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What are the best cannabis strains for energy?

Marijuana is a substance known for its relaxing purposes, but apart from them, cannabis may be a source of energy boosts for its users. It can help fight excessive fatigue, insomnia, or anxiety, soothe pains, or muscle strains. There are certain marijuana strains and types that have especially energetic purposes – the name of those is a sativa strain, but it’s relatively difficult to find a perfect one – it’s more a matter of experimenting than making a simple choice. But with some guidelines presented below, it can become easier.

Marijuana strain types

There are three major types of marijuana strains to choose between. The first one is the indica. Indica strains are usually meant to be relaxing and soothing; they don’t have an energy-boosting effect. Another one, sativa, is quite invigorating and mood-lifting. It is said to improve creativity, clearness of thinking, and general cognitive skills. The third type is, in fact, a mixture of indica and sativa, offering a balance of their effects.

Actually, the effects of marijuana within particular strains depend on their chemical ingredients. Indicas are high in THC, while sativas contain a lot of CBD. If you look for a perfect strain for your mood and preferences, have a careful look at those chemical parameters.

Best sativa strains for energy

Once you know which type of strain you’re interested in, the choice narrows down a bit, but in fact, it still remains quite broad. You can choose, for example, between:

  • Durban Poison

It’s a sativa marijuana strain said to be an ‘espresso in marijuana’. It has energy-boosting and uplifting effects. It is predominantly sweet and spicy. The THC percentage varies between 15 and 25 percent. Durban Poison’s use involves side effects, especially dry mouth or eyes, paranoia, or anxiety. The risk of headaches is relatively low in this case.

  • Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is characterized by its smooth but spicy aroma with a hint of lemon. The THC level here is usually around 19-20 percent, so it’s a relatively strong strain. It can be used as a tranquilizing substance, for example, in treating depression, anxiety, or ADHD, but in general, it’s energizing and creativity boosting. Colombian Gold was discovered in the 60s. in the US, and since then, it has been an extremely popular cannabis strain.

  • Silver Haze

Silver Haze is another strongly energetic cannabis strain. It normally contains from 20 to 24 percent of THC, which makes it a strong marijuana variation. Its name comes from the silver shine of the flowers. Silver Haze is used in treating chronic pain, stress, or depression, and it has strong effects. Its aroma is sweet, and it involves a dose of pine aroma as well. Silver Haze is a widely used and almost cult cannabis type.

  • Green Crack

Green Crack is a perfect strain for those looking for an energy boost, but also for a great dose of focus. It works these two ways, and it’s perfect to use, for example in the morning when we need a high level of activity in general. It’s good to remember some of its side effects, though, which include disturbance and disfiguration of vision or the time-lapse experience. It’s not advised to use Green Crack late at night or in the evening. The THC level in this strain is around 16 percent, which makes its effects last longer.

Thai, also called ThaiStick, is a local marijuana strain that comes from Asia and was later brought to the US. Because of growing in isolation, this type of cannabis is relatively strong. It has a THC percentage of around 22 percent. One of its main side effects may be dry mouth, but it’s relatively safe as it rarely causes anxiety or shock. The taste and aroma of Thai are both citrus-like and intense.

  • Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain got its name from the name of a marijuana legalization fighter and book author. Since its production in the 1990s., it has been a widely popular cannabis sativa classic. Its effects mostly include euphoria and energy boost. The THC percentage varies between 15 and 24 percent so that it can be either a mild or a strong sativa. Jack Herer has a pleasant scent of lemon and orange.

The world of marijuana is now broadly developed, and both indica and sativa strains include numerous variations. They may differ in THC percentage, scent, taste, origin, or side effects. It’s impossible to choose only one favourite variation. However, the sativas listed above will all be good options for those who seek energy, mood, and creativity boosts in their marijuana use.

Marijuana is a substance known for its relaxing purposes, but apart from them, cannabis may be a source of energy boosts for its users.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for an Energy Boost

Cannabis is generally divided into three species: Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. The first two species are prevalent in the types of cannabis we smoke or ingest. However, over the years, breeders have developed many hybrids. Breeding techniques are incredibly sophisticated in the modern era. It allows experts to create new strains with specific effects.

