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Israeli Hydroponic Company Claims Machine Grows Weed for You

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Growing cannabis is a rare legal entitlement enjoyed by Colorado residents, but the time and know-how to cultivate good pot is just as scarce for most of us. For potential home growers constantly on the go with travel and work, an Israeli hydroponic company says it has a machine that handles all the hard work for you.

Seedo Lab’s automatic growing device could enable anyone with a smartphone to grow cannabis — or vegetables, flowers, leafy greens and plenty of other vegetation — after connecting the hermetically sealed grow box with a smartphone app.

According to the company, beginners at home don’t have to worry about being an expert or having the traditional amount of needed basement space. The Israel-based tech team designed the product specifically for those wanting to enter the home-growing game and enjoy privacy while growing weed, tomatoes and other plants.

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“Until today, only consumers willing to put forth significant time and monetary efforts to growing their own cannabis could succeed via trial and error, and much-required knowledge,” Seedo executives Anat Tadmor and Avi Rosenbaum say in an email to Westword. “We truly simplify the process with the complete growing automation.”

According to the Seedo, all users have to do is pair the device with the Seedo app on their smartphones, install growing accessories such as water, nutrients and an air filter, and then choose a growth plan on the app (cannabis has its own specific growing plan). After that, the user plants the seeds, and the machine takes care of air conditioning, CO2 levels, lighting and the rest.

The box automatically scans the plant every few hours, analyzing factors such as moisture and plant height
to adjust the environment for proper feeding and growth. Through the app, users are regularly updated on the status of the plant and when to harvest it.

“The Seedo device has wi-fi capabilities, and the app pairs with the device and connects to our server/cloud containing all grow protocols,” Tadmor and Rosenbaum explain.

The box can grow up to five plants at once, which adheres to the personal cannabis-growing laws in Colorado. According to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, adults 21 and up are allowed to grow six plants each (a maximum of twelve per household), with half of that maximum allotment allowed to be in blooming stage at any given time.

Colorado home growers must also keep their cannabis in an enclosed, locked area where the plant cannot be viewed openly or accessed by minors. Seedo’s machine checks off virtually every box in state home-growing laws, as it keeps the cannabis in an enclosed space and the box is lockable.

At less than three feet tall, the box’s forty-inch height (which also includes top and bottom space allocated for electrical and growing equipment) would’t allow for the tallest plants in the world — many sativas like to stretch farther than that — but indicas and certain hybrid strains tend to grow shorter.

“We aimed for a sleek, elegant, high-tech-looking design that will have a clear separator between traditional grow tents and grow boxes in the market,” Tadmor and Rosenbaum say. “Our technology allows for pesticide-free automated growing, from seed to harvest, of vegetable plants, herbs and cannabis.”

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For marijuana home-growers constantly on the go with travel and work, an Israeli hydroponic company says it has a machine that handles all the hard work for you. Seedo Lab's automatic growing device could enable anyone with a smartphone to grow cannabis — or tomatoes, flowers and plenty of other vegetation —…

Top 3 Automated Grow Machines for 2020

Growing cannabis at home can be a great way to save money. Automated systems make home growing easier, more discrete, and they remove a lot of guesswork from the growing process.

Home growing is also an opportunity to learn more about cannabis and grow plants without pesticides, herbicides, or unknown contaminants.

There are many options for your automated home grow. These systems vary in price depending on the level of automation they offer. Some systems communicate with your phone, showing real-time footage of your grow.

Some offer automatic pH testing, auto nutrient dispersion, and even automatic light adjustment based on the stage of growth. Let’s explore some of the most efficient automated systems currently on the market.

The SpinnerXP Modular Grow System

This versatile self-contained system is perfect for the home grower, but can be easily scaled for commercial systems. These pods have a roughly 4×4 footprint and hold up to twelve plants.

Each pot slowly rotates, ensuring every plant receives equal light distribution from stem to tip. The sealed system is secure from pests and is easily ducted for odor control.

The SpinnerXP is versatile enough for craft growers, home growers, or commercial operations.

Both beginners and experienced growers will appreciate the ease of the Spinner system . Each pot is set to a timer and will rotate at set intervals throughout the day.

Water is pumped from an external holding tank into the system’s internal reservoir once every hour. The internal reservoir remains full of aerated nutrient water which gently bathes the roots 24 hours a day.

The lighting system is also automated and can be set to run for any duration the grower prefers.

Typically, one would set the cycle for 18 hours of light during early stages and for twelve hours of light during later stages.

Small fans keep fresh air blowing through the growing area and gently upward and out through the ventilation system. Continual fresh air flow ensures plants are free from mildew or mold.

This circulation also continually pushes air out through the ventilation system on the top of the pod, keeping odor at a minimum.

Commercial growers could stack these units for maximum yield. They’re also a great option for craft growers who want complete control over their inputs.

The resulting product, in my experience, is far superior to that grown in less controlled environments.

Perhaps one of the most alluring features of the Spinner system is the rapid interval from clone to harvest.

This system is so efficient that growers can harvest in just eight weeks, significantly faster than the next leading system.

Grobo Premium Grow Box

The Grobo Premium Grow Box weighs 85 pounds and is 48 inches tall, with a width of 14 inches and a depth of 14 inches. The overall grow space is about 28 inches. The manufacturer touts a yield of up to 3 ounces from the machine, which holds just one plant.

Though it can only grow one plant at a time, the system comes with everything you need to start growing, minus the seed itself. This system relies on sensors to automate the pH levels, humidity, and light saturation.

It uses artificial intelligence in combination with grower inputs to ensure consistent and repeatable results from each harvest.

Some automated systems allow users to control their grow via an app on their smart devices.

This grow box comes equipped with a smell reducing carbon filter and a coco pod in which to plant your seed.

Energy-efficient LED lighting keeps costs low while providing specialized lighting for your budding garden.

The Grobo also features Fluid Glass, which allows one to touch a button and see inside the machine without opening the door. This prevents pests from getting in or smells from getting out.

Of course, this little box can be synced to the Grobo App, allowing users to track their plants progress with just a click of a button.

The device also comes with optional drying racks so growers can dry their plants inside the system after harvest, ensuring consistent odor control and protecting the yield from pests and contaminants.

The Leaf Automated Grow System

This automated grow box is 62” in height and roughly two feet in width. It’s designed to grow one plant at a time.

Integrated sensors detect water level, pH, nutrient levels, and various other variables.

The Leaf can yield up to four ounces of product in 12-16 weeks. This box automates nearly every aspect of growing and works with an app so

LED lights offer an energy-efficient alternative to traditional grow lights.

growers can watch their plants and set parameters.

It’s equipped with a carbon filter to tamper down odor and an LED light for efficient light distribution.

The best aspect of the Leaf is probably the automatic nutrient dosing.

That alone removes one of the most tedious aspects of growing at home.

The option to automate water changes as well makes this a very appealing option for the absentee grower.

This machine also comes equipped with a drying mode to keep the harvest contained and free from contaminants.

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Patricia Miller is the Managing Editor for Cannabis & Tech Today. She covers science, technology, and policy shaping the legal cannabis industry. Miller is also an avid kayaker with a proclivity for picnicking. Follow her work on Twitter @_PMiller.

Automated systems make home growing easier, faster, more discrete, and more predictable. Discover our top three picks for automating your home grow.