marijuana bubbler

Marijuana Glass Bubblers

Marijuana Glass Bubblers

Buy Marijuana Glass Bubbler Products for as low as $13.99 on – Find cannabis related products including Glass Pipe, Glass Bong, Glass Bowl, Glass Bubbler, Glass Honey Straw and Glass Dab Rig for Marijuana Use.

Marijuana Glass Bubblers are a mix of a bong and a pipe. They tend to look like small bongs and are another way to smoke cannabis. A bubbler contains a chamber for water, commonly with a down stem directly connected to the bowl of the piece. A bubbler normally has a dedicated carburetor, a hole which is usually covered with the finger then opened for mixing clean air with the smoke to make inhaling easier.

Glass bubblers

PLabs Glass Whater Device with a Carb (Yellow, 5 Inch)
PLabs Glass Whater Device with a Carb (Multicolor, 5 Inch)
PLabs Glass Whater Device with a Carb (Blue, 5 Inch)
PLabs Glass Whater Device with a Carb (Green, 5 Inch)
PLabs Glass Whater Device with a Carb (Red, 5 Inch)
Glass Art: Glass Device 6.0 Inch : LR
Epic Hand Glass Elephant Device 5 inch Pink
Epic Glass Elephant Device 5 Inch (Pink, 5 inch)
Epic Glass Elephant Device 5 Inch (Clear, 5 Inch)
Lammas Handcrafted Art Glass 4.6 inch Decorative Lantern Tube (Blue)
Glass Device 5.5 Inch (Dark Blue)
Hand Device Bub with a Carb 6.5 inch Red Use with Water
Hammer Device with a Carb (Gold, 5 Inch)
Glass Water Hammer Bub 5 inch Yellow Gold Fumed Smoking Device

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Buy Marijuana Glass Bubbler Products for as low as $13.99 on – Find cannabis related products including Glass Pipe, Glass Bong, Glass Bowl, Glass Bubbler, Glass Honey Straw and Glass Dab Rig for Marijuana Use.

$13.99 – Glass Bubbler

$13.99 – Glass Bubbler

$13.99 – Glass Bubbler

$14.99 – Glass Bubbler

$14.99 – Glass Bubbler

$14.99 – Glass Bubbler

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Buy Marijuana Glass Bubbler Products for as low as $13.99 on – Find cannabis related products including Glass Pipe, Glass Bong, Glass Bowl, Glass Bubbler, Glass Honey Straw and Glass Dab Rig for Marijuana Use.

Bubbler Bong: How Do You Use Them?

Another incredible way to enjoy some marijuana…

There are just so many ways to consume cannabis nowadays. You can roll a classic joint, light up a spliff, load up a bong, use a chillum or steamroller, or simply pack a bowl in a pipe. One method that is quite popular amongst marijuana consumers is the bubbler bong . And if you haven’t used one yet, you’re actually really missing out.

For those just dipping their toes into the sea of cannabis, the bubbler bong might not be an intuitive option to enjoy some cannabis with, but using this device is actually easier than it may appear. In this article we not only explain what exactly a bubbler bong is, but we also walk you through the process of using one so that you can smoke your marijuana like a champ next time you come face-to-face with a bubbler bong.

Keep reading to discover how to use a bubbler bong like a champ so you can get the most out of your marijuana…

What Exactly is a Bubbler Bong?

Much like regular old bongs, bubbler bongs, sometimes referred to as simply bubblers, involve water. In many ways, the bubbler bong is a happy medium between the classic blown glass pipe and a giant bong. What makes bubblers a bit more preferable at times is its more compact size when compared with a bong.

The bubbler bong uses a percolation system, just like a bong does, which helps to clear up the smoke and filter it through the glass piece so that, by the time you get the hit, you’re left with silky smooth deliciousness. Yum! Some believe that bubblers help their cannabis taste that much better because the water really has a purifying effect , allowing you to get the full intensity of the flavors naturally present in whatever herb strain you decided to pick up that day.

Another factor about the bubbler that makes it more convenient than the bong is its compact shape and size which is actually extremely easy to clean. Cannabis glass needs to be regularly cleaned out, and failing to do so can lead to health issues, such as lung problems and infections.

