn’t know what was happening and the next thing you know I started convulsing for around 40 seconds. Had an EEG, ECG, MRI, and CT scan, but nothing showed up. I barely smoked after the first episode and then a few months later after I had smoked a couple bongs I started to feel the same symptoms from the last time and then I had the second fit and fell onto my face and almost broke my jaw. My neurologist then sent me for a 6 hr long EEG, 3 hrs awake, 3 hrs asleep. Turns out if I hadn’t been asleep for a EEG they wouldn’t have found out that I have frontal lobe epilepsy so always be careful because you never know if it is something serious.

This happened to me two days

This happened to me two days ago. I Was at the the cinema watching a movie with my wife. suddenly felt a wave of overwhelming high. Then I woke up with a dozen people around me. Wife said my eyes rolled to back of my head and I was convulsing. I was also vomiting but not heaving. Wife said the vomit was just bubbling out. Very scary but I’m fine. i have this same i have this same thing but only with dabs. i smoke weed all day all night no problem. one day i was at the lake with my boy and we were smoking dabs, it was my first time with dabs. that night i had a seizure. about two weeks later i smoked dabs, another seizure later that night. so i stopped smoking dabs but ever since then if i am not on my phentoin meds they prescribed me to prevent seizures, i would seize around every four weeks. i had every test done they could do but nothing showed. no seizure disorder, everything fine as far as they could tell. to this day they cant figure it out so im jus prescribed the meds for it because ive never had a seizure on the meds. its weird cause i never had a seizures before i smoked dabs. the doctor didnt know but said theres a chance it was a reaction to bho used to infuse dabs. they cannot confirm that but that was his best guess. not sure if anyone has anything similar?

Omg exactly what I experience

Omg exactly what I experience when eating edibles. It’s so scary and I don’t want it to happen at all but when it does I know what it is. Still scary as shit tho..and just happend again last night

This is EXACTLY what happened

This is EXACTLY what happened to me last night. It would last about 30 seconds or so, then relax for a few seconds or a few minutes. But it did that for hours. I had never been high before and I ate two cookies last night, so it was my fault. Just a scary feeling.

Sometimes when i smoke and

Sometimes when i smoke and start coughing. my whole entire body freezes up and my hands and arms have this jerk reaction. my face is stuck and cant move nothing. eyes. mouth. cant even speak. but i dont fully pass out and it last all about 4 secs then i come out of it

This literally happened to me

This literally happened to me the other night. It was different for me though. I was doing dabs with a friend and not even 5 mins later I start feeling like my movements are slow/robotic and I can’t seem to just do what I’m trying to do, it was like never-ending, like those dreams where you’re running but the destination keeps getting farther away, only it was me trying to get my backpack off the car floor. After like 2 minutes of that(it was literal torture. I thought I was in Hell) my body started seizing and that lasted for idek how long, it felt like forever but maybe 5 minutes? My friend called 911 and the ambulance got there right as I was started to regain control. But I never fully regained control and everything was still in slow motion, I couldn’t see at times and every movement strained and robotic, like how a movie will get blurry or skip when the connection is bad. When I was in the ambulance, my body started seizing again and my heart rate got up to 160 when this happened. They put an IV in me for liquids or meds or something. I ended up seizing another 3-4 times after I got to the hospital. I was in this state for 5 hours before I finally felt normal again. The scary part of it all was i was completely aware of everything the entire time, and I knew when body was seizing and I would scream “It’s happening again, please help me”They said I wasn’t having actual seizures but more of a bad reaction to the dab. The doctors said they’d never seen that type of reaction from marijuana(and I’ve done dabs before and never had a reaction like that) so they figured that the dab must’ve been laced or something. I honestly had no idea what was happening at first, I literally thought I had died and gone to Hell. Scary shit.

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