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Johnny Blaze’s Lemon Kush Grow

  • Feb 6, 2016
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  • JohnnyBlaze
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to my first journal of 2016.
    This will be my second grow in my new house. I wasn’t able to document my auto grow as I’ve had a few climbing trips since xmas.

    First off I’d like to thank all the great growers I’ve been stalking for the last 2+ years here at 420 Mag. The amount of information available on this site is endless! Light Addict, Cultivator, Doc Bud, Greytail, A-train, Conradino, Icemud, Cola Monster, Dr Ziggy and Co Finest all deserve a special mention!

    Let’s get down to business! I grow in a 1.4×1.4x2m tent in a coco/perlite mix with Canna base nutes and most of the AN additives. I can’t name my lights as they are from an ex sponsor here at 420 but I am running 4 180w 12 band spectrum leds. Strain will be lemon kush this run. Hands down one of the best strains I tried in Amsterdam last year! Incredible flavour with a nice zippy high! I built a 1.2m scrog to maximise yield for my system.

    I live in Australia so unfortunately I have to keep my plant count low to avoid prosecution. I bought a second smaller tent recently. My plan is to run two plants from seed on a 12 week cycle. I have a old Mars hydro led for the smaller tent.

    What strain is it? Feminised Lemon Kush from Herbies.
    Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Grows like a indica with a sativa high.
    Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Popped her head above ground Jan 1st. Has been veg’n since.
    If in Veg. For how long? 5 weeks.
    If in Flower stage. For how long? N/A
    Indoor or outdoor? Indoor tent with 1.2m scrog.
    Soil or Hydro? Coco/Perlite mix.
    If soil. what is in your mix? N/A
    If soil. What size pot? Will finish in a 45L air pot.
    Size of light? 4 x 180w leds.
    Is it aircooled? N/A
    Temp of Room/cab? Fluctuates between 24 and 30c depending on the weather. It’s summer atm so the portable ac is on 10 of the 16 hours any day over 32c
    RH of Room/cab? 30-50%
    PH of media or res? 6.0
    Any Pests ? Not so far! Fingers crossed.
    How often are you watering? Daily, no run off.
    Type and strength of ferts used? Will post my feed schedule in full later.

    And now for some pics!
    Here she is at around 15 days old just after her first topping.

    That’s it for now! I plan on doing weekly updates with other random bits and pieces as they pop up. Questions and advice are highly encouraged! The best way to learn is together!!

    Hi everyone! Welcome to my first journal of 2016. 🙂 This will be my second grow in my new house. I wasn't able to document my auto grow as I've had a few…