In order to avoid getting sick, try to clean your paraphernalia at least once every 1-2 weeks, depending upon how much you smoke. Some individuals choose to give their glass a proper cleaning every day or two, but for some, this might feel like overkill. Use discretion when deciding how often to clean your bubbler, pipe, or bong.

The History of the Bubbler Bong

Although the real origins of the bubbler aren’t completely known, it is speculated that this more modern adaptation of the bong (which by the way has been around for thousands of years and was derived from the Thai word baung) likely came into fruition because some guy wanted a more convenient, compact bong that he could use with greater ease.

Thus, the bubbler was born. This guy definitely was so impressed with his creation that he started showing all his friends, and with time people ended up liking the design so much that it just stuck like glue. Unlike the pipe and the bong, the bubbler is not extremely old and likely only came about in the 20th century.

The Anatomy of a Bubbler Bong

In order to get a complete picture of what a bubbler bong is for those who have never seen it, let’s dive into the anatomy of this cleverly constructed device. The top of a bubbler contains a mouthpiece connected to a stem, which is usually curved at a slight angle. The stem then connects to the bowl where you will need to load up your marijuana, and underneath the stem and bowl is the water chamber where the H2O is kept, giving the bubbler bong its aqueous quality.

Some bubblers also include a carb where air can be controlled, but not all of them include this component. The bowl itself can only hold a very small amount of water, which is just enough to smooth out the hits of your weed without also being inconvenient. For example, bongs sometimes contain so much water that they can spill and become a mess; no one likes spilled, dirty bong water. On top of filtering your smoke out, the addition of the water also chills down the temperature of the smoke, making it quite a pleasant experience altogether.

Everything You Need to Know About How to Use a Bubbler Bong

Using a bubbler bong is actually quite simple, but it’s good to know what you’re getting yourself into and what you can expect. If you’ve ever smoked out of a bong or pipe before, using a bubbler bong will feel relatively natural. If you have not, we’ll explain clearly what you’ll need to do:

  1. Fill up your bubbler with filtered water so that the water chamber fills up to the point where the bottom of the stem meets. Be sure not to overfill your bubbler; this will only lessen the experience.
  2. Pack the attached bowl with freshly ground cannabis. Be sure to pick a strain you love – you won’t regret it with this pure type of smoking encounter.
  3. If your bubbler has a carb, hold the piece and place your finger, usually the thumb, over the opening hole.
  4. Place your mouth over the top opening of the bubbler. Hold your mouth there as you go to light your ground cannabis in the bowl.
  5. As you are lighting the cannabis, keep your thumb or finger over the carb. Once you’ve pulled the hit for a few seconds (some people like to wait 10 or more seconds), remove your thumb and take a massive inhale.
  6. The longer you pull the hit with your thumb over the carb, the bigger your hit will be, so if you are not accustomed to smoking a bong or bubbler, start out smaller.
  7. Once you’ve cleared the smoke and you’ve taken your hit, pull any of the smoke that might be left inside of the glass by taking another quick inhale.
  8. When you’re done using the bubbler, be sure to dump the water and give it a quick clean with alcohol and salt if you desire. You can also wait until you’ve used to bubbler a few more times to give it a deeper clean. Throw out any of the burnt cannabis particles that are cached (finished) in the bowl. Give the bowl a quick wipe as well with a cloth to keep it cleaner .
  9. Enjoy your velvety smooth and incredible high!

Final Thoughts on How to Use a Bubbler Bong Like a Champ

Well there you have it, it really is this simple. Not only does the bubbler bong offer a delicious, softer hitting alternative to other smoking methods for cannabis, it is also a convenient method of enjoying some pot and a brilliant option for when you want to share with a group of friends because the bubbler itself is so easy to pass around. Just make sure no one ends up pocketing your lighter.

If you’ve never given the bubbler bong a shot before, we highly suggest you give it a go because it’s a device you’ll want to try out at least once in your life, especially if you love weed.

As always, we hope this article was not only educational and informative but entertaining too. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken.

We take an up-close look at bubbler bongs, what they are, why they are great, and how to use one like an absolute pro.