mango effects on weed

Do Mangoes Intensify the Effects of Cannabis?

Monday August 13, 2018

T here are many ways to improve a marijuana high – switching strains, taking a tolerance break, or getting high in a new environment, for example – but one of the easiest ways to get higher off your stash starts with a quick run to your local super market for some mangoes. Thanks to their abundance of myrcene terpenes, mangoes have been shown to not only increase the level of “high” one experiences, but to reduce onset time by about half, as well. So how does it work? And are there tricks to improving the efficiency of the mango/marijuana combo? We’re glad you asked.

How Does Mango Interact With Cannabis

According to a 1997 Swiss study analyzing the terpene profile of 16 different cannabis strains, myrcene was the most prominent terpene in each. Mango also contains high levels of myrcene terpenes which work on the same receptors as cannabis causing an entourage effect. You see, whereas THC will get you “high,” it is the myrcene that’s responsible for the relaxed, pain-free qualities.

Though there is minimal research on the subject, the consistency of anecdotal claims prove the correlation. However, we can only theorize at this point as to why that is. It is currently believed that when you eat mango, myrcene terpenes make their way into your bloodstream and ultimately your brain. If these terpenes are already present in your system when you smoke or otherwise consume cannabis, THC and other cannabinoids will hitch a ride on the back of these terpenes thus speeding onset time.

Tips for Improving Your High with Mangoes

Myrcene has a distinct flavor of earth and fruit which lends itself nicely to flavorful strains but can also be a tasty pre-smoke treat, too. Eating mango 1-2 hours before a smoke sesh will give the fruit time to digest and will lessen the cravings for junk food later in your high.

The entourage effect produced by terpenes can be quite strong, as evidenced by the interaction between cannabis consumption and mango ingestion. Find out how the terpenes found in mangoes can increase your marijuana high and help intensify the effects as well.