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Marketing Nabbed!

The Latin Seed, weight loss wonder? Plant some magic weight loss seeds to grow a money tree!

A friend of mine commented to me about how she saw advertising at her local health food shop for a new kind of seed that was supposed to help with weight loss. Interested in what this seed may be, my friend and I scoured the internet for more information.

The Latin seed (as it is being marketed) is apparently the greatest thing since starvation to help with weight loss! The Latin Seed website smells iffy to me. The website boasts of the amazing powers of this Latin Seed yet shows no pictures of it and gives no real explanation of what it is exactly. You need to break it up and put it in some hot water for 5 minutes and then drink the water and the seed. Also, people using the seed must eat potassium for some reason… again not stated.

With some more digging I discovered that this Latin Seed is actually not some exotic seed, it is actually a Candlenut which grows wild in Queensland! apparently this Candlenut can be highly toxic and hence why this Latin Seed company is telling consumers to put a small amount of the seed in hot water.

So a Willy Wonka style golden envelope with seeds inside it and $100 later, many seem to be discovering the trick to this marketing ploy.

After reading some consumer forums and what people are experiencing from this seed, it seems as though it is doing more harm than good. For most with weight issues, it is a struggle to lose weight and so they cling to any sign of hope no matter how dodgy the offer may be.

The Latin Seed. Other wise known as Candlenut or Nuez Da India

Something that made me laugh was when someone on a forum asked if a cheaper version of this seed could be purchased anywhere, one of the owners of the Latin Seed company piped up and stated

“It is important to understand that the seed draws nutrients from the environment in which it is grown and cultivated. The dark earth of the Amazon basin is known to be unique in both its fertility and nutrients; producing medicinal plant qualities not able to be replicated anywhere else in the world. Our seeds come from this region and were selected because the benefits they produce are unique- as experienced by many thousands of people in Australia and around the world.”

Yes. Nice marketing spin! I applaud that… but people will see through that explanation…. and when this company has made their thousands of dollars from their money tree they won’t mind if the demand drops off. They can turn their home Epson printer off from printing its amateur posters and stickers for the magical golden envelopes of weight loss seeds! (It would be funny if when you opened the envelope, magical sounding music played like a musical card!)

It is astounding to me how changing a name of something and promoting different benefits of a product can either increase or decrease sales. Think about this: generally, if something really was so amazing, you’d be hearing about it on every news program and the word of mouth feedback would be coming at you from all kinds of sources.

Note to self: find a use for garden dirt and sell it for $100 a grain…. but only from my garden…. because of its healing properties that nobody elses garden holds.

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