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Lemon OG Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

Lemon OG Kush by DNA Genetics was created by using cuttings of The OG No.18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. These highly potent US genetics give this strain superior quality. It’s by far the most “lemony” of all the OG mix-breeds available, has a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, and a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Lemon OG Kush remains indica-dominant, but also contains quite a bit of Sativa, about 40%.

Lemon OG Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized
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DNA Genetics – Lemon OG Kush: The most “lemony” OG

DNA genetics created Lemon OG Kush by combining cuttings of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG No.18, both US strains with superior potency and remarkable aromatic profiles. The OG No.18 cutting originates from California, and can be seen as one of the best performing strains among the numerous OG Kush varieties on the market. The OG No.18 is already highly popular due to its sour taste and fuely influences coming from the original Chemdawg. Crossing The OG No.18 with Las Vegas Lemon Skunk logically resulted in a hybrid of excellence.

Lemon OG Kush has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, and stays compact and short. This hybrid leans a little bit towards its Kush heritage, with 60% Indica genetics, but there is still a strong influence coming from Sativa. The calyx-to-leaf ratio is exceptionally high, so trimming buds won’t be an overly time-consuming process and bud appearance will be grade A. Final yields of up to 450-550g/m² can be expected, depending on conditions and growing techniques.

The flavours of Lemon OG Kush are remarkable, and help to differentiate this strain from so many other OG Kush varieties. Smokers can expect to get the already amazing flavours of The OG No.18, which are mostly sour and fuely, enriched with pronounced aromas of fresh lemon. Effects will be very strong, and can potentially be used in the medicinal context of appetite stimulation.

Lemon OG Kush could be your first choice when fresh lemon flavours and potent US Kush genetics are on your shopping list. It can make sense to look around to find the version of OG Kush that outperforms others, but you’ve just discovered a shortcut. Lemon OG Kush by DNA genetics is the answer!

Lemon OG Kush was made using genetics of The OG No.18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. Fuely lemon flavours and yields of up to 550g/m²!