making pot

Making for Beginners

There are few experiences as tactile and therapeutic as making with clay. Using your hands to transform a ball of clay into something functional or decorative is a truly unique and enchanting experience, one that will definitely leave you wanting more!

Choose your favourite from our making sessions, each designed for complete beginners, or those with a little experience.

What to expect

As with every experience you book with us you’ll enjoy a detailed demonstration by one of our experienced potters, who will be happy to answer any questions you have, then support and guide you through the process of making your own pieces.

These sessions are designed for grown ups, but can be adapted for those 10yrs+ upon special request. Did we mention making together is a lovely way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with the whole family?

Making Experiences

If you’ve always dreamed of having a go on the potter’s wheel then these are the sessions for you!

A taster throwing lesson is the perfect introduction to this enchanting experience and makes for a dreamy date. Our throwing + painting/hand building packages are your chance to book a private session at a time of your choice for groups of 4+ people.

Taster throwing

⭐️ the most popular session ⭐️

£33pp for groups of 2-4 people includes:

– Making two pots each on the potter’s wheel.
– 1 ½ – 2 hour making session.
– 2 hour session to return and paint your pots 2-6 weeks later.

Session times:
Wed, Fri, Sat + Sun at 10am + 2:30pm


£35pp for groups of 6+ people includes:

– Hand-building a small plant pot using slabs + coils. Does not include using the potters wheel.
– Returning to paint your hand-built plant pot 2-6 weeks later.
– 2hr session depending on group size.

Session times: 10:15am or 3pm Sat + Sun
Weekdays: choose a time you’d like to attend and we’ll be in touch to confirm the details.

PAINT a cup
+ THROW a pot

£35pp for groups of 4+ people includes:

– Painting a ready-made cup, bowl or plate.
– Making one pot each on the potter’s wheel.
– Does not include painting your thrown pot, instead it will be clear glazed.
– 2-3hr session depending on group size.
Strictly for groups of 4+ people.

Session times: 2:30pm Sat + Sun
Weekdays: choose a time you’d like to attend and we’ll be in touch to confirm the details.


Workshops are one-off sessions perfect for total beginners! These themed sessions combine fabulous tuition with slab and coil building techniques, which means even first timers can create show stopping pieces.

Come alone or with friends 🙂 booking + pre-payment essential.

Click on the images below to find out more and book our brand new selection of hand-building workshops

MASTERPIECES by past potters


You MUST read our covid guide before attending / booking a making session. Under current government guidelines you must wear a mask during your visit.

* We trust you’ll be observing current guidelines regarding socialising within your own household or ‘support bubble’.

As our throwing lessons are super popular, the booking form asks for lots of info to hopefully reduce the number of emails back and forth to find a slot that works for you + us.


Full payment is taken in advance, we’ll send you an invoice to pay via bank transfer. Changes or refunds are only accepted with 48hrs notice. Please ensure all guests arrive promptly for your session. *Any handmade pots not painted within 6 weeks of making will be donated to local schools to paint in their art lessons. Read our detailed T+C’s.

Glazing and firing your pottery:

We try our best to ensure that every aspect of the creative journey you take with us is fun and enjoyable. The final part of this journey involves the glazing and firing of your pottery up to temperatures in excess of 1000˚C. This process is carried out onsite by our studio assistants who treat each piece with the greatest love, care and attention.

We strive for perfection with every piece, however the kiln gods are not always on our side.

Handmade pieces: please be aware that sometimes items can crack or at worst explode in the kiln. If you have lost your pot in the kiln in this way we will offer you a spare as a replacement.

Painted ready made pieces: Occasionally glaze spotting can occur, as well as surface imperfections such as tiny bumps caused by brick dust flying around the kiln as it heats up, this dust can settle on items as the kiln temperature cools. If we feel it is safe to do so, we will try to fix glazing issues by re-firing the pottery. In the exceptional event of a piece of painted ready-made pottery cracking in the kiln we will offer compensation by way of a replacement voucher.

We hope you understand that we do everything we can to try and prevent such things, however it is not always possible. The unpredictable element can be both the charm and frustration of ceramics.

Learn how to throw and hand build your own pottery masterpieces at our beautiful studio cafe in the heart of Jesmond.