Marijuana has a reputation for causing the user to feel sleepy. In reality, you can find a strain capable of picking you up or ensuring total relaxation.

There is a suggestion that indica strains cause tiredness, while sativas perk you up. It is valid to an extent but doesn’t tell the whole story.

It seems as if the aromatic compounds, terpenes, and specific cannabinoids, impact how you feel. As it happens, sativa strains often contain terpenes that provide an energy boost. In contrast, indica varieties usually have more sedative-causing terpenes. However, not every indica helps you sleep, and not every sativa wakes you up.

In this article, we discuss the varieties that are best for delivering a dose of energy. You will find these strains useful, whether you are fatigued or merely having one of ‘those’ days. Read on to find out what strains you should take to get an energy boost.

1. Super Lemon Haze – Sativa

Super Lemon Haze is an extremely popular strain among cannabis smokers. It won first prize in 2008 and 2009 in the High Times Cannabis Cup. With a THC content of up to 22%, Super Lemon Haze is a cross of Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk.

As its name suggests, this strain has a very citrusy scent and taste, with some undertones of pine. Its robust and lemon flavor is sure to wake you up. Some users say this strain gives a morning espresso a run for its money.

Features of Super Lemon Haze:

  • Sativa-dominant, this strain is excellent for delivering a hit of energy
  • Bred as a hybrid between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk
  • Has a predominantly citrusy aroma and flavor
  • Has a growth period of 56-65 days
  • THC content can be as high as 22%, meaning it is not appropriate for novice smokers
  • Suitable for regulating mood disorders (such as depression or anxiety), relieving pain or nausea symptoms, and overcoming migraines


Super Lemon Haze is a great energizer, leaving users with a sense of euphoria after they light up. Some users also report a heightened sense of creativity, too. When coupled with your increase in energy, this could lead to some productive activities! However, some users say they get an attack of the munchies, so have some snacks handy.

2. Green Crack – Sativa

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Want an interesting fact about Green Crack? Originally called ‘Green Kush,’ Snoop Dogg renamed this sativa-dominant strain ‘Green Crack.’ As the word ‘crack’ suggests, this strain delivers a pretty intense high – its name seems frightening! However, Green Crack is more likely to give you a cerebral high and energy than panic attacks and mania.

Physically, Green Crack appears like an indica plant. Rest assured, however, that it gives you the same buzzy high as any other sativa strain. Some users claim they feel more focused after using this variety of cannabis. Its THC content ranges from 13% to 21%.

Features of Green Crack:

  • Sativa-dominant, although it appears like an indica variety when growing
  • Its actual heritage is unknown, but some suspect that its lineage traces back to Skunk #1 and Sweet Leaf Indica
  • Possesses a fresh citrus scent with earthy undertones
  • Allows for a very smooth smoke
  • Apart from alleviating fatigue, this is potentially a good strain for managing anxiety and depression
  • Grows in around 7-8 weeks
  • Some cuts are extremely potent


If you’re looking for an energy boost, this is the strain to deliver it. Make sure you don’t smoke Green Crack late at night, because it will negatively impact sleep. This strain produces a considerable energy boost, a reasonable degree of euphoria, and may even help your creativity.

Be aware, however, that the potency of Green Crack can cause psychedelic effects. Some users report paranoia and panic attacks due to the intensity of the high. A little goes a long way here, so smoke within your limits and get ready to recharge!

3. Durban Poison – Sativa

Durban Poison is an excellent sativa strain cultivated in Africa and suited to such growing conditions. Although this strain is like an indica plant in terms of structure, the long, tapered shape betrays its sativa nature. Durban Poison delivers a high that is almost entirely cerebral. It could help you become insanely energized and active with no sign of couchlock.

Its energetic high lasts somewhere between 2 and 3 hours, so don’t take it right before bedtime! Many users compare this strain to espresso, so take that as confirmation that you’ll be awake in no time.

