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How to make money selling weed $5000 Soon : Top strategies

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How to make money selling weed or get rich or die tryin tracklist

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How to make money selling weed and how to make money off youtube

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How to make money selling weed or get rich or die tryin tracklist Crypto famously spent on the site indeed now, even renting out our. Telecommunications,…

7 Practical Steps to Make Money Selling Weed Legally

All over the world, you can make money selling virtually anything as long as the product or service you have for sale satisfies the need or want of your customers. One good thing about selling stuff is that you don’t necessarily need to be the manufacturer or the originator of the idea before you can make great profits from it; once you are gifted with selling / marketing skills, then you can be rest assured to make money off people’s ideas.

One of the businesses that you can engage in is to make cool cash is selling weed. One challenge of selling weed to make money is that in most countries of the world and even in most states in the united states of America, selling weed is illegal. But in recent time, both federal and state law is gradually making it easier for those who want to engage in the legitimate sale of weeds to make money.

The bottom line is that if you want to engage in weed business legally, then you must confirm with your country’s law or even your state’s law to know if you can legally sell weed in your community. It is important to state that the sale of medical weed (medical marijuana) is legal in most countries, but you can only sell to people with prescriptions from a doctor.

Now let us consider how you can make money selling weed (marijuana);

7 Practical Steps to Make Money Selling Weed Legally

1. Confirm the Existing Law on the Cultivation and Sale of Weed (Marijuana) in You Country / State

The first thing that is expected of you to know if you want to engage in the sale of weed (marijuana) to make money is to confirm the existing law on the cultivation and sale of weed in your country or state. Before now, the law used to be very strict as regard the sale, cultivation and consumption of weed but in recent time it is becoming softer as more states in the US now permits the sale and consumption of marijuana. You can check up with the Law enforcement agency in charge of food, drinks and beverages in your country to get the required information.

Once you have confirmed from the required authority in your country that it is legal to cultivate, sell and consume weed, then you need to draw up a good business plan that will guide you in managing the business. Ensure that your business plan covers your financial / profit projection, your business goal and vision and your marketing strategy, et al.

3. Secure the Required License and Permit

Even if it is legal to cultivate, sell and consume weed (marijuana) in your country or state, you would still need to obtain a license and permit for you to legally deal in weeds. You can approach the agency in charge of foods, drinks and beverages in your country to acquire the required license and permit. If you do net secure the license and permit, it means that when you are caught selling or cultivating weed, you will be charge to court.

4. Cultivate Your Own Weed

No doubt, if your want to make money selling weed (marijuana) you should engage in growing the weed yourself. It is important to mention that you can only grow weed legally if you have the permit from the government to do so. Although many people grow weed illegally in their backyard or a secured perimeter, but once they are caught, they will be made to face the wrath of the law. If you have the permit to grow weed on a commercial scale, then you are in to make good money from the business.

5. Properly Package Your Weed

Even though those that engage in the sale and supply of weed don’t struggle to sell them off because there are always ready buyers, but it is still important to properly package and label your weed. Part of the info that should be on your label is the existing law guiding the use of weed (marijuana). You can only engage in this if you have the permit to sell weed.

For example; if the law is against underage (less than 18 years) smoking or handling weed, then you must state it in your pack. The truth is that if you want to engage in the supply of weed to pharmacy or any health facilities then you must properly package and label the product (marijuana).

6. Negotiate to Supply Weed to Pharmacy around You

In countries where it is legal to cultivate, sell and consume marijuana, there should be law governing how it should be done. So, if you are dealing in medical marijuana, then you should source for pharmacy outlets around you where you can supply your medical marijuana.

One thing about pharmacy outlets that sells medical marijuana is that they can only sell to a customer based on doctor’s prescription. In essence, it becomes a crime to sell medical marijuana to any customer without doctor’s prescription because it can easily be abused.

Another means of making money from selling weed is to inform close friends and their network that you deal in weed. Most people who adopt this means of selling weed to make money are those who don’t have the permit to do so.

They just had to rely on close and trusted friends to sell their weed or else they can be exposed and that means they may likely end up behind the counter. The truth is that most people make cool cash by engaging in the sale and cultivation of weed illegally.

There you have it; the steps to follow to be able to make money selling weed (marijuana) in your country or state.

7 Practical Steps to Make Money Selling Weed Legally All over the world, you can make money selling virtually anything as long as the product or service you have for sale satisfies the need or