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LSD-25 Auto feminized seeds

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LSD-25 is here for you if you want something that’s going to go straight to your head. With a name like hers, a psychedelic trip is always a possibility, although you may find she simply makes you feel euphoric, happy, and connected to the world as a whole. Her effects aren’t solely cerebral, however, as she will also help calm your body and can be used to treat an array of medical issues. On top of all this, she smells great and will fill your home with pungent notes of earth and wood.

    Fast Buds Feminized Autoflowering Outdoor Indoor Psychedelic trip LSD x Ruderalis 2nd Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas 70 – 120 cm 450 – 500 g/m² indoors 50 – 250 g/plant outdoors 56 – 63 days Indica dominant 21 – 23 % 1.1 %
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LSD-25 Auto Strain Info

Easy to grow, this 65% Indica, 35% Sativa hybrid is excellent for new growers, and grows well in all environments and mediums. More than that, she’s just as pleasant to smoke, as proven by her winning the second Copa Canábica Litoral de los Poetas.


Crossing a well-known LSD with a Ruderalis, breeder FastBuds created an auto-flowering version of the original LSD-25 cannabis strain that can stand back-to-back with the photoperiod version.

Flowering Time

The flowering time of LSD-25 Auto is fairly standard, finishing after just 8-9 weeks.


You’ll get some great harvests with LSD-25 Auto. She yields around 450-500g/m 2 (1.4-1.6oz/ft 2 ) when grown indoors, and 50-250g (2-9oz) per plant outdoors.


The effects of LSD-25 Auto are highly euphoric, at times almost psychedelic, leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The strain is also used medicinally to treat symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis, stress, anxiety, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

THC And CBD Levels

With THC levels usually testing at up to 21% and CBD at around 1%, LSD-25 Auto is a highly potent strain.

Smell And Taste

LSD-25 Auto’s terpene profile is exactly what you would expect from her genetics – pungent, diesel-like, and full of smoked wood. You’ll also notice some nice hints of red wine, giving the whole room a pleasant aroma.

Grow Tips

LSD-25 Auto is a great choice for beginners and less experienced growers, as it requires very little handling and can take almost everything you throw at it. She’s adorned in colorful shades of red and orange, making this strain a popular choice worldwide. Providing an XL-sized grow both in quality and quantity, expert growers will be able to take this strain to the next level.

  • Like most autoflowers, her height stays short, between 70-100cm (2’3”-3’3”) indoors, but can reach 120cm (3’11”) or more when grown outdoors or in hydro.
  • She has great resistance to pests and disease.
  • The strain is not delicate and can be grown in any environment.

LSD-25 Auto Seeds

Buy your LSD-25 Auto seeds online today from Herbies Seeds. With LSD-25 Auto in your collection, you’ll have a strain that’s sure to be hit for both yourself and your customers.

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LSD-25 Auto (FastBuds) feminized

LSD-25 Auto by FastBuds is based on the old school Indica L.S.D., a cross of Mazar-i-Sharif and Skunk #1 known for its very euphoric, almost trip-like effect. By crossing it with a Canadian Ruderalis they created an autoflowering Indica dominant strain with a short lifespan of only 8-9 weeks from germination to harvest. Jam-packed with cannabinoids.

LSD-25 Auto (FastBuds) feminized
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FastBuds – LSD-25 Auto: Intense flavor and highly potent end product

The breeders over at FastBuds are true specialists when it comes to autoflowering strains – to create LSD-25 Auto, they took a cross of Mazar-i-Sharif and Skunk #1 known as L.S.D. and crossed it with their Canadian Ruderalis. The result is a low maintenance autoflowering Indica dominant plant with a short lifespan, intense flavor and highly potent end product. Since the LSD-25 Auto reaches full maturity after only 8-9 weeks, this plant is a viable option for outdoor cultivation in regions with a shorter summer.

LSD-25 Auto does not grow particularly tall, staying at a manageable height of 70 to 120cm, but yields of 450 to 500g/m² are absolutely possible – in an outdoor grow you can expect a yield of 50 to 250 grams per plant. The mature plants exude an intense earthy aroma with a sweet and musky touch. With a THC level of 19% and 1.1% CBD the potency is notably high for an autoflowering variety. The effect triggered by smoking these buds is a fantastic blend of an euphoric and uplifting sensation accompanied by a pleasant muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

LSD-25 Auto (FastBuds) feminized data sheet

Brand Fastbuds
Genetics Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC 19%
CBD 1%
CBD:THC 1 : 19
Yield (Indoor) 200-250 gr/m²
Yield (Outdoor) 200-250 gr/plant
Height (Indoor) 120cm
Height (Outdoor) 110cm
Available as Feminized seeds
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminized

Beutiful Color Wonder
So..what can i say. I like the purple ones. they give not so much grams in the end but the look and the smell and the taste is very different and very nice. So..the plant have 2 Pheno types that can i say. one is very small ca 55cm high and buschi with green buds and purple leafs..the buds looks very brutal amazing like a haze / kush mix..big flower buds. The nother pheno is big small 90-120cm high and not buschi but complete purple buds, full of crystals and this is the pheno that i want. They dont give much grams in the end bud its a rare end product item i think. In 5L Pots with Plagron Growmix and 250w HPS the lsd25 grows very good and u dont need to push the plants..maybe if u have a long flower pheno then u can add litle bit Hesi..thats enough. But in Regular time the plants need from seed to harvest ca 8 and a half weeks for Milky Trichomes, and 11 weeks for brown trichomes. Find your own Good Job to Fastbuds

Snelle bloeier
Deze auto schoot als eerste in de bloei, al na 2 weken starte de bloei. Bij alle andere auto’s duurde het soms nog een week wat al een voorsprong opleverde op d bloeitijd. Ze deed er ook iets meer dan 9 weken over om iets hoger dan een meter te worden toen ze geoogst werd. Zoete geur en smaak en een goede opbrengst maakte het een van mijn favorieten in mijn tuin. Heb deze soort weer net besteld, deze komt zeker weer in mijn tuin de volgende keer. Een aanrader.

Gute Erfahrung
Ich habe mich erst gewundert als da 5 Statt 3 Samen drin waren und jetzt Mal zum Produkt warnsinnig schnelle Blüte und gute Potenz bei einer 200 Watt NDL etwa 60-65 g pro Pflanze und gutes Aroma empfehle ich gerne weiter

good start
i just started the seeds a week ago and are already doing wel, and i know will be superpot

Beatiful plant
LSD25 is certainly a hybrid worthy of investigation. The product description given pretty much sums up this extraordinary weed. It is quite potent, and I’m not sure its really ‘suitable’ for all occasions. The only criticism I would have of LSD25 is the fairly limited yield it produces, hence I won’t be giving it 5 stars. Then again, its partly the nature of the beast with certain sativa varieties, so don’t let it put you of trying this outstanding plant. Many thanks to the good people at Zamnesia for supplying this product!

Lsd 25 Mijn kleurenwonder 😀
My girl is in her 3th week flowering atm and DAMN BOOOOOOY she is a real color wonder, almost blackpurple buds with yellowish hairs, in only can say i RECOMMEND it to u ALL, thank u Zamnesia for the quick and correct delivery, thank u Fast Buds for this BEAUTYFULL strain

LSD-25 Auto by FastBuds is based on the old school Indica L.S.D., a cross of Mazar-i-Sharif and Skunk #1 known for its very euphoric, almost trip-like effect. By crossing it with a Canadian Ruderalis they created an autoflowering Indica dominant strain with a short lifespan of only 8-9 weeks from germination to harvest. Jam-packed with cannabinoids.