Features of Durban Poison:

  • 100% sativa
  • Has a THC content of between 16% and 20%
  • Possesses a pungent, dank scent with some hints of licorice
  • Creates thick smoke
  • Great for energizing, as well as helping with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Grows in around 8-9 weeks, and often has a higher than average yield
  • It can have a very disorientating high the first time you use it


With an intense cerebral high, Durban Poison could sharply boost your energy and productivity levels. This is a great strain if you want to unleash your creative side. It could help you accomplish everything on your to-do list, whether they are mundane chores or creative tasks. One downside is that newcomers to marijuana may experience paranoia and jitters. As long as you know your limits, you’ll have fired through your chores before you hit midday!

4. Sour Diesel – Sativa

Sometimes called Sour D, this prevalent strain is named for its pungent aroma. Although it is 70-80% sativa, Sour Diesel also has some indica genetics. This fact makes it popular with medical smokers as well as recreational users.

This strain gives users a very pleasant headrush that can lead to a boost in energy. However, you may also start to feel a little spacey. Thankfully, the indica genetics anchor your soaring high with physical relaxation. The balance means that you won’t succumb to couchlock. The high usually lasts around 2-3 hours.

Features of Sour Diesel:

  • Sativa dominant with some indica genetics
  • Boasts a strong THC content of up to 22%
  • Has a fuel-like scent which gives the strain its name but some find the taste too chemical and strong
  • Flowers within 10 weeks when grown indoors
  • The high lasts around 2-3 hours
  • Produces a pleasant high with some physical relaxation, making it great for sufferers of anxiety


The warm high that Sour Diesel produces means that it can generate a feeling of euphoria. It is excellent for sufferers of mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Sour Diesel is an energizing strain that will increase creativity and relax the body as well as engaging the mind.

This strain tends to cause associative thinking, excellent for those who are looking for a creative energy boost. It is potentially overwhelming for a few individuals who will suffer an ‘out of control’ feeling. Make sure to adjust your intake accordingly, and you’ll experience a great high.

5. Jack Herer – Hybrid

Named after the American cannabis activist Jack Herer (a.k.a The Emperor of Hemp), this strain has secretive origins. It is probably a hybrid of Haze, Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk. It can deliver a hit of energy to users, making it an extremely popular strain. In fact, it has won the Cannabis Cup a total of nine times.

This strain is of the ‘wake and bake’ variety. It provides users with a powerful creative high that is somehow relaxing. It is used for a range of medical issues, from mood disorders to chronic aches. A reasonably low THC content, when compared to other energizing strains, makes Jack Herer the perfect option for cannabis newcomers.

Features of Jack Herer:

  • Slightly sativa-dominant
  • A THC content of between 18% and 23%
  • Smells of citrus fruits like orange and lemon, with a hint of dank pine
  • Creates a very smooth smoke that some describe as almost herbal
  • Delivers an energizing, pleasant headrush
  • Flowers within 10 weeks
  • Excellent for newbie smokers


Jack Herer produces a calming head high that packs a punch of energy, acting quickly after you light up. The initial tingle spreads throughout the body, relaxing every part of you without leading to a feeling of immobilization. You will likely feel inspired and creative, ready to work on whatever tasks you have to complete.

The balance between cerebral and physical effects means you will feel at ease but still in full control of your actions. Most users say they feel active when they consume Jack Herer. Therefore, it makes sense to enjoy it during morning or afternoon sessions.

Final Thoughts on Energetic Marijuana Strains

There are thousands of cannabis strains with unique properties. Above, we have detailed the five best strains to help curb your lethargy and help you feel more energized.

We believe this list holds something for everyone. If you’re a marijuana novice, you can try a ‘gentle’ strain like Jack Herer. Cannabis connoisseurs in search of a hard-hitting energy high may prefer Green Crack, and so on. Feel free to try a few, but take note of your limits.

You know that feeling when you simply can't get off the couch? Well these 5 strains will get you super energized and ready for action.