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The Best Cannabis Affiliate Programs to Join for Passive Income

One thing I’ve learned as a cannabis writer is that marketing and advertising in this industry can be impossibly difficult. Between the growing competition and murky restrictions that vary from state to state and from one social media platform to the next, traditional advertising methods for cannabis can become too costly of a risk to be worth the investment. For this reason, many marijuana and CBD businesses advertise their products or services through affiliate marketing programs. If you haven’t heard, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make more weed money.


Affiliate marketing is a consumer-driven approach to advertising where businesses provide unique links to enrolled affiliates, who then promote the company’s products on their website, blog, or social media pages in exchange for a commission when someone makes a purchase. Affiliate links use cookies to track this process, which can last from 24 hours to 90 days or more. The longer the cookie length, the more opportunity to make a commission off purchases.

Chances are high that if you’ve ever bought something recommended by a blogger, influencer, or YouTuber, you’ve given them a few bucks through their affiliate marketing channels. It happens all day every day all over the internet, and it’s an amazing way to make some extra money off the content you’re already producing and products you’re already sharing.

(Disclaimer: This probably goes without saying, but this post contains some affiliate links. A girl’s gotta eat.)


Affiliate marketing CAN be as easy as dropping a link and hoping people buy, but if you want to turn it into a more lucrative endeavor or at least learn some solid strategies, I highly recommend Michelle’s course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing . It’s taught me everything I need to know about maximizing content for affiliates, deciding who to work with, navigating the legal side of disclosures, and creative ways to promote products and services. I am so grateful for what the course has done for my bank account and I recommend it to everyone interested in learning about affiliate marketing.

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Top Cannabis Affiliate Programs

There are far more affiliate programs out there than what I have listed here; if you have a product or brand in mind that you love but they’re not on this list, I encourage you to Google their name + affiliate program to see what pops up. You’d be surprised how many you can find.

(This list was last updated on 10/16/2020)


Cannaffiliate manages a variety of cannabis affiliate programs for dispensaries, CBD brands, vapes, and other related products. With Cannaffiliate , all you have to do is sign up once for access to multiple brands and offers like Vessel Vaporizers and Calm Hempire CBD , a company that sells CBD pre-rolled joints and CBD POPCORN !

Commission: Varies from 15-25% per brand


RevOffers also works with multiple retailers in the CBD and cannabis field, allowing you to promote multiple brands under one account. Right now they are working with a handful of reputable brands like Sol CBD , Purity Petibles , and Vape Bright , with plans to add even more as they grow and to expand to more areas of the wellness niche.

Commission: Varies from 20-35% per brand


Share A Sale is another affiliate manager with thousands of brands under their umbrella, including plenty in the cannabis industry. Here are some of my faves:

Not Pot – They have delicious CBD “polar bear” gummies that taste like strawberry, and every month they donate a portion of sales to The Bail Project. Commission: 20% per sale

Karma Not Pharma – Karma Not Pharma is another organic and vegan CBD gummy manufacturer with flavors like cherry, lemon, strawberry, and tangerine. Commission: 25% per sale

Green Goddess Supply – Green Goddess Supply is another online headshop specializing in all things cannabis. They have a nice selection of bundles made up of themed item combinations like first-time smoker starter kits and dab/concentrate starter kits. My favorite item in their shop is the home growing armoire that’s classier than every piece of furniture in my apartment. Commission: 10-18% per sale

Prima Terra Organics – Prima Terra Organics sells organic CBD oil, gummies, softgels, and skincare products. Their softgels are popular because the CBD is nano-emulsified, meaning the particles are smaller and will absorb into your bloodstream faster. Commission: 20% per sale

Melon CBD – Melon CBD was created by a scientist and entrepreneur after witnessing his own father’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent relief from CBD oil. They sell CBD tinctures, topicals, oral sprays, capsules, and gummies. Commission: 30% per sale

Diamond CBD – Diamond CBD partners with celebrity brands like Chong’s Choice and has some of the more unique CBD products on the market. I’m saving this CBD hot sauce for Christmas shopping time. Commission: 30% per sale


Impact is similar to Share A Sale in that they manage programs for thousands of companies, and plenty of those are in the CBD and cannabis niche. A few of my favorites on their platform:

