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Victim Location 38672
Total money lost $298
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Didn’t do my research like I should. Got me to transfer money but never gave me a tracking number as promised. Will not respond to emails or texts. Lost almost $300.

Victim Location 99022
Total money lost $130
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I went on line to make a purchase of Cannabis oil for vape. I was sent an invoice & sent information to pay via western union. I received a receipt & my order showed up on line. The receipt asked me to sent the western union info in a reply e-mail. Once payment was received my order would be updated from “on hold”. I would receive a tracking number. The payment was picked up the next day, but my order continued to be “on hold”. Their web-site looks legit & is very well done. I tried contacting then via multiple e-mails, text, their on-line (website) chat & phone. No reply to any. It wasn’t until I started looking into this more that I went to their contact page which shows the business listed in Washington, DC the WU money went to GA. The phone traces to White Plains, NY. I filed a report in WA state with the Attorney General & Western Union. Hopefully these guys can be caught before someone else gets scammed.

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Flying with legal weed: Does TSA care about marijuana?

Ever since states began legalizing marijuana for medical and recreational use, there has been the question of whether it can cause a person any trouble to try and smuggle legal weed on a plane. There have been countless reports published on this subject over the past few years, most of which seem to indicate that it is a relatively riskless feat to challenge airport security to sniff out a bag of dope – at least in legal jurisdictions.

Regardless, most folks in possession of marijuana still get pretty nervous during the pre-flight screening process. But is there really any cause for concern?

In Massachusetts, for example, it is now perfectly legal for adults 21 and over to be in possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. A recent report from the Boston Globe indicates that there are no rules at Logan International Airport prohibiting people from bringing weed onto airport property. But since marijuana is still illegal in the eyes of the federal government, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a federal agency, cannot allow anyone to bring weed aboard a plane. Instead, anyone caught with pot is simply referred to the state police. Still, as long as the passenger is at least 21, and the amount they are holding does not exceed the possession limit, the cops have to let them go. What’s more, they cannot seize the weed or paraphernalia.

So now the matter is back in TSA’s court. But the agency still has absolutely no interest in cracking down on people for pot.

“We would not retain drugs in the same way we wouldn’t retain fraudulent IDs or credit cards — we would kick those over to law enforcement,” Mike McCarthy, a spokesman for the TSA, told the Globe. “Our agents do administrative searches, not criminal searches.”

“Our officers are looking for any item that could cause catastrophic harm to the aircraft,” he continued, “but, as part of their duties, if they detect anything that they believe to be illegal, they will refer the passenger and the baggage over to local law enforcement, and it is up to local law enforcement how to respond.”

So if law enforcement in a legal state cannot do anything about marijuana found at an airport and TSA agents are unwilling to deal with it, then is the passenger simply free to board a plane with marijuana after the heat dies down? Probably not. TSA agents would certainly prevent that person from traveling until they have ditched the weed.

Most folks in possession of marijuana still get pretty nervous during the pre-flight screening process. But is there really any cause for concern?