Highline Wellness Highline Wellness is a small company that sells CBD chews, tinctures, pain cream, and other hemp-derived body products. I previously worked with these guys on their web content – they’re awesome dudes who sent me some of their products to try, and their gummies are DELICIOUS. Commission: 10% per sale

Joy Organics Joy Organics blends their own hemp and CBD products, and they also sell private-label and wholesale products if you’re interested in starting your own CBD business. Commission: 25% per sale

Daily High Club Daily High Club is the top-rated smoker subscription box. Your readers can sign up to have glass pieces, lighters, and other smoking accessories delivered right to their door. Commission: 7% per sale


Goldleaf sells journals, art prints, and other paper goods for cannabis enthusiasts. Some of my favorite products are the patient journals for medical cannabis users and the botanical illustration prints. Commission: 15% per sale


Since 2003, Seedsman has been considered one of the most trustworthy and reliable online seedbanks in the world. Over the last decade, they’ve grown significantly and started selling their own brand of cannabis seeds alongside the 1500 strains from more than 80 seedbanks globally.

Customers are rewarded with loyalty points, free seeds with every order, and free seeds with over 50% of the breeders available in the store. Aside from seeds, you can also shop Seedsman for vapes , cannabis storage products , and 420-themed clothing .

Commission: 15% of each sale


DopeBoo is an online headshop where you’ll find everything you need to accompany your stash: glass pipes, bubblers, vapes, rolling papers, extra parts, and utensils. You’ll receive up to 15% of each sale, which adds up quick when you’re promoting pricier brands like Jane West or Storz & Bickel , the creators of the Volcano Digital Vaporizer.

Commission : 10-15% of each sale

Payment methods : Paypal, bank transfer


The Magical Butter machine is one of the best ways to make cannabis-infused edibles, lotions, soaps, and oils at home. I love mine and use it to make things like these peanut butter cup edibles . If you have a Magical Butter machine and want to tell your friends, social media followers, or blog readers about it, sign up for their affiliate program and you’ll make 20% on all successful purchases made through your link.

Commission: 20% of each sale, paid via Paypal.


Dr. Seeds offers affiliate options for both online marketers and in-store retailers, so if you own a dispensary or headshop and would like to generate some passive income, this is a great opportunity for you. They also use iDev Affiliate, a trusted affiliate software that keeps your information secure and protects your payments.

Commission: 15% CAD

Payout Schedule: Monthly


Grasscity is an online headshop that sells all of your favorite smoking accessories. Browse their website and you’ll find bongs, pipes, grinders, vapes, papers, and gift bundles in brands like Grav, Jane West, Liquid Sci-Glass, PAX, and Santa Cruz Shredder.

Commission: 10% per sale, plus 5% of sub-affiliate sales

Payout Schedule: Monthly, $25 minimum


Terpene Botanicals sells high-quality all-natural terpene blends in a variety of different flavors and strains. Terpenes are becoming the next big thing in cannabis, so you can check out their delicious blends and sign up to promote them here .

Commission: 20% per sale, $50 bonus when you sign up

Payout Schedule: Bi-weekly payments, $50 minimum


Whether you’re a current or aspiring cannabis entrepreneur, THC University’s online classes are a great option if you’re looking to add “learn everything there is to know about weed” to your already busy schedule. With 24/7 access to 150+ hours of classes in 7 different certification programs starting at $50, THC University is an affordable way to test your knowledge, expand your skills, or just learn the ins and outs of the industry before looking for a job.

Commission: $25 per student, 30-day cookie

Payout Schedule: Monthly


In January 2014, the Trichome Institute was founded with a goal of filling a need for “credible, accurate, and thoroughly researched information” in the cannabis space. Today, the institute offers the world’s only cannabis sommelier program. They also develop a variety of training textbooks, workbooks, knowledge tests, and original curriculum for students, all of which have been certified by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and the Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Commission: 20% of all referrals, 90-day cookie

Payout Schedule: Quarterly


This online course is perfect for anyone interested in learning exactly how to get a cannabis license to start a dispensary, grow facility, or other cannabis-related business. Read my interview with course creators Belinda and Sarah here, and visit their website to enroll in the course or promote it via their affiliate program.

Commission: 25% of all referrals

Cannabis affiliate marketing programs are a great way to make passive income with your marijuana blog or biz. Here are the best programs to join (updated for 2020)